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Alaska Railroad - Things to do in Anchorage

Visit Anchorage: Compilation of Things To Do In Anchorage (2023)

Are you visiting Anchorage for the first time? You can witness its incredible and majestic mountains surrounding Anchorage, along with a lush green environment. Most people visit this place for a getaway from the hustle-bustle of life, but Anchorage is famous for many things. One of the most favorite things to do in Anchorage is exploring museums, captivating cultural centers, and many more. However, we have compiled some of the best things you can do in Anchorage.

Visit Anchorage: Compilation of Things to do in Anchorage

They are:

1. Go On Hiking For Amazing Views

Flat Top is one of the most popular places to enjoy hiking, with incredible views not only in Anchorage but in Alaska. This place offers the best bird’s eye view of the whole city, including multiple mountain ranges, Denali, etc. If you are a hiker and you love exploring nature, this place is especially for you! The hike is a bit difficult, but the alternate option is to drive through the way. Do not forget to save some time on the Top to enjoy the beautiful view. Apart from that, there are many other hiking options available in the city, where you can enjoy.

2. Take A Walk To The Coastal Trail

Taking a walk or enjoying a bike road to the Coastal Trail is one of Anchorage’s favorite things, which goes from the heart of the downtown city. It is a beautiful location where you can explore nature, wildlife, moose, and sea birds. As you move further on the path, the view gets better and better. If you want to do something adventurous, you can rent a bike from Pablo’s Bike Store, situated at the start of the trail, near Elderberry Park.

Coastal Trail - Things to do in Anchorage

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3. Explore The Museums

Anchorage has some top-class museums, which are top-notch and educate so many things about the country. The Museum of Anchorage will take you back in time through its history, geology, art, and culture. You can even explore some of the local exhibitions in the city. Besides that, Alaska Native Heritage offers one of the best places to learn about Alaska’s different tribes, theater, architecture, art, dance, etc. Explore The Museums - Compilation of Things to do in AnchorageImage Source

4. Try Out Delicious Local Foods

One of the favorite things in Anchorage is to try out local foods. You can go on a food hunt and try different types of food, and one of the best items to start is seafood. You can find the yummiest seafood at Simon and Seaforts or even Orso. However, if you are not a crowd person, you can also visit Kincaid Grill, some of the best items such as Alaskan scallops, cod, halibut, oysters, etc. You can also try sausages from 10th and M Seafood for great seafood hunting.

5. Enjoy Midnight Views

The best thing about Anchorage in summer is that it is for 20+ hours of daylight. You can spend a beautiful time with your loved one on a rooftop or go on a walk and enjoy drinks. You will be able to catch up on so many things until the sun goes down. What is better than this? Visit this place and get time to spend a long day with your family and explore the beautiful places and activities.

6. Enjoy The Northern Lights

Are you planning to visit Anchorage in the winter? Make sure you do not miss out on Northern lights; it is one of the city’s best things. Some of the people plan their trip to Anchorage to explore the beautiful lights. You can optimize the time and click some of the best pictures. However, it is not guaranteed to see the Northern Lights every time you visit this city, so it is better to have a backup plan.

The Northern Lights - Things to do in Anchorage

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7. Shop from The Local Stores

Alaska does not have many popular chain restaurants, but one of Anchorage’s favorite things is to shop from the local stores. The city is proud of its creativity, from the hottest trends to artisanal food and fashion trends to beauty products; everything is amazing. Anchorage is a kind city, and you can create some of the best memories.

However, Saturday’s Markets are the heart of the city, where you can spot many stalls selling unique items and clothes at cheap costs. Some of the local stores in Anchorage that you must visit are Sevigne Studio, Cabin Fever, etc.

8. Explore The Beautiful Flowers

Downtown Anchorage is a historic place, and it has its own charm, where you can spot lots of blooming flowers, especially in summers. If you take a walk around Ship Creek to the Delaney Park Area, you can find some of the beautiful hanging flowers, baskets, and exquisite gardens. It has some of the loveliest flowers, and if you visit the city around the winters, do not forget to check out the town square for enjoying twinkle lights and ice skating with your loved ones.

9. Go For Bird Watching

At the Southernmost location of Anchorage, you will find a beautiful place to explore more in nature. This place is home to hundreds and thousands of migrating birds from the spring till the summer. You can also spot local eagles spotting for meals. If you get lucky, you can also spot a moose. Another location for bird watching is West Chester Lagoon, which is located in the depth of downtown Anchorage. You can spot the beautiful species of birds living their best life.

10. Explore Ancient Glacier Valley

One of Anchorage’s favorite things is to enjoy and explore the Eagle River Nature Center’s wilderness. After a scenic drive across the mountain valley, you can spend some time at the small hut located in the middle once you arrive at the center. You can talk to the rangers to gain more information about the local wildlife. Besides that, you have to follow the safety tips. There are also other glacier valleys, popular for hiking and sightseeing.

11. Enjoy Some Time On The Beach

Do you love beaches? Well, Anchorage is not going to disappoint you if you do. You can head to Pt. Campbell Park to spend some relaxing time, where you can watch the waves lap along the seashore. It is not very accessible for everyone, but it is definitely worth the trek to enjoy the breathtaking view if you are a little adventurous. You can even sport the Fire Island, where the wind power of Anchorage is generated.

12. Talk To Natives To Know More About Anchorage

It is one of the best things to do when you visit Anchorage! But first thing first, you should always support local businesses, and the best way to learn about a particular place is by interacting with the locals. If you love walking tours, you can book it with AK Finest, where you will be guided by a native tour guide who sits with the Tribal Council and learns about the city’s culture and history. You will also be invited to explore the Native Art Collections at the popular Alaska Native Hospital.

13. Do Not Forget To Enjoy Alaska Railroad

It is one of the favorite things to do in the Anchorage area. It is a great way to spend a beautiful day in the city. Besides, it has one of the most beautiful and aesthetic views in Anchorage and the entire U.S, or you can say the world. One of the recommended routes is to take the train from Anchorage to Girdwood to spend the day exploring the beautiful scenic views. You will witness greenery and amazing locations, which will not give you peace of mind, but also make your journey memorable.

These are some of the favorite things one can do in Anchorage. It is one of the largest cities in Alaska, having something to offer to everyone. Consider the mentioned activities to have some crazy time in this amazing city. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to make some amazing memories!

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