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Houston Art Galleries: Take A Tour of 10 Contemporary Art Galleries of Houston

Houston Art Galleries: Take A Tour of 10 Contemporary Art Galleries of Houston (2022)

Houston is pretty known for chaotic hustle-bustle city life, but how many of you know that Houston is one of Texas’s most culturally diverse cities? It boasts of thriving art and culture with different cultural attractions. Houston’s rich visual art scene is just blooming on another level. The forever evolving arts community of the city and landscape focuses on supporting local talents and immense talents to the town.

With quirky and fresh collections of art exhibitions and projects, Houston boasts some of the best art galleries that encourage education in the community as well as bring an engagement with contemporary art.

Houston Art Galleries: Take A Tour of 10 Contemporary Art Galleries of Houston

Here is the list of best modern art galleries in Houston which every art lover should surely visit during their stop-over in the city.

1. Anya Tish Gallery

In the list of the most famous and popular art galleries in Houston, the Anya Tish Gallery was founded and established in 1996. The art gallery is dedicated to promoting mid-career artists and international artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, mainly from Eastern Europe, Russia, Texas, and Morocco.
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The gallery has the freshest, modern and global approach artwork, which emphasizes the works of social and environmental issues. The Anya Tish gallery features different varieties of artwork like paintings, photography pieces, videos, and sculptures. Every artwork is interlinked between the concept and the material. The featured artists in this gallery are Andrey Chezhin and Jozsef Bullas.

2. Barbara Davis Gallery

Barbara Davis Gallery is one of the most creatively beautiful Contemporary art galleries in Houston, which has been breaking records for its contemporary art for the last 30 years. The gallery is thriving with art pieces from some of the most famous artists like Kiki Smith, Jonathan Borofsky, Allan McCollum, and Joseph Beuys. The gallery has also launched many new and budding international artists like Julie Mehretu and Mie Olise.
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While showcasing an inspiring range of works across different mediums. The Barbara Davis gallery also organizes extensive exhibition programs, which are accompanied by various series of educational panel discussions with the famous museum curators. This art gallery engages the public with different exhibitions and creates an engagement amongst the community. The Barbara Davis Gallery is also amongst the first galleries in Texas, which exhibits various Art Basel Miami Beach Art Fair.

3. G Gallery

The G Gallery is popularly known for the display of eclectic and provocative work from established and emerging artists and painters like Jerry Cabera and Otis. The gallery has its grassroots approach, which is thriving with creativity, collaboration, and cultural exchange. The place is committed to paying respect to creativity, presenting contemporary art, and exchanging ideas that forge strong relationships with various art presenters and artists. The art pieces you will find here are from all the local artists in order to further broaden appreciation from the audience for contemporary art. The gallery also organizes various exhibition programs that enable them to present a diverse range of innovative and unique artworks with a group and solo thematic shows.
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4. McClain Gallery

One of the most go-to destinations in Houston for contemporary art lovers is McClain Gallery, with art pieces that date back to the 20th century. With its thriving global outlook, the gallery exhibits work from the artists of Europe, Texas, New York, and Asia with a broad range of media, including sculptures, painting, and photography installations.
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The key artists of this gallery are Donald Bachler, Peter Halley, Julian Schnabel, and Louise Nevelson, along with younger and emerging artists based out from Texas like Aaron parasite, Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher. The gallery adds up to its museum-quality with core exhibition programs with solo thematic shows that investigate contemporary art’s current themes. The gallery represents how art creates a dialogue by making a relationship with social, political, and cultural issues.

5. Moody Gallery

At Moody Gallery, you can find all the work of media showcasing a unique range of artistic ideas. The gallery was established in 1975 by Betty Moody and is dedicated to present the best of contemporary art from various regions and only exhibits the work from contemporary American artists. The artists are mainly based out in Texas or have a strong connection to this particular region.
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The Moody Gallery also puts these artists’ works in the context of established artists from other parts of the country. The famous artists who have their art pieces presented here are Lamar Briggs, Michael Bise, Debra Barrera, and Dave Carpenter, who are recognized national and international level artists. The gallery also represents artwork from the mid-career and emerging new artists.

6. McMurtrey Gallery

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The McMurtrey Gallery is one of the best contemporary art galleries in Houston. Established in 1983, the gallery showcases numerous artworks from a number of artists from Texas, and a majority of them are very well recognized nationally. The featured artists of this gallery include Troy Dugas, Michael Guidry, Lance Letscher, and Katie Maratta.

Not only the established and nationally recognized artists, but the gallery also represents few groups of internationally recognized artists and photographers. The McMurtrey Gallery is also the debut venue for the international photographer Keith Carter. The gallery is thriving with original and diversified contemporary artworks that will surely blow away your mind with their beauty and creativity.

7. Redbud Gallery

Numerous artworks from the first-time exhibitors and major master artists come all together at this very popular Redbud Gallery. The gallery was opened for visitors in 1999 and is globally famous for its artwork that promotes the USA’s rich culture. The featured artists of the Redbud Gallery are Anglebert Metoyer, Al Souza, and Lucas Johnson. The works on display of the gallery include sculptures, ceramics, photos, glass paintings, and prints.Redbud Gallery

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Alongside their own exhibition programs, they also promote Texan Art abroad with their several exchange programs and shows in Peru, Cuba, Germany, China, and Greece. In addition to contemporary art, the gallery is also specialized in works on paper by old age master artists. The gallery organizes regular openings which are focused and coincided with Houston’s First Saturday Event, where the visitors can engage and involve themselves with contemporary and represented artists.

8. Inman Gallery

The Inman Gallery is located in Houston’s midtown district and emphasizes the use of conceptual thinking and visual explorations in its artworks. The gallery was established in 1990 by Kerry Inman as a place dedicated to showing art pieces by young emerging artists. And since then, there’s no going back, and the gallery has grown into a nationally recognized venue that is loved and visited by various art lovers every year.
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The Inman Gallery’s main goal was to showcase the talents of young budding talents, and it is nurturing it with its innovative and thoughtful work presentation. Numerous discussions are organized to educate the visitors on trends and ideas in contemporary art. The Inman Gallery is a top-class place to witness contemporary art and a great educational venue that supports the exchange of new ideas in art.

9. Archway Gallery

The Archway Gallery is an artist-owned art that also comes amongst the best contemporary art galleries in Houston. The gallery was established in 1976 with a group of 11 artists who took the overall responsibility for its operation and provided a space for all the talented artists to showcase their talents. This enabled them to take control of the presentation and sales of their artworks.
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The gallery ensured the artist’s freedom and individual control over their quality content. The archway gallery is now handled by a group of 30 artists who make sure that the gallery presents fresh and high-quality art works with a wide variety of art styles like pottery, mixed media painting, and sculptures. The Archway Gallery and its members are also committed to promote contemporary art throughout the community and share their aesthetic ideas and purposes.

10. Wade Wilson Art Gallery

The Wade Wilson Art Gallery was established in the year 2006 by a gallerist and art space director Wade Wilson, brings work of the highest Caliber into the contemporary art scene of Houston. The gallery represents over 20 national and internationally recognized artists with their museum-quality paintings, sculptures, and photography. The success of the gallery comes from Wilson’s years of experience as an art space director and commercial art dealer. His dedication to art is purely visible in the exhibition programs and interactive sessions organized at the gallery. The Wade Wilson Art Gallery also has a sister venue located in Santa Fe, which was opened for visitors in the year 2013.
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Houston’s rich visual art and contemporary art scene are blooming in these art galleries with numerous artworks from fresh and established talents. So make sure you visit these engaging contemporary art galleries of Houston if you want to witness some high-quality artwork.

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