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12 Most Popular Beaches To Explore From Philadelphia (2024)

Philadelphians know how unbearably hot the summers get in the city. You might be a summer baby, but when the temperature rises, Philly makes it difficult to step out and enjoy. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend the entire summer season inside your homes. Philadelphia might lack a personal shore but sitting amidst Delaware beaches, and Jersey shore one has several beach getaways nearby. It only takes an hour of peaceful drive from the city that will land you to a beautiful shore of the Atlantic.

As soon as Memorial Day hits that chart, beaches near Philadelphia begin hosting travelers from around the world. There’s something for everyone here from the picture-perfect Cape May beaches to the historic boardwalks in New Jersey. You might seek peace or want to attend a beach party, options near Philadelphia will always satisfy your heart.

12 Most Popular Beaches To Explore From Philadelphia

So why waiting? Grab your swimsuit, soak in sunscreen and take a look at the mind-blowing beaches near Philadelphia.

1. Wildwood Beach, New Jersey

The most picturesque coastline near Philadelphia, Wildwood beach in New Jersey is a must-visit. With the gorgeous ocean views, sugar-like sand, and wide wooden boardwalk, everything complies to make Wildwood a fantastic Atlantic beach. It is also reputed as a crowded beach where party vibes begin as the afternoon ends and go all night long. The entire 5 miles of Wildwood are free to explore and ideal for sailing, parasailing, kayaking, jet-skiing, power-boating, and surfing. Or visit the small amusement parks on the pier else be a part of the carnival games and food affairs.

2. Brigantine Beach, New Jersey

Brigantine Beach is one of the nearest beaches to Philadelphia. You can reach it just outside the Atlantic city and spend a lazy day under the sun. Brigantine is known for its sapphire-blue ocean waters and diamond white-sand shoreline that forms a stunning visual. It is one of the historic islands in new Jersey that once welcomed a lot of shipwrecks. During low tide days, some shipwrecks are still seen around. Visitors can include activities like catamarans, surfing, kayaking, sailing, and jet-skiing. Or you want to spend time peacefully, get ready for sculpting your own sandcastle.

3. Ocean City Beach, Maryland

The beautifully kept beaches, miles of sun fun, soft sand, and clean water is all that Ocean City Beaches offers. It is exceptional, a vacation beach, and one of the spacious of all. You can come here with your family, kids, partner, or anyone; Ocean city welcomes all vibes. On a lucky day, you might get a glimpse of some dolphins just offshore. The highlight at Ocean City Beach includes wood-planked old-style boardwalks that create an authentic East coast vibe. Because alcohol is neither sold nor served anywhere, Ocean city is the best beach option for family trips from Philadelphia.

4. Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland

The Assateague Island National Seashore is an unexpected beach you can explore from Philadelphia. The National Seashore is home to tall and gorgeous white horses that are present here for centuries. Though the public beach here stretches only 2-miles, it is always an experience even if you spend an hour here. While lying on the beach, you can find horses crossing their way or something other wildlife in their natural habitat. Assateague is also ideal for overnight camping, where one can spend some time amidst wilderness on the most beautiful island. Or bring your kayak/ surf here and get into some quick action. Though mark your own safety as there aren’t any guards nearby.

5. Dewey Beach, Delaware

If you are looking for a beach with nightlife, there isn’t a better place than Dewey beach in Delaware. The beach lies over a small strip of land, but it holds population and tourism thoroughly despite its size. During the summer months, it has a party and nightlife reputation, ideally for adults. However, during the off-season, you can bring your family along, even kids, and have a great time. Dewey beach is an integrated part of the Dewey town, and when here, you cannot simply avoid walking on the streets nearby.

6. Bethany Beach, Delaware

Another popular Delaware beach, Bethany Beach, is all about the old-school charm. It is a small rustic and charming beach where one can open-heartedly enjoy the water activities. Visitors often indulge in boogie boarding, surfing, swimming, and crab-catching activities. There are several lifeguards on duty all throughout the time. After an exhausting beach session, step towards the boardwalk and relish hot & lip-smacking snacks.

7. Long Beach Island, New Jersey

The most popular beach to explore near New jersey, Long beach island isn’t a beach but several varied beaches. You can reach the Long Island off central New Jersey via towns like Harvey Cedar, North beach, etc. All along with the spread, beaches here are about 200 feet wide and can accommodate even a huge crowd. Weekends at Long Beach are mostly crowded as both Jersian and Pennsylvanians choose it as their go-to spot. Apart from the beach, there are several amusement parks, small towns, miniature golf, and hotels to explore nearby.

8. Cherry Beach, Maryland

If you are looking for beach options apart from the oceans, Cherry beach is one fine stop for you. Cherry beach is one secluded and peaceful Maryland beach located on the Nanticoke River. Even though it is a little long drive (Philadelphia to Salisbury is nearly 2.5 hours), Cherry beach is worth all driving efforts. Upon reaching here, you will come across a well-maintained beach area, a boat ramp, and a fishing pier. The beach is also connected to the Cope Bennett Park, where you can spend a picnic day with family. For kids, there’s also a small play area around.

9. Sandy Point State Park, Maryland

The Sandy Point State Park is located in Annapolis, Maryland, and is known for its secluded beach vibe. Head towards the northwestern shore of the Chesapeake Bay and enjoy your time swimming, fishing, and bird-watching. Those who want to spend some time away from hustle-bustle can plant their tent and opt for overnight camping. On a bright summer day, take your kids along for some swimming lessons. The area is more on a safer side as there are always lifeguards on duty. When done with the beach, you can also explore the nearby trails.

10. Cape May Beaches, New Jersey

Cape May is a beautiful Victorian town that will fascinate you with its colorful vibes. Though one more thing that this town proudly flaunts is the coastline and sandy spread. Cape May beaches are by far the most beautiful beaches near Philadelphia. Since it has all Victorian vibes, you will still find some Victorian gingerbread mansions and a totally unique historic environment to celebrate. Beaches here are cleaner, wider and brighter, offering panoramic oceanfront views. Cape May beaches also provide a perfectly picturesque backdrop. When here, you can swim, relax, sunbathe or get yourself tanned.

11. Rehoboth Beaches, Delaware

Rehoboth beaches are a beautiful attraction in Delaware. Though they are a little far from Philadelphia, Warm sunshine, sandy beaches & ocean breezes make all efforts worth it. Rehoboth is popular for awesome hotels, award-winning world-class boardwalks, and vintage postcard views. Beach enthusiasts from Philly can plan a weekend trip here and gain an unforgettable beach experience. For water fun, go for paddleboarding, surfing, skimboarding, boogie boarding. Or simply sit down, watch the sunset and rejuvenate with nature’s effect.

12. Seaside Heights Beach, New Jersey

If you are looking for a closer beach from Philadelphia, there isn’t a better option than Seaside Heights Beach. It is basically a barrier island and became popular after the feature on MTV’s Jersey Shore. The beach features a large and spacious shoreline, a wooden boardwalk, and several amusement piers. Beach enthusiast from all over the Nation makes sure to visit Seaside heights once in a while. Especially if you are from Jersey City, it is one of those beaches which you cannot afford to miss. Seaside heights are more popular for beach loungers who love spending time watching the sea view. Or, if you happen to visit here during summertime, be a part of live concerts, fireworks, and night movies on the beach.

Expert tip: Beaches near Philadelphia opens from the last weekend of May and are operational until the first weekend of September. Ideally, from Memorial Day weekend to Labour Day holiday. Thus, make sure you plan your beach vacation, keeping the operational days in mind.

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