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10 Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Philadelphia

10 Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Philadelphia (2022)

Philadelphia is full till neck when it comes to hidden gems and exciting landmarks. It is notedly one of the largest cities in America and so teams with the top-rated attraction. The travelers often choose Philadelphia if they are interested in U.S. history or if National sentiments hold them. However, only a few know that Philly is much more than that.

Wanderers who have gone in-depth with their Philadelphia exploring journey claim the city is grander than preached. Philadelphia is definitely filled with treasures, but not all treasures are easily spotted. Where some of them are overshadowed by the well-preached ones, some attractions are peacefully preserved from the limelight.

10 Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Philadelphia

To adore and adorn all of them, here is our ultimate list of the Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Philadelphia.

1. Fountain Street Steps

Fountain Street Steps, though, are just steps, but the most gorgeous of all. Known as the hidden attraction in Philadelphia, the Fountain Street steps is at Cresson Street. These remarkably artistic steps connect the Manayunk trail to Umbria Street below two PR bridges. Today the 70 stained glass mosaic steps were once littered and trashed. However, the artist Paul Santoleri beautified the entire space and brought it to life. Apart from the painted steps, the area is now adorned by pretty artistic plants alongside. If you are an art lover or interested in the quirky stuff, Fountain Street Steps is something you must dig out.

Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Philadelphia-Fountain Street Steps

2. Pizza Brain

The most unreached wonder in Philadelphia is the Pizza Brain. It is a pizzeria and the first pizza museum in the world. It is home to the most extensive collection of pizza memorabilia and collectibles in the world. For the similar, Pizza Brain has marked its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Visit this fantastic hidden gem in Philadelphia and munch on the best Pizza of your life or you can explore their museum display and learn some unimaginable facts about Pizza. Going back, you can also shop for memorabilia and souvenirs, pizza-related toys, books, décor, and several unimagined items.

3. Pennsylvania Hospital Garden

Pennsylvania Hospital Garden sounds unusual with its name but is a treasure you should surely dig. It was built in 1755 and is the first-ever hospital America owned, even before the American Revolution. Today even though the hospital is not operating, the Pine Building is still anan functional space to explore. Besides the building, there is a beautiful garden featuring towering colorful trees, azaleas, wisteria, etc. All of these three and including several others, dates back to the founding year of the hospital. The garden has century-old plants that were then used for medicinal purposes. Even though it is free to visit, not many people actually know about it.

4. Bok Bar

You may have visited several bars in Philadelphia, but if you have still not been to Bok Bar, you are missing something. It is a seasonal rooftop bar located in the former Bok Vocational High School. It offers Philadelphia’s most admirable skyline views, especially when the city is glowing during the night hours. Their rooftop hangout is always full of events categorized into art, taste, move, spark, and whatnot. The Bok Bar is located at 800 Mifflin Street, open from Wednesday through Saturday from 5 pm to 11 pm. If you are in the city with your partner, it is an ideal space for a date night experience.

5. Whispering Bench

Any day near the Smith Memorial Arch in Fairmount Park, consider checking out the Whispering bench. It is the most discrete and inconspicuous spot in the city that will send you in confusion and shock. While you are here, sit at one end of the bench and let your companion sit at the other end. Now simply turn towards the stone and start murmuring. The person right in Infront of you might not hear a single word bit; the one at another end can listen to it all loud. This phenomenon is known to happen due to the parabola effect, known in physics. Though whatever the reasons are, it is an experience on its own.

6. The Dutch

The Dutch are an indoor and outdoor space popular amongst the locals of the city. Though if you are a traveler in Philly, you might not have even heard or seen the Dutch. It is a little hole-in-the-wall breakfast place that serves the most delicious breakfast in the region. Locals of Pennsport often choose it as their go-to brunch spot, especially for the cheesesteak hash. The place is operating from Wednesday through Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. You can opt for their in-room dining or choose the outdoor sitting as per mood.

Nice Hidden Gems in Philadelphia-The Dutch

Image Source Photo by Emily Teel

7. Royal Izakaya

Royal Izakaya is a Japanese pub and a must-visit hidden gem to visit when in Philadelphia. It is located at 780-782 S 2nd Street though it is tough to identify. Because there are absolutely no signages, one has to look for the red lantern to actually reach Royal Izakaya. Unlike other crowdy spaces, it is quieter and comforting. You can reach here nay from Tuesday through Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm. No reservation, thus walk in and grab yourself a seat. When here, make sure you try their sushi, oyster, and meat sandwiches.

8. John F. Collins Park

If you are a local Philly, you would have crossed by the John F. Collins Park once in your lifetime. Though if you are new to the city, this lesser-known gem might not have introduced itself to you. The John F. Collins Park is a stunning landscape hidden somewhere in the bustling business district of Central city. The Park is one of the best places to visit in the locality, but one might simply walk away due to its hidden setting. Flowers, trees, and plants adorn this peaceful lushness amidst the concrete jungle. There’s also a small water feature tucked somewhere in the corner. The Park is operational from Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. When in Philadelphia, it is a must-visit.

9. The Ranstead Room

The best-kept secret in Philadelphia, the Ranstead room, can be your pick if you are a nightlife enthusiast. It is basically a cocktail bar, located only 3 minutes from the mutter museum. However, due to dark and moody space, people often fail to find it. While walking down the lane, look for Ranstead room behind a nondescript door, dedicatedly a black metal door. You might find the sight a bit spooky from the first look, but after stepping down, the picture will change completely. Bartenders at Randstad are one of the best in Philly, and there is no match to their cocktail talent. For some snacks, do try their mixture of tasty Mexican food.

10. The Pavilion in the Trees

The Pavilion in the Trees is an observation deck and one of the most beautiful places in Philadelphia. You can reach here at Horticulture Center in West Fairmount Park and can spend some time enjoying the views. The Pavilion is here since 1993, and since then, several wanders have made their way searching for this space. You can come here with a book or your paint and canvas. The lush canopy of the trees will provide you some shade, where the peaceful silence will adorn your time uniquely. Though mind it, your mobile signal will not work here; thus, grab a map before to not get lost on the way.

10 Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Philadelphia

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