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8 Popular Things To Do In Philadelphia's Winters

8 Popular Things To Do In Philadelphia’s Winters (2024)

The expansive metropolitan of Philadelphia will never let you get bored, no matter which season you spend here. However, if you are spending your winters in Philadelphia, the city will offer you full of terrific things to do. Winters in Philadelphia begin from November and go through March, with January being the coldest months of all. One day here can be snowy, whereas the other day is rightly sunny. Though regardless of the uncertainties, winter experiences in Philadelphia are always top-notch.

Even though winters in Philadelphia are all cold and snowy; it never means the city hibernates. While you walk past the snow clasped roads here, this historic city will provide you with several spots for a great click. Or when the breeze outside gets unbearable, you can visit the indoor attractions and spend some time in warmth. Because there’s so much to do, we would definitely recommend you to spend some time in the winters of Philadelphia.

Here Is A List Of 8 Popular Things To Do In Winter In Philadelphia

Here is a list of 8 popular things to do in winter in Philadelphia.

1. Enjoy a Day at Dilworth Park

Dilworth is a regional public park located on the western side of City Hall in Centre City. During winters, especially through January, the locals of Philadelphia are found enjoying their time here. You can ice skate at the Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink, especially when the skies of Dilworth are all glowing with lights. Here you can walk through the winter garden and soak into the visual beauty of greenery amidst the snow. The Rothman Orthopaedics Cabins here offers visitors a cosy spot to eat, drink and chill.

2. Have Fun at the Philadelphia Zoo

One of the most popular winter activities in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Zoo, is waiting for your attendance. Because most of the big wild cats here are native to cold climates, you may likely see them more active and livelier than summers. In 2019, Philadelphia Zoo hosted its first-ever nighttime winter exhibition with a massive multimedia experience. They used 600,000 lights, 12 immersive displays, and 6.5 miles of electrical cables to set a glowing exhibition. It was by far the unique, beautiful, and extravagant memorable holiday season in Philadelphia. With each passing year, the exhibition is believed to grow and glow brighter than before.

3. Go And See The Shady Brook Farm’s Light Show.

Half an hour drive away from Philadelphia, the Shady Brook Farm organizes one of the liveliest light shows of the year. You can drive or walk through the 2 miles long spectacular Holiday Light Show that is illuminated with over 3 million lights. You can either explore with your own comfort or book an open wagon ride. It will take you through celebratory nighttime displays, illuminated tunnels, passing acres of farmlands in a lifetime kind of journey. Past to that, warm yourself at the private campfires and dine some mouth-watering dishes.

4. Go For A Shopping Spree At The King of Prussia Mall

United States’ largest retail space, the King of Prussia Mall, is a must-visit while spending winters in Philadelphia. It is located in the King of Prussia in Upper Merion Township and is within a 40 minutes’ drive away from Philadelphia city. Because of the year-end festivities, most of the stores here offer heavy discounts even on the freshest products. From local to global brands, you can shop endlessly here, though, mind it, take your card/ cash along. The decoration inside the mall makes it one of the photo-worthy experiences where visitors can click on some outstanding holiday pictures.King of Prussia Mall in PhiladelphiaImage Source

5. Wait to Experience the Oldest Folk Festival of America, the Mummers Parade

Every New Year’s Day in Philadelphia hosts the extravagant and unique Mummers Parade. By far the most popular winter event in Philadelphia, the parade streams live on the official website. One can even catches its telecast in the WPHL- TV. Thousands of people prepare for months every year to eventually marching on the roads dressed up funkily. The parade consists of both kids and adults wearing feathers and sequins. It’s been over a century now that Philadelphians have been celebrating the day. Though not only for locals, it is one great attraction for travellers as well.

6. Book Yourself A Walking Ghost Tour

Philadelphia is known as one of the most historic and spooky American cities. And to complement that, ghost tours are one of the best things to do when in Philadelphia. Ghost tours normally begin at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, further passing through Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, American Philosophical Society Museum, First Bank of the United States, Bishop White House, Old St. Joseph’s Church and St. Mary Church. These tours are fairly priced, around $20.17 to $30.5 and are worth experiencing. If rumours are believed, Benjamin Franklin is still roaming in the Old City and at the St. Peter’s Cemetery. Because these tours are truly spooky, avoid being apart if you are a faint heart.

7. Shop at the Traditional Christmas Market

One of the best winter activities in Philadelphia is visiting and shopping in the traditional Christmas Market. Begin with the one in Dilworth Park that goes from November 21 to January 1. Further, head towards the Love Park for the annual Christmas Village scenes. The traditional German-style holiday markets at City Hall Courtyard are one of the unmissable when in Philadelphia. Though weekends near Christmas and December 31 are more rushed here in the city, but if you want to enjoy the true vibes, be a part of the crowd.

8. Ride the Christmas Trains

Throughout December, several vintage trains operate in and around Philadelphia, offering a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Hop in the Night Before Christmas Train, Santa’s Paradise Express, the Polar Express on the Delaware River Railroad, or the West Chester Rail Road Santa’s Express. The beautifully restored passenger cars and engines take you through the snow-packed trail bridges. If you have kids with you, take book your ride on trains that have Santa along. The trip completes with pleasant soundtracks, cookies and delicious hot chocolate.


Things To Consider Before Stepping Out In Philadelphia’s Winters

  • After a snowstorm, the streets and sidewalks in Philadelphia get downright messy. Make sure you have invested in some good snow boots that not only keep your feet firm but warm as well.
  • Streets in the city get clean only after snowstorms, thus avoid going out if there is a weather alert in winters.
  • Public transportation in Philadelphia stops during heavy snow and stormy days. Make sure you plan your days considering SEPTA before.
  • Winters in Philadelphia can get unpredictable, especially with the weather. Be prepared for heavy rain, a rough winter day or bright sun altogether.

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