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Soak in the Spirituality at Akshardham - BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

7 Cool, Fun, and Unique Things To Do In New Jersey (2024)

Looking for an Out of The Ordinary, memorable and offbeat travelling Experience? Yes? Then it is the right time for you to explore the Garden State. New Jersey is definitely a beautiful city, and so are the attractions and experiences here. For decades, NJ has been in bad lights, but the ones who have been here and lived the experience portray a totally different picture than usual. Commonly, the state is preached for its beautiful Atlantic Coast; however, it isn’t alone. From the big Metropolitans to small towns and rural New Jersey, there’s so much to explore, experience, and create in the Garden State.

While searching about New Jersey, you might have heard a lot about what the world already knows, but there’s a lot more than this here. The lesser-known suburban to the quintessential towns, NJ has an abundance of Cool, fun and unique things to do.

List of 7 Cool, Fun, And Unique Things To Do In New Jersey

For adding all of it to your itinerary, have a look down at our top picks.

1. Tour the Howell Living History Farm

The Howell Living history farm, or as the locals call it, the Joseph Phillips Farm, is an open-air museum worth touring at. Located in the Lambertville city of New Jersey, this living history farm is spread over 130 acres. This gorgeous location was established in the year 1732 and today is famous for museum tours showing how farm life used to be in the 1900s. Tours here are operated on authentic horse-drawn carriages just like they used to be in earlier times. While exploring the site, you can come across several domestic farm animals and can learn a lot about farm chores and animal care.

2. Soak in the Spirituality at Akshardham – BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Akshardham is a spiritual-cultural complex dedicatedly a Hindu Mandir (temple) located in Robbinsville, New Jersey. It has not been very long since the temple got established though Akshardham has claimed its name in one of the most popular and largest Indian temples in the United States. Everything from culture to spirituality, architecture, and divinity all of it is wonderfully defined here. Akshardham in English translates to the divine adobe of God, which means every corner of the complex is extremely pure, pious, and relaxing. Once here, you can attend the arti (Hindu form of prayer) or spend some time viewing the exhibitions at the visitors’ centre. Soak in the Spirituality at Akshardham - BAPS Shri Swaminarayan MandirImage Source:

3. Spend Some Time In The Insectropolis Museum

Also known as the Bugseum of New Jersey, Insectropolis is a museum dedicated to insects. Of all the Insectropolis you will explore, this particular in Toms River, New Jersey, has the best design and classiest art of all. Don’t let the small exterior fool you, as the insides of the building are incredible in all possible ways. Insectropolis is home to insects from all over the world, indeed most of which are preserved behind the glass. However, that doesn’t mean that you will not find anything live here. While some of the insects can be seen moving around in tanks and tunnels, a lot of them are ready to be held as well. When here, ask the authorities, and they will hand over to you creatures like a tarantula, scorpions, cockroach etc., an enjoyable and daring experience.

4. Explore the Palace of Depression

Denoted with a very unusual name, the Palace of Depression is a unique place to explore when in New Jersey. The building was built in the early 1900s with the effect of The Great Depression and is known by several names, including The Strangest House in the World, Home of Junk etc. Also, a renowned historic landmark, the Palace of Depression is an eighteen-spired, pastel-coloured castle that is standing over a swamp out of rusted auto parts and mud. Unlike its name, the castle is quite an exciting place to explore. While touring inside, you will come across several artifacts, papers, and photos; however, several dressed characters await to entertain the guests at the outdoors.

5. Go for Fossil Hunting

Totally an unusual and unique experience in New Jersey, Fossil Hunting is definitely a thing to do. Do you know that the East Coast of America had its proven fair share of dinosaurs? Yes, it has. And with effect to that, New Jersey is still a prosperous Fossil State. Fossil enthusiasts can plan a trip to the Garden State, dig at the suitable sights and look for some excellent finds of time. Out of several great sites, you can head towards Big Brook and surrounding brooks, as well as a few regions in Monmouth County where you can find some Cretaceous and Pleistocene age fossils. From shark teeth to dinosaur teeth and Hadrosaur Dinosaur Teeth, few fossils are widespread and accessible to see here. Though remember, you cannot dig more than 5 fossils a day.

6. Live A Life, Pirates Like

New Jersey is home to some genuinely unmatchable experiences, and the Jersey Shores Pirates is one of them. Jersey Shores Pirates is basically a fun boating experience offered only to kids. All summer long, they will dress your kids in pirate costumes, tattoos, and face paint. Further, the little pirates will be given a treasure map, after which they have to find the secret message in bottles. All of the events go live while the ship is sailing over the ocean, offering kids an ultimate level of fun. Once the adventure is done, the event ends with the celebration of Pirate lingos and Pete’s grog. Because seats here are primarily total, make sure you plan the reservation in advance.

7. Enjoy the Adventures of Diggerland USA.

Located in West Berlin, Diggerland USA is undoubtedly the coolest and most fun experience in New Jersey. It is basically a construction-based adventure park and a waterpark where visitors of all ages and interests can enjoy. Diggerland is definitely one of the unique parks in the world where both kids and adults can enjoy riding real-time heavy machinery. Everything here is designed and engineered for the safety of the guest, from JCB’s to road rollers and XL heavy off-road bikes. Automobiles here are so comfortable that even a 3 feet kid can ride them with little or no guidance. The waterpark alongside also is totally a fun experience to have.

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