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Skyline Trail in Nova Scotia

Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Canada for Unforgettable Adventures (2024)

Looking for Best Hiking Trails In Canada? Capturing the sheer grandeur of Canada’s awe-inspiring landscapes in words alone is almost impossible. And therefore, stepping out for a Hiking Adventure Tour in Canada is necessary.

Canada’s awe-inspiring landscapes and breathtaking beauty can be best discovered through Hiking. World’s second-largest country, Canada, is home to towering snow-capped mountains, glittering lakes and lush evergreen forests, and fascinating wildlife. And considering its area, this vast country is a haven for adventurous hikers. Many of Canada’s most remarkable places are accessible only by foot. Whether they are the colossal peaks of the Yukon, the iconic Canadian Rockies, the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, or the rugged east coast of Newfoundland, some places are better explored on foot.

Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Canada for Unforgettable Adventures

Join us as we discover the Best Hiking Trails In Canada. Whether you seek a short and easy trail or a challenging adventure, the options below are picked thoughtfully to cater to your preferences. Tie your laces, pick your backpack, and get ready for Canada’s Ultimate Hiking Adventure. You aren’t truly aware of what grandness and surprises this country has to offer. 

1. Skyline Trail in Nova Scotia

Amongst Cape Breton’s Highlands National Park’s grandness is Canada’s best hiking trail, the Skyline Trail. This 6.5-kilometer out-and-back hike or an 8.2-kilometer loop is renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty in Canada’s finest national parks. Hikers who are seeking awe-inspiring lookout points should definitely trek here. Hiking the Skyline Trail is complete in a few hours since the route is relatively easy. There are only a few challenging sections, particularly the ones with stairs.

The Skyline Trail in Cape Breton fully immerses adventurers in the captivating scenery of Nova Scotia. The trail boasts mesmerizing views of the Atlantic, offering an abundance of wildlife encounter opportunities. Hikers must always focus on checkout bald eagles, whales, bears, or moose, the iconic resident of Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The trail begins at a gravel road before it ultimately leads into the wilderness. As hikers reach the coastline, a captivating boardwalk unfolds. It leads the way towards various lookout points, unfolding the views of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

2. Grizzly Lake Trail in Yukon

Hiking enthusiasts in Canada who crave rugged and remote experiences must look no further than the Grizzly Lake Trail. This hiking trail in Tombstone Territorial Park meanders through the breathtaking landscapes of the Tombstone Mountains. The trail spans nearly 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) one way. Enthusiasts who want to enjoy the overnight camping adventure can find immense opportunities; however, early registration is required. For hikers with time constraints or permit unavailability, shorter day hikes covering lesser miles are available.

While hiking the Grizzly Lake Trail, be aware of the Grizzly Bears roaming around the mountains. Consider Hiking in groups taking sticks, bear spray, and making enough noise. The Tombstone Territorial Park in itself is home to an extraordinary and unique landscape. Its heart and majestic peaks stretch as far as the eye can see. Hikers must prepare themselves to walk through alpine meadows and springy tundra. Further, reach the rocky talus slopes and then cross exposed ridges while progressing towards Grizzly Lake. The hiking rewards are well worth the effort and will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

3. Grey Owl Trail in Manitoba

The hiking experience in the enchanting forests of Riding Mountain National Park is not to be missed. Following the Grey Owl Trail offers a captivating experience. Spanning a long way of 14.2 kilometers (round trip), the trail makes its way through lush woodland and thus offers ample shade along the way. Hiking this scenic path allow enthusiasts to witness signs of wildlife. The tracks in the dirt or claw marks etched upon the trees are very common to spot. Since Riding Mountain is renowned for its grey wolf population, spotting some is common, but make sure you stay safe.

Grey Owl Trail is a year-round hiking destination. The summer months unfold vibrant colors amidst the brown earth and lush green trees. It is when wildflowers bloom and butterflies gracefully flit. Whereas in winter, a pristine blanket of snow covers the trail and creates a picturesque winter wonderland. Winter hiking can be slightly tricky but accessible to snowshoers and skiers. The highlight of Grey Owl Trail is the halfway point at the rustic log cabin of Grey Owl. This cozy retreat is ideal for a picnic or a steaming thermos of hot tea.

4. Cup and Saucer Trail in Ontario

One of the popular hiking destinations in Canada, Ontario, boasts the Cup and Saucer Trail. This remarkable trail is nestled on Manitoulin Island and promises an unforgettable experience. It is known for some of the most Instagram-worthy photo opportunities across Canada. Cup And Saucer Trail isn’t an easy one, and hikers should stay prepared for its epic climax. As a trail ascent to a lookout perched 70 meters above the surrounding forest, it unfolds panoramic vistas of Georgian Bay and the entire island.

With every growing step at Cup and Saucer Trail, the anticipation grows. And once hikers reach the edge of the escarpment, what awaits is an awe-inspiring spectacle. Hikers often enjoy standing and gazing at the vast expanse of lakes, wetlands, and other natural beauty. However, since the edge can be dangerous, it is important to exercise caution and maintain a safe distance. The Cup and Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Island are ideal for immersing in the grandeur of nature. Make sure you take your camera along to capture unlimited excellence along the way.

5. Iceline Trail in Yoho, British Columbia

Yoho National Park is home to some of the best Canadian landscapes and the popular Iceline Trail. Hiking enthusiasts in Canada who are in search of a hiking adventure encompassing majestic waterfalls, glacier encounters, and breathtaking vistas should head towards the Iceline Trail. Considered one of the best hiking trails in Canada, it ensures an experience that will leave everyone in awe. Not just that, but it will also satisfy hikers’ cravings for natural beauty and thrilling inclines.

When you start hiking on the Iceline Trail, stay ready to experience a steep ascent along the side of a valley. Moving forward, the trail further levels off, unfolding a manageable and enjoyable walk. And the route in front is all set to treat hikers with stunning views of Takkakaw Falls on the side, whereas the impressive Emerald Glacier is towering above. Depending upon their fitness level and enthusiasm, hikers can choose to venture as far as they want. However, most hikers consider reaching the level area and then walking towards the large terminal moraine as a popular option. It is where one can enjoy an unparalleled viewpoint unfolding the splendor of the surrounding scenery.

Hiking In Canada – Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

  • Always research your route and make sure you make the plan and share it with someone known. The Canadian landscape is majorly untouched, and therefore staying safe is necessary.
  • Weather in Canada, especially when hiking on elevations, can change dramatically. Always carry a jacket/layer along.
  • Don’t rely on GPS, and consider carrying a physical map along.
  • Beginners must always hike in groups or with experienced hikers.
  • When hiking during winter, be aware of avalanche risks, especially in mountain areas of the Canadian Rockies and more.
  • Prepare the perfect hiking backpack consisting of a flashlight, good quality hiking boots, bear spray, insect repellent, a map and compass, sun protection, first aid supplies, extra water, emergency shelter etc.

Go at your own pace, and do not let speed risk you.

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