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Top-Rated Weekend Getaway Destinations From Anchorage, Alaska

8 Top-Rated Weekend Getaway Destinations From Anchorage, Alaska (2024)

Are you tired of staying at home? It is never too late to treat yourself to an exciting getaway with your family or loved ones. The best part about such journeys is that you get a chance to explore some hidden gems of the city. You will be able to leave the hustle-bustle of the city without leaving the state! Alaska is one of the lifetime destinations for vacation. It is one of the biggest states of America and covers nearly half of America. Anchorage is one of the urban cities of Alaska! It is situated in the lush green wilderness, where you can explore some of the best weekend getaway destinations from Anchorage.

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Anchorage has some of the most prominent highways, railroads, major airports of the city, and beautiful sightseeing locations. It is one of Alaska’s most affordable cities, where you can spend your weekend with your family and loved ones without spending too much. It is one of those places where you can experience the full freedom of the natural world, where you can experience nature from the depth without any boundaries and restrictions. Get your backpacks, explore some of the Anchorage city’s best weekend destination spots, and create some unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime!

8 Top-Rated Weekend Getaway Destinations From Anchorage, Alaska

Listed Below are Weekend Getaway Destinations From Anchorage:

1. Chugach National Forest

Chugach National Forest is stretched in over 5.4 million acres with mesmerizing scenery, which cannot be seen today. Anyone who plans to visit this beautiful place should plan a visit which is more than one day. The best part about this place is driving along the Copper River Highway that takes the visitors through the rain forests, small glaciers, and wetlands. If you plan to book summer campgrounds or cabins, make the reservations in advance to prevent any further complications. Tourists can also enjoy cycling pathways, hiking trails, along with fishing being the most popular activity of this region.
Top-Rated Weekend Getaway Destination From Anchorage, Alaska-Chugach National ForestImage Source

2. Girdwood

Girdwood is one of the popular weekend getaway destinations from Anchorage, which is located in the southeast. It can be your last-minute weekend destination where you can also enjoy some of the best winter activities, such as enjoying skiing, snowboarding, etc. The fun fact about this place is that it is a bit quiet and empty during the summer season, so if you want to spend some peaceful time away from the city’s crow, this is the right place for you.Weekend Getaway Destination From Anchorage, Alaska-Girdwood Image Source

You can find some of the best hiking trails, glacier views, and breath-taking waterfalls. If you love biking, you can get yourself a bike on rent from Alyeska Resort Summer Mountain to enjoy mountain bike riding. Besides this, if you love history and arts, you can take a visit to Gold Mine Safari Tours, Roundhouse Museum, to explore the history of this place.

3. Homer

Homer is located in the Kachemak Bay State Park, four hours distance from the Southeast of Anchorage. You can start your visit by driving down on the highway as you make your way to entering Homer. The road is surrounded by the mountains and Chugach National Forest down to Kenai Peninsula, offering mesmerizing views. You can also take a visit to Gull Island to enjoy water activities.
Top Weekend Getaway Destination From Anchorage, Alaska-HomerImage Source

Do not forget to bring a pair of your sports shoes to explore the local lush green locations. You can also get your Binoculars to enjoy bald eagles to whales. If you want to enjoy some more fun activities, you can cross the bay to explore the Kachemak Bay State Park on water taxis. People who love spending time alone can enjoy fishing or stroll through this city’s old and historic towns.

4. Moose Pass

Moose Pass is located at a distance of two hours from the Anchorage. It is a small town situated in the Chugach National Forest’s rainforest, surrounded by the shores and trail lakes. It is one of the most beautiful weekend getaway destinations from Anchorage. The sparkling water, plenty of flowers and plant species, mountains will mesmerize you with their beauty.
Amazing Weekend Getaway Destination From Anchorage, Alaska-Moose PassImage Source

If you love hiking or walking, you can explore this small town through some of the most exciting walking trails with an appealing view. If you love water activities, you can explore this place via kayaking by renting a boat from Alaska Rivers Company or Cooper Landing Boat Rental.

5. Talkeetna

Talkeetna is located on the Denali State Park borders, at a distance of two hours from Anchorage. If you want to spend your weekend with your family without going too far from the city, there is no other place better than this. The population of the town is only in hundreds, but you can have multiple rental options to stay at home away from home.
Popular Weekend Getaway Destination From Anchorage, Alaska-TalkeetnaImage Source

You can enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, zipline fun, Susitna river tour, and a lot more. You can reach out to Denali Zipline Tours for such fun activities. So what are you waiting for? Pack your clothes and get ready for a perfect weekend!

6. Glennallen

Glennallen is located at a distance of three and a half hours from the borders of Anchorage. You must stock up before exploring the largest national park in the country, which is Wrangell- St. Elias National Park and Reserve. You can spot the three significant mountains from this place and the highest peaks of the United States.
Famous Weekend Getaway Destination From Anchorage, Alaska-GlennallenImage Source

You can also enjoy hiking and many outdoor activities. The best part, if you visit this place during the winter season, you can spot the huge popular Copper Basin Dogs. You can also enjoy the most beautiful Northern Lights from here.

7. Cantwell

Cantwell is located in Denali National Park and Preserve, around the distance of four hours from Anchorage. Mountains surround it, and it would not be fair for you to miss this place for anything else in this world.
Sight-seeing Weekend Getaway Destination From Anchorage, Alaska-CantwellImage Source

If you love hiking, summers are the best time to visit this place to enjoy hiking while witnessing this place’s beauty. You can find some of the most beautiful streams and rivers to enjoy water activities like kayaking and fishing. You can also explore the local history of this place by visiting some of the famous historical sites.

8. Kenai

Kenai is located at a distance of three hours from south of Anchorage. It is one of the best weekend getaway destinations from Anchorage to spend a peaceful and exciting weekend at home away from home. Do not forget to bring your swimming costumes to enjoy swimming in the Kenai River.
Incredible Weekend Getaway Destination From Anchorage, Alaska-Kenai RiverImage Source

Another exciting part about this place is that it has the best and super-fresh seafood in the city, which you should definitely try. You can also rent boats from travel agencies to explore this place.

It might make you sad that you have to go back to work on Monday but to spend a night at the places mentioned earlier and soothe your soul and mind. Anchorage is one of Alaska’s liveliest cities, where you can find all the adventurous sports, historical locations, and hiking spots to make your weekend memorable and unforgettable. If you have not been to these places, then it is the perfect time to visit with your family and loved ones!

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