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Amazing Hiking Trails in Seward City

10 Amazing Hiking Trails in Seward City (2023)

Seward is a beautiful city in the country of Alaska. It is famous for its wonderful scenic beauty and indigenous wildlife. Another famous aspect of Seward is its trail. Seward has some of the most beautiful and challenging trails that attract plenty of adventure enthusiasts all year round. Even if someone is not an adventure lover, they still do visit the trails in Seward in order to get a view of the marvelous beauty around.

10 Amazing Hiking Trails in Seward City

Here is a compilation of the top hiking trails in Seward City that you can visit when you are touring Alaska. We assure you that you certainly won’t be disappointed!

1. Harding IceField Trail

The Harding IceField Trail is located in the Kenai Fjords National Park. The total distance that the trail covers is nearly 13.2 kilometers. The trail is located at an elevation of 1,162 meters and is considered to have a level of difficulty. Hence, this trail might not be the best option for beginners.

Harding IceField Trail - Best Hiking Trail in Seward City

Image Source : Flickr (Amy Meredith)

The Harding Icefield Trail also features a waterfall, which only adds to its beauty. Apart from that, it has various options for activities that visitors can engage in. The best time to visit this trail is from May to October.

You will also be able to witness some of the local wildlife, which will surely enhance the trip even further. The entire trail takes nearly 6 hours to 8 hours to complete.

Hence, this is a plan for an entire day.

2. Mount Marathon Hiker’s Trail

Another hiking trail of a difficult level is the Mount Marathon Hiker’s Trail. This is located on 1st Avenue in Seward City and is a hub for those seeking adventure and thrill. The trail covers a distance of 6.6 kilometers and is situated at an elevation of 891 meters. The main attraction of this trail is the spectacular view it offers.

Mount Marathon Hiker's Trail - Best Hiking Trail in Seward City

Image Source : Flickr (Eli Duke)

The trail is usually very windy above a certain height, and it is best if you carry adequate protection with you, as the trail is very cold as well. The ideal time to visit this trail would be from May to September. You can also engage in bird watching while on this trail. This hiking trail has some of the most beautiful indigenous birds.

The route-type of this hiking trail is a loop. Hence, if you start early in the morning, you will be able to make it back to where you started by late evening.

3. Exit Glacier Trail

Located on the Exit Glacier Trailhead, the entire distance of the trail is 3.7 kilometers. The Exit Glacier Trail is a heavily trafficked trail of loop type and is a very beginner-friendly trail. The trail is located near Seward and also has a beautiful river. This trail is particularly popular amongst those who are starting out with their hiking experiences.

Exit Glacier Trail - Best Hiking Trail in Seward City

Image Source : Flickr (Brian)

This trail can also be used for nature walks as well. The trail is appropriate for children as well. However, since the trail has a lot of steep sections, it is not really wheelchair-friendly.

The trail remains closed during early May. So be sure to check out whether they are open or not before you reach the location. You will also be able to see lots of the local flora and fauna, which only adds to the aesthetic of this trail.

4. Tonsina Creek Trail

The Tonsina Creek Trail is of easy to moderate difficulty and happens to be one of the most accessible trails with a gorgeous view. The trail is located at the height of 235 meters and covers a distance of 6.6 kilometers. The route type is out and back. The entire route covers plenty of wildflowers of various colors, which makes this hike a very aesthetic one. There is also the presence of indigenous wildlife, although they aren’t usually seen all that frequently.

Tonsina Creek Trail - Best Hiking Trail in Seward City

Image Source : Alaska.Org

This trail also allows visitors to have their dogs as long as the dog is on a leash. The trail is open all year long and is used for hiking, walking, and even snow-shoeing. You can also choose to hike to Tonsina Beach from this trail, one of the most alluring beaches in Seward city.

5. Caines Head Trail

The Caines Head Trail is located in the Caines Head State Recreation Area. This trail is heavily trafficked and out and back type. The entire trail covers a distance of 22.5 kilometers, making it one of the longest and time-consuming trails in Seward city. The elevation is also pretty large and nearly 1,462 meters. Various options for activities are offered to the visitors who come here for hiking. The trail operates between the months of May to October.

As a precaution, make sure to time your trip when you are around the tides. There is a three-mile stretch of beach which is located between Tonsina Point and North Beach. This area can only be hiked when there is a tide of +3 or lower.

If you have your pet dog along with you, you will be glad to know that dogs are allowed in this trail. You can also spend some quality time on the beach while on this trail.

6. Resurrection River Trail

For those who are looking for a trail with a moderate difficulty level, the Resurrection River Trail is the perfect option for you! This trail is out and the back type and covers a distance of 14 kilometers. It is located at an elevation of 363 meters and offers a spectacular view of the city. To start this trail, you will first have to reach Chugach National Forest.

This trail is mainly used for hiking and also nature walks. The entire trail is lined with spruce trees and also features the river. You will also be able to find blueberry trees in some areas of the trail.

The trail is narrow in some regions and very wide in some. However, one can comfortably finish this trail without facing any difficulty at all. Dogs are also allowed here, as long as they are kept on a leash.

7. Ptarmigan Lake Trail

The Ptarmigan Lake Trail is a trail that covers a modest distance of 10.9 kilometers and is at an elevation of 322 meters. The trail is of out, and the back type and has a moderate level of difficulty, making it beginner-friendly as well. The trail can be used for hiking and even camping, which makes it really special. People also like to take nature walks along this trail.

The trail remains open from May to October. Make sure to wear adequate warm clothes, as the temperature remains pretty low throughout the time it is open. This trail also allows a glimpse of a beautiful blue lake, which only adds to the allure of the place. The lake also has lots of salmon in it, so if you are a fish enthusiast, this will be the perfect opportunity to view salmons in their natural habitat!

8. Skyline Trail

This trail is rated as moderate and covers a distance of 6.4 kilometers. The Skyline Trail is mainly famous for the view it offers. Apart from the view, the entire trail is lined with beautiful wildflowers of various colors, which makes the journey from start to finish very pleasingly to the eyes. The trail is at the height of 507 meters; hence, it offers a pretty decent view of the surrounding areas

People also come here to bird-watch as there are plenty of trees and small forests surrounding this trail, which are home to various indigenous birds. The trail is not operational throughout the year but only kept open from April to September.

The starting and ending part of the trail has some steep inclines. However, the middle part is pretty easy and beginner-friendly as well. If the trail is muddy, it might be difficult to cover. Otherwise, it is quite easy for a novice, too.

9. Lost Lake via Primrose Trail

The Lost Lake vis Primrose Trail is one of the best-kept trails in not only Seward city but all of Alaska. The trail covers an impressive distance of 21.4 kilometers and takes quite an amount of time to complete. It is located in the Chugach National Forest. The trail has a difficulty level of moderate. Visitors will also be able to do various activities on this trail.

The weather in this trail also remains pretty cold and windy. It is better to choose a sunny day to hike on this trail. You can also choose to mountain-bike, as they have that option as well. Also, if you are lucky enough, you might be able to see some of the local wildlife right in front of you.

10. Lost Lake Trail

This trail is within the previous trail itself but covers a greater distance. In total, the Lost Lake Trail covers a distance of 22.2 kilometers. It is located at the height of 802 meters, offering a very beautiful view of the lake and waterfall below. The trail is operational from May to September, as weather conditions are optimal during that time.

If you have a dog, as long as you keep the dog on a leash, they can accompany you on the trail as well. The trail is also suitable for nature walks and mountain biking, apart from hiking.

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