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Ketchikan - Cruise Port In Alaska That One Must Not Miss

5 Cruise Ports In Alaska That One Must Not Miss (2024)

Alaska is a national treasure kind of place. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world you will ever travel to. However, it is located remotely and is rugged, but you won’t feel anything like that when you will explore it by cruise ship. When you set your sail with a cruise for Alaska, then there are various ports that are ready to host you to explore the great outdoors, unique history, and fresh treasures.

No matter which type of itinerary you select or get, you will get a mix of everything. So many port areas now have cruise markets. If you want to see some nature at its finest and go beyond the nearby port area and the rustic and charming villages of Alaska, then visit the destinations like Baranof island, Petersburg and Wrangell. So here are some of the five cruise ports in Alaska that you cannot miss out on during your cruise:

5 Cruise Ports In Alaska That One Must Not Miss

The Five Cruise Ports in Alaska That You Cannot Miss Out On During Your Cruise

1. Ketchikan

When you reach this port in Alaska, you will see cute little white boats with fishing reels floating over the shore sides, making it visually appealing. Ketchikan is famous for three things, that is the native Alaskan totem poles, Misty Fjords National Monument, and for being the salmon capital of the whole world. This town has the most number of standing totem poles of any other place in the state. You can also see several parks and gardens at the Totem Heritage Center. With all these living things, there’s no wonder why Ketchikan is one of the most amazing destinations in Alaska. Ketchikan - Cruise Port In Alaska That One Must Not Miss

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What To Do: The main things which you can do and enjoy in Ketchikan include the exploration part where you can visit the native villages like Saxman and learn about the famous totem poles of the area. You can also enjoy the popular Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show, where the stage is just near the cruise port, and it is the same place where you can see athletes wielding axes. In Ketchikan, you can even enjoy local brews or snorkel at mountain point.

2. Skagway

If you are a history buff and would be interested in learning about Alaska’s gold history, then Skagway is the port you should not miss. With less than 1,000 residents is the gateway to the Dawson’s and Klondike mining district in Canada’s Yukon territory, where spectators reach to learn about the history that dates back to the 1890s. The Victorian architecture, snow-capped mountains, winding wooden railways are the real treasure of Skagway, which can’t be overlooked when you are here. This port gets crowded during the summer season due to the peak season for cruise rides, so plan accordingly.

What To Do: There is no dearth of options for what you can do in Skagway. You can easily walk to the town from your cruise port by taking a guide book with you. The main tours which you should prefer at this port are snowshoeing expedition, riding white pass rail or panning for gold. In fact, you can also visit the nature-filled places like Chilkoot Trail, waterfalls, glacier point or try some adventure activities like rock climbing and rappelling.

3. Juneau

Also known as the capital city of Alaska is a fascinating port city because no road here leads to the rest of the state. From grasping wildlife to beautiful scenic landscapes, you will be just rolling your eyes here because there is so much in Juneau to get excited about. It is the base point for Mount Juneau, and you can only reach here by water transport that is via boat. Even the local residents have to bring their cars here via ferry boats. The most popular port for shore excursions is also home to Mendenhall Glacier. This port is one-stop, which you cannot miss out on while on your Alaska cruise ride.
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What To Do: As said, popular for the best shore excursions, you can enjoy Kayaking and bike adventures or go to ride in the sky on the Mount Roberts Tramway, and the best part is that the pick up point is right at the cruise port. You can also enjoy wildlife viewing tours or fishing outings in Juneau. If you love exploring different culinary delights, then don’t miss out on this port because here, you can enjoy the best Alaskan salmon and craft beer. Adventure seekers can also enjoy camping or take a helicopter ride and land directly at the Mendenhall Glacier.

4. Sitka

Sitka is a cute little working town that has just more than tourism. The main economic part of this port is commercial fishing that plays a huge role in the town’s income.

Apart from this, the things that make Sitka unique are its Russian culture and heritage. The popular St. Michael’s Orthodox Cathedral is the most popular place with an onion dome and a bishop’s house. A town that loves its folk music that dates back to the 18th century is loved by its locals a bit too much. It is also an artistic town because you will see carve, weave, bead, and metal works a lot here.
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What To Do: Some of the best things you can enjoy here are the nature safari and the sea kayak. You can also visit Alaska Raptor Center, enjoy bird-watching, bear watching at various natural biodomes and sites. Snorkeling with a dry suit can also be enjoyed here. One of the famous excursions availed by the tourists is the “ghosts of Sitka” city walk, which you should definitely not miss having an extraordinary experience of Sitka. Adventure seekers can enjoy forest nature hikes or enjoy the nightlife at the local pub crawls of Sitka.

5. Haines

If we go according to the reports, the average population of Haines is less than 1,800 in 2010 and is not much of a touristy place like other Alaskan ports. But it is known for the best fishing ports and is a great point for commercial fishing. You will find the best species of fishes here like halibut, salmon and trout fishes. This port also has the only eagle reserve, and that’s understandable because if fishes are here, then so will be the eagles because they know where the best fishes can be found.

What To Do: Haines may not be much of a touristy place, but it offers plentiful outdoor activities that you can enjoy to the fullest. You can enjoy zip-lining, kayaking at shores that make the best of the shore excursions. Apart from that, you can also learn about eagles and other raptors like different types of fishes that are available at Chilkoot lake. Fr, some scenic capture to your eyes, explore the glacier point by ATV, and enjoy hiking up there. For some extraordinary experience, you can go for a bear watching during the twilight. All the animal lovers have this part of their excursion as the most amazing part. If you are traveling with your family, then you can also enjoy a simple visit to the Kroschel Centre for Orphaned Animals. Also, don’t forget to ride the commendable White Pass Summit railway.

All of the Alaskan ports offer different adventures unique in their own way to make your every port stop more memorable and to make it one remarkable journey, from reeling pink-belly salmons to learning about the golden history of Alaska or to tour around the underground gold mines and some more endless opportunities to experience the whole of Alaskan culture and delights. So make sure for a full-fledged Alaskan cruise experience to visit all these ports and try not to miss even one out of them because every port has its own specialty to entice you!

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