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Lithuania Travel | Lithuania Country Profile (2024)

Lithuania Travel

Lithuania is an East European country, also known as the Baltic States of Europe. Lithuania is located southeast side of the Baltic sea. Lithuania shares borders with Latvia on the north, Belarus on the east side, and Poland on the south side.

There are several rivers and branches of rivers that enter into the Baltic sea. The country is blessed with several hundreds of lakes and abundant supply of freshwater.

Lithuania Travel

Lithuania was the first country to leave the Soviet Republic. The Russian and European architectural influence is observed in the construction of palaces, museums, and churches across small and large town. Some of the castles, museums, and churches are recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites. The population of Lithuania is 2.8 million.

Is It Expensive To Visit Lithuania?

Tourists often are amazed when they realize the cost of living for tourists is a lot less in any of town in Lithuania than compared to other European countries. The meal with a drink may cost 5 euro or 6 to 8 US dollars in most places.

Best Time To Visit Lithuania-

Best Time To Visit Lithuania

The winter in Lithuania can be harsh and outdoor activities are restricted. The best time to visit Lithuania is mid-June to late August.

Is Lithuania Safe To Travel?

Yes, Lithuania is a safe country for tourist. The risk of getting in verbal trouble in bars remains the same as any other country. The crime rate in cities of Lithuania is much lower than in most similar towns. Pickpockets are rare and rarely observed in crowded places.

Do Lithuanian Speak in English?

Do Lithuanian Speak in English

Yes, most Lithuanian taxi drivers and bus drivers speak English. Employees at the airport counter, shops, and restaurants also speak English, though not fluent.

Is Lithuania Cheap Or Expensive for Tourists?

The five-star hotels and restaurants are expensive, but often most items are lower than similar places in western Europe. The 2 to 4-star hotels and modern city restaurants are a lot cheaper than west Europe but comparable to Poland, Latvia, and Estonia.

Do You Need A Visa To Visit Lithuania?

Do You Need A Visa To Visit Lithuania?

European and US citizens do not need a visa to visit Lithuania. Visitors from Continents of Asia, Africa, and Australia need to get an official visa to visit Lithuania. All visitors must possess a passport that is valid for six months. One can stay for 90 days in Lithuania from the date of entry. The Visa fee is 60 Euros.

Lithuania Country Profile

History of Lithuania-

History of Lithuania

Baltic Tribes- The origin of Lithuanian migrant to the land of Lithuania were Baltic tribes.

9th to 11th Century- The tribes had fought several battles against the raids by Vikings.

12th and 13th Centuries- Lithuanian were able to protect their territory and often invading neighboring regions.

14th to 16th Century- During this time, the noble and royal families of Lithuania formed a powerful army that could control most of eastern Europe. The Lithuanian had dominated much of eastern Europe during this period with close political relations with Poland.

16th and 17th Century- Germans occupied Lithuania.

18th Century- Present Lithuania and its occupied land were partitioned during the 18th century. Later, Lithuania was controlled by Russia, and the occupied area of Lithuania was under the control of Prussia and Austria.

19th Century- Russia occupied Lithuania between 1918 to 1940.

March 11, 1990- Lithuania declared its independence by a unanimous vote of its newly elected parliament.

Geography of Lithuania –

Lithuania is one of the Eastern European countries. Lithuania is a small country of 25,000 square miles. The country has several long beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and flatlands. The Neman river carries the water from north to south and gives several tributaries of the river. The tributaries carry the water to the direction of the west and end in the Baltic sea. The tributaries of Neman river are named as Merkys, Neris, Nevėžis, Dubysa, Jūra, Minija, and Šešupė. The east and southeast section of Lithuania is a home for 3500 lakes.

Weather of Lithuania

Winter- The winter starts around November and ends in March or April. The temperature during these months is often freezing. The temperature fluctuates between + 40 (39 0 F) and – 40 C (240 F).

Weather of Lithuania

Summer- Summer is often short. Real summer starts in June and ends in August. The temperature during most days of summer fluctuates between 18 0 C (640 F) and 21 0 F (700 F). Occasionally during day time, heat may go as high as 350 C, or 950 F. Most tourists prefer to use light jackets during day time.

Lithuania and World Politics-

Lithuania is a member of the United Nations Organization, European Union and World Trade Organization. Lithuania is also a member of NATO.

Language Spoken in Lithuania


About 95% of Lithuanians speak Lithuanian language. Remaining 5% population speak Russian and Polish language.

Religion in Lithuania

Religion in Lithuania

  • Roman Catholic 77.2%,
  • Russian Orthodox 4.1%,
  • Old Believer 0.8%,
  • Evangelical 0.6% and
  • Reformist 0.2%

Transportation in Lithuania –

Vilnius Airport- Domestic and International flights arrive and depart regularly from Vilnius International airport. The flights connect Lithuania to all Europe.

Sea Port- Lithuania has one port at Klaipeda. The ferry services transport several thousand passengers every week to nearby cities. Port is also used to import items needed and export items for sale.

Road Transport- The road conditions are excellent. Rental cars are available at the airport and in cities. Taxis and Limos are available at a reasonable price. Fuel prices are relatively high and more or less the same as western Europe. Buses are costing a fraction of the cost of air flights, and are scheduled to travel between cities within Lithuania and also neighboring countries.

A Train Traveling- There are several trains scheduled to travel between cities in Lithuania and cities in other European countries. The cost of train travel is very reasonable and comparably lower than in western Europe.


Lithuania offers advanced data plans and telephone connections. The European phone works in Lithuania.

Capital Town- Vilnius

Currency- Euro.

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