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Eaglecrest Ski Area - Top Ski Resort in Alaska

8 Top Ski Resorts in Alaska (2024)

Alaska is a remarkable place in the United States that has around 100000 glaciers. Out of the 20 highest peaks in the country, 17 are in Alaska. Alaska has 3000 rivers, and this is undoubtedly noteworthy. You can witness the numerous mountains and snow areas in Alaska of the United States. These US states allow loads of visitors in every season.

Alaska is popular for its ski areas. Here you can find the best ski resort in the country. Spend your vacation in Alaska to take part in adventurous sports like skiing and hiking. Each year, the locals of Alaska witness nearly 700 inches of snowfall. In terms of Ski destinations, Alaska ranks at the top of the list. The northern lights are noticeable during the winter season. Aside from skiing, it offers other winter activities, which comprise spa, saunas, steam rooms, and hot tub soaks.
For experiencing more conventionally, you must have an idea about ski resorts around Alaska.

8 Top Ski Resorts in Alaska

Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Hilltop Ski Area

It covers around 30 acres of land, and it is an ideal place for the tourist visiting for activities like skiing. The Hilltop Ski Area can be a suitable option for kids who want to learn skiing or who have never done skiing. You can find Hilltop Ski Area on the outskirts of Anchorage. The Hilltop Ski Area is just a few minutes away from downtown Anchorage. The group of skiers interested in a pleasant ski vacation should favour this destination of Alaska.
Top Ski Resort in Alaska-Hilltop Ski AreaImage Source

2. Ski Land Ski Resort

Skiing at the Ski land Ski Resort is only permitted during the prime snow season, usually from December to April. This destination proffers ski lessons to beginners as well as advanced skiers. It also provided types of equipment for skiing to the players. In every winter, most skiers and snowboarders take a break at the Ski Land. Here they can find numerous groomed trees.

Ski Land has almost 46 runs scattered across 550-acre land. You can access its 310-meter vertical drop via a lift. The runs are divided into various categories. Around 20 percent of tracks are for beginners, 50 percent are for the intermediate, and 30 percent for the advanced skiers/snowboarders. Skiing can be challenging in Ski Land, even if you are a talented skier.

You can even enjoy the Northern Lights tour offered by Ski Land. In this tour, you can get a chance to witness a 360-degree view of the Aurora Borealis. There will be zero disturbances when you see the viewpoints. Furthermore, you can have a sip of hot cocoa or wine at the famous Aurora Cafe during the tour.

3. Moose Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort

It is seen as the biggest alpine ski and snowboard resort in Alaska. Between 20 and 30 is the temperature that you will be feeling here. It is a 750-acre area, which is primarily for the advanced and intermediate skiers. There are certain areas near the base, which is meant for beginners. In this area, you can find a school bus system used as a mode of lift transportation.

Normally, the traditional lift, which is also there, takes about 13 to 15 minutes whereas the school bus system just takes 10 minutes to reach its destination. A lot of tourists decide on the school bus system to access the mountain. Skiing is free in this area for kids below 6 years and adults over 70 years. It is a perfect destination for doing snowboarding.

4. Girdwood Ski Inn

This resort is situated in the small Alaskan mountain town of Girdwood. The peaks of Chugach Mountain Range surround the Girdwood Ski Inn. You should not get your eyes off with this Ski resort of Alaska if you want to have a lovely holiday with your family during the winter months. In the Girdwood Ski Inn, you will be getting several facilities, such as reasonable and large-sized rooms. Each room of Girdwood Ski Inn would cost you less than $200 per night.
Popular Ski Resort in Alaska-Girdwood Ski InnImage Source

The rooms that are on the first floor of the Inn are pet-friendly. Complimentary breakfast, laundry services, free parking, and high-speed internet are some of the Ski Inn’s amenities.

5. Eaglecrest Ski Area

It is the only ski area that you can discover in the southern part of Alaska. The family who wants to have fun in multi-level skiing can go to Eaglecrest Ski Area. If you need any skiing equipment on rent, you can visit the nearest store available here. Eaglecrest Ski Area - Top Ski Resort in Alaska

Image Source

The resort is open to visitors from the 1st weekend of December to the 2nd weekend of April. This ski area consists of almost 6 Kms of lower Nordic tracks. The travellers find the Eaglecrest Ski Area as the most reliable option as accommodation is comfortable to access. This place is only half an hour away from the Juneau airport. At the Eaglecrest Ski Area, many practised trainers are always there to develop the learners’ skills.

6. Alyeska Resort

This resort is considered friendly and a premiere destination of Alaska. Almost 14000 acres of land is covered in the Chugach Mountain and National Forest by the Alyeska Resort. It is located in the northern section of the state. Here you can find a 60-passenger aerial tram too. The average snowfall that the Alyeska Resort experiences every year is 631 to 741 inches. It offers the opportunity of skiing in the dark. The night skiing commences from the evening, and it runs till 9 pm.
Attraction Ski Resort in Alaska-Alyeska ResortImage Source

It offers excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities for all levels of skiers. You can discover 76 different trails in Alyeska Resort. For the foodies, this resort is a worthy place to visit. One of the trendy restaurants in Alaska- Sakura Restaurant proffers the best cuisines of the country. Couples coming to this restaurant can enjoy the most excellent dishes and ambience.

7. Mount Eyak Ski Resort

It is located in Cordova in Alaska, and for those who are fond of adventurous stuff, this destination can be worth visiting. Around the Mount Eyak Ski Resort, you can dig up various eating spots and rental shops. It has 30 different track alternatives. It is open for people from December through April on weekends and holidays. The area becomes the most exciting and favourite one for the skiers with the summer season’s arrival.
Famous Ski Resort in Alaska-Mount Eyak Ski ResortImage Source

8. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

If you sense an adrenaline rush, then you must add Tordrillo Mountain Lodge of Anchorage in Alaska to your wish list. This area is full of slopes and mountains. It is quite famous for its heli-skiing, a type of off-trail skiing. Stopping at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge can make your expedition memorable. All age groups can take the park and have fun at Judd Lake, which offers thrilling activities such as canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, etc.

To make the journey more adventurous, the tourists can go for water sports like wakeboarding, foil boarding, and wake surfing. The water sports provided to the visitors are all included in the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s reservation rate. The pieces of equipment and trainers will also be available while performing any lake activity.

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