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Nightlife in Philly: Things To Do At Night In Philadelphia (2023)

Philadelphia doesn’t wane when the sun goes down but rises higher and brighter. When you have spent the entire day exploring the tourism seen in Philadelphia, it’s time for you to explore the nightlife. Being the seventh largest United States metropolitan, Philadelphia is a hub for nightlife, clubs, rooftop bars, crazy restaurants, and party vibes. You can be of any age; there will be something or the other suitable for comforting you during the dark hours. Even if you are in Philadelphia with kids, suitable opportunities will never come to an end here.

When the sun sets down, there is no option for Philadelphia travelers to sit back in the hotel rooms. Instead, one can step out to watch a live performance, be a part of Karaoke, dance like mads, and finally rest with a pleasing dinner. Not only the usual way, but spending nights in Philadelphia comes with several unusual affairs as well.

Nightlife in Philly: 10 Things To Do At Night In Philadelphia

To get into details, have a look at our itinerary for ultimate nightlife in Philadelphia below.

1. Spend a Night in Philadelphia’s Hammock-Filled Haven

The Spruce Street Harbor Park at the Christopher Columbus Blvd turns into a hammock-filled haven during the night hours. You can find over 50 colorful handmade hammocks hanging there over the trees. As soon as the sunsets, you can find several locals from the city lounging under the twinkling lights. Especially, it is one of the most romantic affairs to get in any public place in Philadelphia.

2. Catch A Glimpse Of The Iconic Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge might seem like any other normal city bridge during the day hours, but the picture changes once it is all dark. With the glittery day-to-night transition, this bridge changes into something magical. If you are in Philadelphia with your partner, you can step up for a romantic walk. Every single step on this bridge will definitely take your breath away with the incredible beauty and glory. You can also come here to watch the sunset and glowing city lights.

Catch A Glimpse Of The Iconic Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia

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3. Watch Screenings Under The Sky

Attending a screening under the star-studded sky is any day the best thing to do at night in Philadelphia. For once in a while, avoid the road to theatres and step towards Penn’s Landing for their special Thursday night. It is organized all through summer and fall, featuring several different films. You can check their official website for the real-time schedule and know what’s next on the list. If you happen to be in the city in the month of June, you can also be a part of an annual music festival, the Roots Picnic, right at Penn’s Landing.

4. Visit The Floating Barge At Spruce Street Harbor Park

Despite you have found the best food in Philadelphia, but if you haven’t dined at the floating barge at Spruce Street Harbor Park, you are missing something. Spruce Street Harbor Park is home to landscaped barges, a Caribbean-style net lounge, and a few floating gardens. Dinning here feels no less than like if you have your vacation on some premium island. Especially if you are a fan of unique dining setups, do pay a visit here.

Visit The Floating Barge At Spruce Street Harbor Park, Philadelphia

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5. Try Some Of Sonny’s Famous Steaks

If you are walking past the Old City in Philadelphia, do grab one of the favorite delicacies in Philadelphia. Night owls are often found here, grabbing their favorite cheesesteaks. Especially during weekends nights, you can find tourists and locals here until 3 am. For the post-bar hunger, they have endless options from non-veg, gluten-free, vegetarian, and more. The restaurant has been around the corner for two decades now and since then is known for its authentic and award-winning serves.

6. Get Tipsy At The Independence Beer Garden

One of the most popular night activities in Philadelphia is undoubtedly getting tipsy at the Independence Beer Garden. Wanderers on the street often pay a quick visit or plan it laid down to stay here, especially to raise a toast to the Founding fathers of Independence. They have a stock of board and lawn games, one highly delicious and broad menu, along 15 different taps of beers. Step here with your friends, family, partner, or find a new company once you are here. Happy hours here begin from 3 pm and goes till 7 pm.Independence Beer Garden in PhiladelphiaImage Source

7. Get Spooked With The Famous Philadelphia Ghost Tours

The historic city of Philadelphia is known for its spooky ghost tours, and while you are staying overnight in this city, you cannot simply miss them. This combination of history and mystery is more popular on the back streets of the old city. You can learn about some chilling tales of Philip Physick, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel and Elizabeth Powel, and Bishop White through the tours. The tours will take you to several old haunts, including abandoned homes, cemeteries, and other spooky places. If you are a brave heart and ready for some special fun, do book yourself one of the 90 minutes ghost tours in Philadelphia.

8. Independence After Hours

Independence After Hours is not a night but an evening experience to live in Philadelphia. It is basically a tour that takes you through the shadows of Independence Hall with no crowd during the late hours. It is one of the fantastic ways to learn how summer nights were like for the Founding Fathers back in 1776. It begins with a three-course meal in the evening followed by an extraordinary walking tour. The after-hours tours run from late May through October on selective days. Check with the website before finalizing your plan.

9. Spend A Night In The Boathouse Row

Boathouse Row is a 19th-century historic attraction and one of Philadelphia’s best places to visit during night hours. Once the sunset, Boathouse row lights outline on loveliest views in the city. No matter whether you are a beginner or expert in rowing, you can come here to practice, learn and compete with others. Though the space is operational through the day hours as well, a night here is still more enchanting. Come here and catch the enthralling light display and reflections on the river from several boathouses.

10. Attend The After-Hour Museum Events

Exploring museums is fun, but when in Philadelphia, it is more fun after dark. Several popular museums in Philadelphia offer after-hour tours or night tours. For that case, you can head to the Franklin Institute, the Museum of American Resolutions, the academy of natural science, Penn Museum, and the Barren foundation. Though because not all events are for kids, do check for age restrictions before planning.

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