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Tucson - Amazing Weekend Getaway From Bisbee

8 Amazing Weekend Getaways From Bisbee (2024)

Possessing rich Old West culture history, it is always a wonderful time to plan some best weekend getaways from Bisbee and absorb each one of the amazing viewpoints that the other cities of Arizona have to bring to the table. Although the city of Bisbee itself is a fascinating place, but the other best weekend destinations from Bisbee are no less in beauty and eloquence. From downtown Phoenix to the historic Tucson, there is a long list of best weekend getaways from Bisbee. So, let’s know about some of these best weekend getaways from Bisbee in great detail.

8 Amazing Weekend Getaways From Bisbee

  1. Phoenix: Just a little drive away from Bisbee will bring you directly into the focal point of Arizona with such countless unbelievable encounters and visitor spots that you cannot even imagine. By simply driving for just 3 hours from Bisbee, the temperatures and view will completely change and you’ll be welcomed by Arizona’s beautiful capital city of Phoenix. You can catch a Cardinals game, visit an exhibition hall or feed giraffes at the Zoo or take a drive through the famous Desert Sonoran for fabulous perspectives on Saguaros that you must have found in epic Western films in Phoenix. And in case you’re searching for that notable Western experience, then there are a great number of amazing cafes and restaurants where you can eat. Downtown Phoenix nightlife hushes up without an occasion, yet Heritage Square during the day is a brilliant spot to investigate. The historical center visit gives an understanding into history of Old Victorian Era in Arizona and it likewise is home to the first Bianca Pizza and the Arizona Science Center. Furthermore if you want to remain in the midtown Phoenix region, then there are a great many amazing resorts and hotels available too. Phoenix is one of the best weekend getaways from Bisbee.
  2. Tucson: Home to the University of Arizona, Tucson has an air terminal to effectively fly all through if your fall weekend escape contains a stay in the city. The Spanish pioneer history and Mexican culture are embraced and clear in the design, cafés and workmanship scene of Tucson. With exercises differing from climbing the Anza Trail, a similar path the Spanish undertook to capture California, to an evening spent at the amazing Biosphere 2, the first independent biome of Earth, you’ll leave Tucson with an incredible appreciation for Arizona. There are additionally a wide variety of amazing cafes and restaurants that you can try in Tucson. Also, the all encompassing perspectives on the Sonoran desert can’t be missed in Tucson. You can additionally visit the Desert Museum of Arizona Sonoran for strolling ways to investigate and find out about Arizona nature. Old Tucson is the place where you’ll have the option to walk similar country roads where motion pictures featuring John Wayne and other Western works of art were shot which further makes it an amazing weekend destination from Bisbee. There are additionally many great hotels in Tucson that offers guides for climbing trails, trekking, and numerous outside exercises alongside great eating choices and on location conveniences. Tucson - Amazing Weekend Getaway From BisbeeImage Source:
  3. Sedona: The red stone developments of Sedona are a characteristic marvel that you could without much of a stretch spend a whole end of the week investigating. The desert scene has a touch of height to it and the fresh fall air feels invigorating. Jeep visits and sight-seeing balloon rides are mainstream exercises when visiting. From Sedona, you can likewise get on a train which will take you through the mountains on an Arizona experience. Also, numerous neighborhood eateries brag impressive menus of food in Sedona and the fact that there are different areas all through the express, yet the family-possessed chain’s perspectives in Sedona are over the rest. The various acclaimed tour agencies will take you on an experience through the red stone country and you can get considerably more audacious by booking an inflatable ride with the Light Balloon Expedition agency. The Railroad Verde is an extraordinary method to investigate Northern Arizona via train. There are many hotels and retreats encompassed by natural wonder and exquisite red stone developments. You can choose a loosening up retreat or a brave escape in the boondocks. Whatever you pick, you’ll have no lack of daylight to play in. Sedona is, undoubtedly, a perfect weekend destination from Bisbee.
  4. Camp Verde: Camp Verde is less than four hour from Bisbee and makes for an incredible weekend destination from Bisbee. Located along the easy-flowing River Verde makes it the perfect destination for outdoor recreation. A state historic park, an interior firing range and a park full of wildlife are among the various activities that you can undertake while visiting this small town of Camp Verde. Apart from that, the city also boasts of some amazing cafes and restaurants that are popular in the entire state of Arizona. You can additionally locate a Johnny Rockets to have a more easy-going eating experience. You can likewise explore the various visitor spots of Camp Verde like the Montezuma National Park and Out of Africa Wildlife Park. And if you plan on staying for a day or two in the city then there are many amazing hotel and apart from a variety of cabins that accommodates up to six people with some accommodating pets too which makes it one of the best weekend getaways from Bisbee.
  5. Flagstaff: Snow chains are by and large suggested for safe going in Northern Arizona winters, yet fall is a great opportunity to drive north from Bisbee to the delightful city of Flagstaff and experience boundlessly various scenes from the Arizonan desert. This enchanting city is set apart as the motivation for craftsmanship and music as a result of its area being located along the famous Route 66. Since the 1920s, specialists and performers have halted in Flagstaff on their approach to California, including artist Jackson Browne who composed the Eagles, “Relax” from this Arizona objective. Flagstaff is additionally home to University of Northern Arizona and Snow bowl, the famous ski resort throughout the cold weather months which all the more makes it one of the coolest weekend getaways from Bisbee. Rock climbing is a famous game in Flagstaff due to the many climbing trails and assigned ascension regions. Flagstaff Climbing has an indoor climbing exercise center just as a guide administration to securely take your undertakings outside. If you’d prefer not to get too adventurous, then you can go and explore the Lowell Observatory to find out about the stars and see the instrument that found Pluto.
  6. Williams: Near Flagstaff however with enough exercises to be its very own objective, Williams has instituted the “Doorway to the spectacular Grand Canyon” and is home to the Railway and lodging of Grand Canyon where the Polar Express starts running in the fall. A day investigating the notable structures, various shops and Arizona memorabilia makes certain to send you home with keepsakes elite to this Northern Arizona town. You can enjoy a train ride here or make it a sparkling holiday season by exploring the streets of the city or visit the drive-through Bearizona to see bears, wolves and the sky is the limit from there.
  7. Grand Canyon: A beautiful weekend escape from Bisbee to the Grand Canyon is an easy decision. There’s a reason it’s praised as one of the world’s most staggering characteristic miracles with around 4.5 million guests making a stop each year. You can go during the fall to keep away from the more severe warmth that you’d in any case have to get through a summer excursion. Food administrations are restricted at the Grand Canyon relying upon where you are. The Grand Depot Cafe close to the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel is an extraordinary stop in case you’re visiting the miracle via train. The north and south edge of the Grand Canyon offers totally different encounters. Grand Canyon West is 5 hour away from the South Rim and flaunts the terrific Skywalk. Visits can be organized through the Hualapai Tribe. Lodgings are scant and in strolling distance to the Grand Canyon.
  8. Lake Havasu City: Despite the fact that Arizona is known for the delightful Desert, however it has some inconceivable lakes with water exercises and sports also. Lake Havasu City is an objective for the daredevils. You can visit the London Bridge with pieces really destroyed and moved stone-by-stone to Arizona from London or you can plan an entire few days of water and outside exercises all alone or with visits. A dashing track, bicycle rentals, beacons, extreme shopping and more make this city your perfect weekend destination from Bisbee. While the water will not be as warm, there are still a lot of fall exercises to appreciate including rental boats and water activities. Lake Havasu City has everything from overnight boat campgrounds to lakeside resorts.

FAQs For Tourists Looking For Some Best Weekend Getaways From Bisbee:

Q1. How Far Is Grand Canyon From Bisbee?

Ans: Grand Canyon is 442 miles away from Bisbee and it takes around 7 hours to reach it.

Q2. How Long Does It Take To Reach Lake Havasu City From Bisbee?

Ans: It takes around 6 hours to reach Lake Havasu City from Bisbee.

Q3. Are There Entry Charges To Explore The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum?

Ans: Yes, there are entry charges to visit and explore the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.

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