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The Top 7 Waterfalls To Explore In Philadelphia (2024)

Philadelphia being a Metropolitan isn’t home to many natural attractions; however, that doesn’t mean you cannot explore any such. As you travel a little afar from the city of Philadelphia, there are several natural sites to soak in, especially the Waterfalls. While the Philadelphian parks have an abundance of natural scenery, you will also find the stunning waterfalls stocked within. During your Philly vacation plan a soothing summer escape, a rushed fall trip, or a mesmerizing spring getaway. Because nature changes colors with each season, there’s something new after every quarter in Philly.

Waterfalls near Philadelphia aren’t just visually beautiful but reaching them is a journey on its own. While you hike through nature, under the grand canyons, following the cool streams, a hike turns into an experience. Some might take you effortlessly, while others can prove a hefty exercise. However, the fun and enjoyment quotient will never compromise.

The Top 7 Waterfalls To Explore In Philadelphia

Check out our list of the most beautiful waterfall in and around Philadelphia.

1. Scudders Fall

The fantastic Scudders fall is both a Pennsylvanian and New Jersey treasure. It is basically a Whitewater rapid that flows between Ewing (New Jersey) and Lower Makefield (Pennsylvania). You can drive 35 minutes out of Philadelphia city and reach the pleasing views and tranquil vibes. It is not only popular amongst waterfall seekers but also the local Whitewater rafting enthusiasts. While bicycling or walking through the Delaware & Raritan Canal towpath, one can easily locate the Fall from New Jersey. However, Pennsylvanian visitors can choose the Lower Makefield Township as their getaway to the Scudders fall.

2. Devil’s Fall

Devil’s Fall is the only waterfall within Philadelphia’s limit. It is roughly five feet and is notedly the smallest waterfall you can explore in Philadelphia. Devil’s Fall is located inside the Wissahickon Valley Park, dedicatedly the Wissahickon Gorge. This small waterfall slides into the very famous Devil’s pool which is always filled with locals enjoying their time. Not just the Fall, but the deep pool is one gorgeous site. Every day nearly thousands of visitors, especially the Philly youths, are found spending hours here. You can reach the Devil’s Fall and pool after passing over some beautiful rocks.

Top Waterfalls In Philadelphia-Devil’s Fall

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3. Pennypack Park Waterfall

A hidden gem in Philadelphia, the waterfall in Pennypack park is still a well-kept secret. It is within a 15 minutes quick drive from the Philadelphia City center and is a got to spot for locals. It isn’t dedicatedly a waterfall but a natural river/creek setting that is visualized as a thick fall. Even though the Fall is heighted no more than 1 to 2 feet, it looks incredibly gorgeous when it is in full flow. Angeles can stop to catch some small fishes, and bird watchers can spot over 150 varieties of birds around. The Pennypack Park area near the waterfall is also a popular picnic spot in Philadelphia. Do carry your camera along to capture the picturesque setting.

4. Seven Tubs Nature Area fall

Even though the Seven Tubs Nature Area is a little too far from Philadelphia, the waterfall here makes it worth reaching. From the Philadelphia city, driver 2 hours right towards Wilkes-Barre via I-476 N and ultimately reach the Seven tubs fall. Even though the natural area is extremely beautiful, the series of small falls takes the limelight away. Craved amidst the solid rocks, several falls, and small pools are ideal for chilling on a hot summer day. The falling water here is supplied via glacial meltwater and thus is really cold. If believed, these falls and pools were formed thousands of years ago due to this naturally flowing water. Though despite the beauty you will land for, hiking up till the Seven tubs falls can at times prove pretty dangerous. Stay cautious of slippery moss and lose rocks, and make sure you have put on some good hiking shoes.

5. Wild Creek Fall

The Wild Creek Fall is a beautiful fall located in the Beltzville State Park within Carbon County. Philly locals can drive 1 hour and 50 minutes via I-476 N, which will ultimately land them in Lehighton. Further, it takes no more than 5 minutes to reach the ultimately gorgeous Beltzville State Park. While you are inside the State Park, a short and easy hike opens way up to the Wild Creek Fall. You can locate the Fall precisely on a small waterway between Beltzville Lake and Wild Creek Lake. During and after the monsoon, the Wild Creek Fall is at its full blow and is a delight to watch. Once done with that, explore the nearby Glen Onoko and Hawk Falls.

6. Bushkill Falls

If you are a local Pennsylvanian, you must surely have heard about the Bushkill Fall. One of the best waterfalls to explore in Philadelphia, the Bushkill falls are also denoted as the Niagara of Pennsylvania. It is basically a series of 8 unique waterfalls nestled within the beautiful Pocono Mountain range. All the falls are privately owned, and the tallest of them cascades over 100 feet. All of them are accessible via several networks of hiking trails comprising woodlands, bridges, creeks, and meadows. Because it is a privately owned property, it requires an admission fee, though the views make it worthwhile. As it is an extremely popular destination, consider arriving early to avoid the rush.

7. High Falls

If you are willing to spare some hours driving out of Philadelphia, then do not miss the chance to explore the glorious High Falls. True to the name, High falls is by far the tallest waterfall to explore in Bucks County. However, unless there’s heavy rainfall, a major thaw, or a huge storm, the High falls aren’t worth the effort. It is only visible during described conditions; thus, make sure you check before heading. Though if your luck is right and the timing is correct, the High Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls to watch. Go there for the view, but refrain from any water activity as it can get extremely risky and hazardous. Waterfalls to explore from Philadelphia.

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