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Sharlot Hall Museum - Awesome Destination to Visit in Prescott

12 Awesome Destinations to Visit in Prescott (2024)

Perfectly overflowing with culture, history and natural magnificence, Prescott is a city that becomes the absolute favorite of anyone visiting it. The city of Prescott is full of contemporary style and conveniences, which makes it one of the best possible traveler objectives in Arizona. Encircled by rugged pinewoods which may appear to be more similar to upland Colorado than focal Arizona, Prescott has consistently been a retreat for exhausted Arizonans who are tired of bearing with the scorching heat of Arizona. With a lot to see and do inside strolling distance, or simply a short drive away, topping off your schedule with the best places to visit in Prescott picks is not very troublesome. So, mentioned below are some of the top places to visit in Prescott that you can go and explore to make your trip a memorable one. Let’s begin our search of the best places to visit in Prescott.

12 Awesome Destinations to Visit in Prescott

  1. Sharlot Hall Museum: Situated on Street Gurley of Prescott, this Hall Museum is an extraordinary place to visit in Prescott on your first outing to the city. Loaded with curios and displays – the vast majority of which have an unmistakably Arizona pizzazz – the exhibition hall centers around the history and legacy of the north and focal areas of Arizona. Spread over almost five sections of land and including 11 separate structures, the exhibition hall is brimming with interesting goodies of Arizona history that you’re probably not going to see somewhere else which makes it one of the best places to visit in Prescott. Sharlot Hall Museum - Awesome Destination to Visit in PrescottImage Source:
  2. The Smoki Museum: Essentially centered around safeguarding and advancing the culture of Native America, the Smoki Museum has been in operation since 1935. It’s situated on North Arizona Avenue in Prescott and is inspired by the natural style utilizing nearby wood and rock. The gallery has an intriguing and quarrelsome history; white inhabitants of Arizona practiced rituals of Native Americans on this site during the ’30s to the ‘80s that justifiably annoyed the true Native Americans around there. Fortunately, all that is in the past and the historical center is one of the best places to visit in Prescott that shouldn’t be missed.
  3. Watson Lake: Simply a short drive to the exteriors of the city, Watson Lake is one among the two lakes at the Granite Dells, a region known for its enormous rock stones and bedrock arrangements framed over endless ages of disintegration and probably the most beautiful place to visit in Prescott. Watson and Willow Lakes are mainstream fishing, sailing, and swimming territories that highlight shockingly cool water all year. The encompassing territory is loaded with trails for explorers, bikers, and horseback riders as well. It’s likewise viewed as outstanding amongst other bird watching territories around, as the cool climate and plentiful water are abundantly pursued. Campgrounds are accessible as well, however most are occasional.
  4. Downtown Historic Area: Just like parks and rancher’s markets, downtown zones are awesome and free too where it’s not difficult to find out about the history and culture of a town. Prescott’s curious downtown territory is simply such a spot. With a large number of the town’s unique structures from the 1800’s as yet unblemished and being used, there’s a positive vibe of the old west noticeable all around. The town’s economy is generally founded on the travel industry since the greatness days of the mining period are a distant memory. There are a lot of inns, cantinas and eating foundations – a large portion of which sport a western subject which makes it one of the top places to visit in Prescott. Along these lines, dust off those spikes, brush your pony and head downtown for some culture, bourbon, and a major steak.
    Best Destination to Visit in Prescott-Downtown Historic Area

    Image Source Photo Courtesy- Ken Lund

  5. The Prescott National Forest: Covering more than 1,000,000 sections of land, The Prescott National Forest is a gigantic lot of almost perfect backwoods that breezes its way all through focal Arizona and is the most amazing place to visit in Prescott. The recreation center is overseen by the U.S. Woodland Service and comprises of eight areas, each with its own features. The recreation center is specked with various camping areas – some of which are effectively open and others which aren’t – for the individuals who need to get off the very much worn way and do a little communing with Mother Nature. Climbing, fishing and horseback riding are mainstream exercises, as is searching for gold in the rivulets and streambeds found all through the recreation center. Because of brutal winters, a few zones are occasional.
  6. Lynx Lake Recreation Area: In the event that you visit Prescott after exploring Phoenix, you’ll get the feeling that you’re in an alternate state. Found right outside of town, in the rambling pine woods that overwhelm the focal and northern spaces of Arizona, Lynx Lake is another desert spring for outdoorsmen, nature-sweethearts, and reprieve searchers from everywhere around the state. With exercises going from prospecting and fishing to horseback riding and paddling, discovering something to do at Lynx Lake is never an issue. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in Prescott.
  7. The Elks Opera House Theater: The main thing that rings a bell when you consider provincial Arizona presumably isn’t drama; however an outing to the Elks Opera House and Theater may simply alter your perspective. Situated on East Gurley Street and with almost 500 seats, the structure was developed in the mid 1900’s. Despite the fact that numerous Elks show houses were fabricated, this is the last one actually pushing ahead. Notwithstanding drama, there are plays, balls, and other remarkable shows from former times. The reestablished assembling is open for visits as well, so don’t forget to check online to know what’ll be playing when you’re visiting the area.
  8. The Fort Whipple Museum: Tracing all the way back to the 1900’s, this unique Museum is located inside what used to be an official’s quarters when the post was as yet a fortification. Today, the territory encompassing the exhibition hall is an emergency clinic and is brimming with papers, weapons and curios – all of which have some connection to the memorable post. Maybe the most intriguing displays are those that incorporate individual records and letters from the troopers who were positioned at the post around the hour of the Civil War. On the off chance that you’d like a learned manual to lead you around, bring ahead of time, or simply swing by when you’re around there and investigate yourself.
  9. Thumb Butte Trail: Situated in the acclaimed National Forest of Prescott, Thumb Butte Trail is under three miles in length and is for the most part cleared, making it moderately simple and safe for all explorers. The path can be caught up with during busy times, so in case you’re after a little segregation – and perhaps a brief look at the neighborhood deer and hummingbirds – attempt to visit on a work day, promptly in the first part of the day or in the early evening. The perspective on Prescott from the top will be one you will probably remember forever.
    Beautiful Destination to Visit in Prescott-Thumb Butte Trail

    Image Source Photo Courtesy- Katie Tegtmeyer

  10. The Highlands Center for Natural History: Since the Prescott region and Arizona overall are overflowing with natural excellence, it’s just fitting that there’s an organization that is especially created to help in the conservation of these miracles, through training and local area outreach. Classes and projects are accessible on various themes and there’s additionally a nursery on location that features the neighborhood greenery. There’s likewise a nature trail that is almost three miles in length and prompts the Prescott National Forest. The middle hosts various displays and exercises consistently, so look at their site before you head out.
  11. Self-Guided Art Walk: With more cool workmanship displays than you can shake a stick at, downtown Prescott is an extraordinary spot to go to during an early evening time taking a gander at incredible craftsmanship – a lot of which has been made by local people and sports a southwest subject. There are numerous displays stuffed into a tight little region between Sheldon East and Goodwin St. East toward the north and south, and Alarcon and Granite toward the east and west. You’ll discover everything from figure and artworks to gems and surprisingly some stylish western-wear. Pause and have a cappuccino or a coffee before you begin.
  12. Yavapai-Prescott Reservation: The Yavapai public has possessed the locale around Prescott for hundreds of years. Known as an incredible place to visit in Prescott and an amazing spot to get away from the warmth and the noise of Phoenix, this place is home to shopping, gambling clubs, and night inns that will make you believe you’re in Vegas. A large part of the booking’s offices are brightened in a cool blend of contemporary and Native American plan and design, and like most club, the eateries are noted for their yummy food. Regardless of whether you’re not a speculator, the place is an extraordinary spot to look at, if only for a little while.

FAQs For Tourist Looking For Some Best Places To Visit In Prescott:

Q1. What Are The Timings Of The Sharlot Hall Museum?

Ans: The Sharlot Hall Museum stays open on Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 5PM and from 12 AM to 4 PM on Sundays.

Q2. Is Parking Facility Available At The Smoki Museum?

Ans: Yes, parking facility is available at the Smoki Museum.

Q3. Are There Cafes In The Downtown Historic Area Of Prescott?

Ans: Yes, a lot of very amazing cafes are available in the downtown historic area of Prescott.

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