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Visit The Majestic Havasu Falls: Activities To Do In And Around Havasu Falls and Places to Stay

Visit The Majestic Havasu Falls: Activities To Do In And Around Havasu Falls and Places to Stay (2024)

Don’t you desire swimming in the turquoise blue waters of a pool that lies in a far-off land? Doesn’t your idea of heaven include a mesmerizing pool, an enchanted cascade, and a secluded surrounding? Did we just hear you screaming ‘yes’ inside your head? Well, the enchantment of Havasu Falls is extremely difficult to describe. What is so attractive and captivating about them? Is it the turquoise pools or it’s far off area? No wonder, it’s unquestionable that individuals come from all around the globe to experience their excellence. Beating the pail rundown of basin records, Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon is perhaps one of the most sought-after spots on the entire planet. Not just that, the Havasu Falls offer a string of amazing to-do activities too. From snorkeling to hiking, they have got it all. And with such an assortment of things coming from a single place, they make up for a must-visit spot during your next Arizona trip.Havasu Falls in ArizonaImage Source

About Havasu Falls:

Havasu Falls is a cascade of Havasu Creek, situated in the Grand Canyon of Arizona, United States. It is inside Havasupai ancestral grounds. Havasu Falls are found one and a half-mile (2.4 km) away from Supai. High calcium carbonate concentration in the water gives it a clear blue-green tone and structures the common travertine dams that are visible in different spots, close to the falls. There are many outdoor tables on the opposite side of the stream, and it is not very difficult to get to them by walking through the edges of the pools. On top of that, it is amazingly feasible to swim behind the falls and enter a little stone haven present behind it. In fact, a camping area is also found close by. But the only limitation of these falls is that the guests are needed to acquire grants preceding their movement to the Havasupai Indian Reservation. However, this only limitation doesn’t affect the popularity of the falls in any way and they attract visitors in large numbers every year. They are so popular that they have even shown up in the 2007 film ‘Next’ featuring Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, and Jessica Biel. The falls additionally showed up in Beyoncé’s 2019 music video for “Soul”, a melody composed for the revamp of The Lion King.

What Are Some Of The Activities To Do In And Around Havasu Falls?

The Havasu Falls are an extremely mesmerizing location but that is not all. Apart from being so beautiful, they also offer a string of amazing activities that you undertake while exploring them: The most fun ones are:

Hike to Havasu Falls: The hike to Havasu Falls is kind of troublesome. You’ll begin from the Hualapai Hilltop, walking down the Havasu Falls Trail into the lower part of the Grand Canyon. The following six miles to Supai are generally leveled. From that point, it is an extra two miles to the campground. On the route to the camping area, you’ll pass three cascades: Fifty Foot, Lower Navajo, and Havasu Falls. Plan to spare at least four hours hiking down to the camping area, drink a lot of water, and rest in the shade when you can.

Helicopter Ride to the Top: There is additionally an extravagant helicopter alternative available during specific seasons that will fly you from The Hilltop all through the gulch and terrains at Supai Village if that is more of your style. Apart from providing an adventure-filled experience, it will also reduce 20 miles of the general climbing needed to see the falls. You will, in any case, need to climb a bit to get to the falls, however, it unquestionably eliminates the mileage.

Mule Rides: The falls likewise give you a choice to ride pack donkeys or have pack donkeys carry your stuff all through the ravine. But, you should reserve this activity at least a week ahead of your outdoor or lodging reservation. However, there is a wide range of choices available for using this service and the charges keep evolving continually.

What Are Some Of The Places For A Comfortable Stay In And Around The Havasu Falls?

Some of the places for an amazing and comfortable stay in and around the Havasu Falls are:

Campgrounds: The camping area is a zone spreading over a mile on the two sides of Havasu Creek between Havasu Falls and close by Mooney Falls. There are no relegated destinations; which means, when you show up, you’re free to set up your camp at any place you like inside the assigned territory. To make a camping area reservation, visit HavasupaiReservations.com before February and make an account. In the event that you plan on outdoors, remember all camping area reservations are for three evenings and four days only—no more, no less.

Havasupai Lodge: Not into camping? You can alternatively reserve a spot at this Havasupai Lodge, found two miles from the falls. Unlike reserving a spot for the campsite, which is only online, the Lodge also acknowledges reservations by telephone.

How to Reach the Havasu Falls?

Havasu Falls are situated at the base of the Grand Canyon and are inside the grounds of the Havasupai Tribe Reservations. In spite of the fact that they are present at the base of the ravine, you need to enter the Canyon around 10 miles away at a specific area: The Havasupai Trailhead. But reaching this spot is also a task in itself. To get there, you will have to hire a cab or rent a car from the airport at which your flight lands. The falls are 4.5 hours away by car from the Phoenix Airport and 3.5 hours away from the Flagstaff and Las Vegas Airport.

What Is The Most Ideal Time To Visit Havasu Falls?

Thanks to the favorable location of the Havasu Falls that they can be visited at any time of the year but the best and the most ideal time to go to Havasu Falls would be in the months of spring or fall. Apart from that, you can also visit them from February to November, but to be very honest, the permitting framework is so competitive that in the real sense whenever you can get the permit; it becomes the most ideal time to go!

However, observing the previous trends, the midyear can get extremely hot, up to 115 degrees F and the path into Supai is shut if the temperatures arrive at 115 degrees F or above, so kindly keep track of this shortcoming while booking during the mid-year months. Also, there is a hazard of substantial evening downpours in the months of July and August at Havasu Falls with the potential for streak floods. So, certainly check the climate nearer to the day of your visit to err on the side of caution. As you can envision that picking the best and the most ideal time to visit Havasupai Falls can truly rely upon what you like. The cooler months of the year (late-winter and pre-winter) are better for exploring the trails, yet they can feel cold to get in the water. The late spring months will be hotter which will further make the hike a bit tardy. Therefore, the late spring months will be perfect for visiting and exploring these magnificent falls!

Information about Visitor’s Permit To Reach Havasu Falls

Getting the Havasu Falls climb permit is likely the most confounding part about visiting the Havasu Falls Trail. Havasupai Falls Reservations are exceptionally difficult to get and even if you do, it gets extremely difficult to acquire one.

  • How to Apply?

You must apply for your Havasupai Falls Camping Reservation online! This is by all accounts the only available method for applying for the permit to the Havasu Fall climb.

  • Where to Apply?

First and foremost, go to the Havasupai Reservations Website and set up an account there(this is new since 2019). You also have to make an account on the Havasupai Website to get a camping area reservation, and it’s ideal to do this ahead of time! And don’t forget the fact that there are no phone reservations.

FAQ’s For Tourists Planning To Visit The Havasu Falls

Q1. What Are Some Of The Hotel To Stay Around The Havasu Falls?

Ans: Yavapai Lodge, Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel, and Red Feather Lodge are the absolute most famous lodgings for explorers hoping to stay close to Havasu Falls.

Q2. What Are Some Of The Restaurants To Eat Around The Havasu Falls?

Ans: Blondies Bar and Grill, Supai Café, and Stagger Lee’s are some of the restaurants that serve amazing food in the Havasu Falls area.

Q3. What Are Some Of The Tips To Keep In Mind While Visiting The Havasu Falls?

Ans: Some of the points to keep in mind while visiting the Havasu Falls are:

  • Download maps before heading out
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen
  • Make sure to start your hikes as early as possible
  • Reserve Dinner and other eating spots ahead of time
  • And most importantly, don’t forget to apply for the permit within the required timeframe.

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