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State Historic Park of Tombstone Courthouse - Top Rated Place to visit in Tombstone

10 Top-Rated Places to visit in Tombstone (2024)

Eminent for its history of the rowdy Wild West, Tombstone is a city of South-East Arizona that is acclaimed for being home to many historic sites and visitor spots. There are a variety of amazing places to visit in Tombstone, for example, the memorable Allen St. where the outside venue of O.K. Corral plays out a re-enaction of the renowned gunfight, the State Historic Park of Tombstone, and iconic Theater Bird Cage, which is considered to be spooky by inhabitant phantoms. There is no shortage of iconic and historical places to visit apart from some best places to visit in Tombstone. So, we’ve created this rundown of the best places to visit in Tombstone for you to explore and make your trip a memorable one. Let’s begin:

10 Top-Rated Places to visit in Tombstone

1. State Historic Park of Tombstone Courthouse:

This Historic State Park of Tombstone is home to the first town hall of Cochise County. Constructed in the 1880s in a shape imitating that of a Roman cross, the Tombstone Courthouse is a brilliant two-story Victorian construction that once housed the workplaces of the sheriff, financial officers, and recorders, apart from the prison, and courts of Cochise County. This town hall is a historical center loaded up with antiquities and displays that recount the narrative of the rich history of the region which makes it one of the best places to visit in Tombstone. Shows in the Tombstone Courthouse incorporate a replication of the court and sheriff’s office, an assessment permit for working a brothel, an encouragement to hanging and a copy of gallows in the yard outside the structure. The State Historic Park of Tombstone Courthouse likewise includes a gallery, a gift shop, present day bathrooms, and a few concealed excursion zones.

State Historic Park of Tombstone Courthouse - Top Rated Place to visit in Tombstone

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2. Rose Tree Bookstore and Museum:

Found one square south of the noteworthy Allen St., the Rose Tree Bookstore and Museum is a noteworthy lodge and family home that is devoted to perhaps the earliest family of Tombstone and recounts the narrative of how the city of Tombstone served as their home for more than 6 generations. The exhibition hall includes a variety of ancient rarities and memorabilia from the owner’s family and Tombstone’s initial days, including a few verifiable assortments alongside lifelike models of both the iconic Gunfights. The appended bookshop conveys an assortment of energizing books on the history and culture of the neighborhood, the gallery is home to the world’s biggest rose tree. That’s why the name! It is probably the most amazing place to visit in Tombstone for the history buffs.

3. O.K. Corral:

This iconic spot is a top place to visit in Tombstone that honors the popular and iconic gunfight that occurred in 1880s in the empty part behind the O.K. Corral. In a portentous 30 secs, the iconic gunfight led to the death of 3 men and 3 injured. Catching the creative mind of producers, history specialists, and authors for more than 100 years, the O.K. Corral’s iconic Gunfight has been reestablished to its previous wonder to an auto corral to keep on responding to the world’s interest in the “Old West” outskirts. The O.K. Corral includes a re-performing of the thirty second gun-fight between the two rival posse apart from a visit through the O.K. It is one of the best places to visit in tombstone. Don’t miss it!

Top-Rated Place to Visit in Tombstone-O.K. Corral

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4. Good Enough Mine Tour:

This Underground Mine Tour is a 60 minutes long visit that includes exploration of the Good Enough Mine, which was one of the twenty five silver mines of the Mining District that began the mining blast which brought about the decline of the City of Tombstone. The guided visit provides a more informative tour of the unique operations of the mine and educates the guests more about nineteenth-century mining techniques, and offers them the chance to perceive what mineral resembled, and study how it was handled. The visit additionally discovers the wonderful rocks and minerals that were pulled from the earth, and memorable designs and antiquities and constructions going back to 130 years and it further makes it one of the most incredible places to visit in Tombstone.

5. Bird Cage Theater:

This Cage Theater was a popular venue in Tombstone that worked ceaselessly, twenty-four hours per day, three hundred and sixty-five days every year, for a long period of time in the 1880s, during the peak of the silver blast. Including a cantina, a bar, a theater, and a massage parlor, where the painted women swung from the roof in den-style lodgings named ‘bird confines,’ the venue built up a standing as one of the wickedest theaters of its time. The performance center was visited by numerous popular and notorious individuals during its flourishing period who drank and played a card game there. At the point when the silver mines were closed, and the mining blast subsided, the auditorium was likewise shut. Today, the venue is believed to be spooky by the phantoms of the numerous individuals who were killed there and apparently yelling, and boisterous music is now and again heard around evening time, and stogie smoke and bourbon can at times be smelled broadcasting live. The Bird Cage Theater offers guided night visits, which investigate the “paranormal wonders” and take in every one of the unbelievable unique chronicled antiques that have been totally safeguarded there.

6. Allen Street:

This popular Street is the essential business and vacationer area of the celebrated Old West town of Tombstone and the focal point of the town’s numerous vacation spots. Comprising of 3 squares of concealed footpaths fixed with cantinas, shops, cafés, and bars, Allen Street is a historically significant area that is filled with wonderfully recreated structures that reflect what Tombstone resembled during the boomtown days and oozes the fervor and charm of the Wild days of the West. It is additionally a great place to do shopping and dining in the historic town of Tombstone as the street is brimming with amazing cafes and shopping stores which further makes it one of the best places to visit in Tombstone.

7. Boothilll Graveyard:

The ‘Old City Cemetery which is popularly called The Boothill Graveyard, is a little burial ground in Tombstone that was utilized during the 1880s to lay-to-rest the outlaws. Named for the quantity of men who died while their ‘boots’ were on and were buried at this graveyard, Boothill is the overall name for quite a few burial grounds commonly in the American West that was the graveyard of gun slingers who ‘passed on with their boots on.’ The Boothill Graveyard had a different Jewish graveyard close by and is one of the most famous places to visit in Tombstone for vacations. The burial ground has up to 250 interments, including remarkable gravesites for famous dead people of the city of Tombstone.

8. The Tombstone Epitaph Newspaper and Museum:

Arizona’s oldest continually distributed paper and a door to the culture and history of the Old West that was established in the 1880s, The Tombstone Epitaph is a monthly distribution paper of the city of Tombstone. The Tombstone Epitaph Museum is committed to displaying the historical backdrop of the paper and highlights a variety of shows identifying with how the Tombstone Epitaph was imprinted during the 1880s on the first Washington hand press, and how the supervisor of the paper, J. Clum, caught the Apache champion Geronimo and why he recruited the Earp siblings to safeguard Tombstone.

9. Western Theme Park of Old Tombstone:

The Western Theme Park of Old Tombstone is loaded with attractions and visits that are reasonable for the entire family, going from small scale golf to a shooting display and Old West Comedy show. The amusement park is an amazing place to visit in Tombstone and includes an assortment of Wild West Rides, well known gunfight re-institutions, Hollywood trick shows, scaled down golf and Pan-for-Gold, a shooting exhibition, and an Old Time PhotoShop. The recreation center additionally has a few eateries, cantinas, bistros and bars, Trolley Tours of the recreation center, and the honor winning company execution show of Tombstone highlighting thrills called Tombstone Cowboys.

10. Headstone Trolley Tour:

Experience the Wild West and see the entirety of the areas of interest in the cattle rustler town of Tombstone with an intriguing and instructive streetcar visit with Trolley Tours of Tombstone. The privately claimed and worked organization gives visits to every one of the popular visitor spots and attractions around the city, including the Western Theme Park of Old Tombstone, the popular O.K. Corral, the incredible Boot Hill Cemetery and the intriguing Bird Cage Theater, among others. Streetcar visits last around twenty five minutes and master conductors share the set of experiences, legends, and tales of the town. Tickets might be bought on the web, or at the Depot or at the Western Theme Park of the Old Tombstone.

FAQs For Tourists Looking For Amazing Places To Visit In The Iconic Tombstone:

Q1. Can You List Some Of The Tips To Look After Before Visiting The Iconic Town Of Tombstone?

Ans: They are:

  • Book all your tickets in advance to avoid rush
  • Research about all the places that you want to visit beforehand

Q2. Are There Entry Charges For The Gunfight Show At Old Tombstone?

Ans: Yes, there are entry charges for the Gunfight show at Old Tombstone.

Q3. What Are Some Of The Cafes Near The Famous O.K. Corral Point Of Tombstone?

Ans: O.K. Café, Miner’s Grill and The Mammoth Steak House are some of the cafes near the famous O.K. Corral point of Tombstone.

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