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Best Weekend Getaways From Prescott, AZ

10 Best Weekend Getaways From Prescott, AZ (2022)

Every once in a while, we as a human need a scenic break; sometimes from the hustle-bustle of our life whereas other times from the hustle-bustle of the city. If you are somewhere in the city of Prescott then you are in great luck as the city has a whole treasure box full of best weekend getaways from Prescott that are perfect for such a much-needed break. Your best weekend getaways from Prescott could incorporate staggering red stone developments, loosening up seashores, or history-filled objections at times all in a similar spot. Honestly, can anyone even ask for more? Prescott is an amazing place itself but the various places that it is located close to are equally stunning and makes up for the best weekend getaways from Prescott. Let’s know about some of these best weekend getaways from Prescott in detail.

10 Best Weekend Getaways From Prescott, AZ

  1. Fortress McDowell: For a pleasant desert escape in addition to a little sprinkling of Vegas, there could be no better place than Fort McDowell. This place is full of hotels and resorts which serves top of the line food, diversions, and gaming, all in a no smoke, family-accommodating climate. The Yavapai Nation of Fort McDowell, who claim and work the hotels, included components from their way of life all through the plan of the retreat. Apart from enjoying your leisure time amongst the amazing facilities provided at the retreat, set aside some time to appreciate the terrific Sonoran Desert. Also, some visits like horseback, rough terrain vehicles, and even Segway are offered by Fort McDowell Adventures. The learned guides share their individual encounters while uncovering the secrets of the desert which further makes it one of the best weekend getaways from Prescott. Best Weekend Getaways From Prescott, AZ Image Source
  2. Scottsdale: You don’t need to go too far to encounter an extravagance weekend destination from Prescott. Scottsdale is home to world class restaurants, lodges, and adventures. You can enjoy your time horseback riding at MacDonald’s Ranch or climbing through the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Or then again check out the mind-blowing attractions at Arizona Boardwalk, including Butterfly Wonderland and Odysea Aquarium. A large portion of the fun of a Scottsdale escape lies in staying at a Scottsdale resort. Apart from some amazing waterslides, Scottsdale’s The Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa and the Fairmont Princess of the Gainey Ranch include their own sandy sea shores. What’s more, the Great Wolf Lodge includes a full indoor waterpark to appreciate all year.
  3. Sedona: To re-center yourself with an incredible weekend getaway from Prescott to the red rocks, visit Sedona. Start with a jeep visit provided by the various Jeep Tour organizations to gain proficiency with the topographical history of the space while having some rough terrain fun. And after that, navigate the territory by hiking through the Fay Canyon or the Bell Rock. At the point when the day gets warm, roll over to the Slide Rock State Park at the Oak Creek Canyon. This natural waterslide is ideal for chilling after a morning of exploration and trekking. Next that you can visit are Sedona’s mixed displays at the Arts and Crafts Village of Tlaquepaque. What’s more, obviously, plan to stop by the celebrated Chapel of the Holy Cross to adore the architecture and design.
  4. Flagstaff: Quite possibly the most famous weekend destination from Prescott is Flagstaff. The cold weather days and cool pine woods offer all year open air exercises. At the popular Snowbowl of Arizona, guests can ski in the colder time of year, or appreciate the view from the picturesque chairlift in the late spring. While in Flagstaff, don’t forget to visit the Lowell Observatory, where Pluto was found. Furthermore, set aside some time to appreciate notable Route 66 which goes directly through midtown. However, Highway 66 isn’t the lone historic part of Flagstaff. The State Historic Park of Riordan Mansion offers an insight into life during the 1900’s. Or then again go significantly farther back in time and find Native American vestiges at these National Monuments: Walnut Creek, Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monument.
  5. Grand Canyon: The spectacular Grand Canyon lies only a couple hours outside of Prescott and that is why makes for a spectacular weekend getaway from Prescott! Plan an end of the week outing to investigate the magnificent south edge of the Grand Canyon. Soon after looking in wonder from one of the picturesque vistas, set aside some time to undertake a trekking trail. For little youngsters we suggest the Rim Trail. An extraordinary aspect regarding the south edge of the Grand Canyon is that you get all that you require inside the recreation center. From accommodations to cafés to hikes- everything is accessible without leaving the doors of the center. What’s more, by remaining in the recreation center, guests get elite, swarm free admittance to the perspectives and trails of the recreational area even during rush hours.
  6. Yuma: Welcome on the daylight with an outing to memorable Yuma. Find the undesirable history of this modest community by visiting the famous State Historic Park of Yuma Territorial Prison. Or then again visit the Museum Castle Dome Mines phantom town for a brief look at the Wild West life and lifestyle. Since the sun quite often sparkles in Yuma, appreciate it with a walk around the Colorado River on the riverfront trail framework. Close to the furthest limit of the path, stop to sprinkle around at the sea shore at Gateway Park. Subsequently, get the popular Date Shake from Bskt Creations and More as you do shopping at the downtown. Yuma is one of the best weekend destination from Prescott if you are a history buff.
  7. Tucson: Transcending saguaro desert plant and awesome night skies make Tucson perhaps the most exceptional weekend destination from Prescott. This National Park borders Tucson on the two sides and features an assortment of desert plants and creatures. For a more useful and less wild perspective on locally varied vegetation, visit the first class Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. In the event that you decide to go the more customary lodging course, Tucson is home to some extravagance resorts with very fun pools and up-to-date facilities. While around, make certain to stop by Café Poca Rosa for the best Sonoran sausages and monster burritos. It is undoubtedly one of the best weekend getaways from Prescott.
  8. Lake Havasu: On the off chance that you are searching for a sea shore excursion without going excessively far from Prescott, Lake Havasu is an extraordinary decision. Parlor on the sandy sea shore lolling in the sun. Or on the other hand take to the water on a boat or stream ski for somewhat more energy. Lake Havasu City offers a lot of things other than just water entertainment. Epic mountain trekking and climbing trails fill the majority of the section of land of this iconic Lake city. Or on the other hand decide to jump start at one of the delightful region greens. What’s more, don’t forget to stop by the celebrated London Bridge and click some amazingly good pictures here.
  9. Monument Valley: The famous stone developments of Monument Valley merit a more deeper assessment of the place than simply a drive through. While taking the 27 km grand drive, don’t forget to step outside of your vehicle and stay at the base of the stone monuments to completely encounter its grandness and eloquence. To genuinely intrigue yourself, take a guided visit from a neighborhood Navajo manage. Staying at the place during the night grandstands the valley’s magnificence that remains evident at all parts of the day. You can additionally camp or book a room at the various amazing hotels available at the place to remain directly on location. On the off chance that you have additional time, roll over to the close by Valley of the Gods and Mexican Hat. The developments here aren’t exactly as great, yet they are all the more tranquil, less prohibitive, and free.
  10. Bisbee and Tombstone: Are you looking for a fabulous weekend getaway from Prescott back in time to a phantom town? If yes then plan your next excursion to the towns of Bisbee and Tombstone. In Tombstone, walk the roads of the most famous characters of the Wild West. Costumed entertainers and earth roads cause the entire experience to feel like it’s all happening infront of your eyes all over again. You can watch a gunfight, take a stagecoach visit, or visit the infamous Cemetery at Boothill. Not exactly thirty minutes to the south of Tombstone lies the historic town of Bisbee. Start at the Bisbee Museum for an outline of the town history. Appreciate the unassuming community engage prior to taking the Queen Mine Tour. This visit takes you underground, however back on schedule to when this mine was blasting.

FAQs For Tourists Looking For Some Best Weekend Getaways From Prescott:

Q1. How Far Is Grand Canyon From Prescott?

Ans: Grand Canyon is 206 kms away from Prescott and it takes about 2 hours to reach it.

Q2. Are Easy Rentals Available To Go To Grand Canyon From Prescott?

Ans: Yes, a lot of rentals are easily available to reach Grand Canyon from Prescott.

Q3. How Far Is Monument Valley From Prescott?

Ans: Monument Valley is 435 kms away from Prescott and it takes about 4 and a half hour to reach it via car or a rental.

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