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Ocean Grove - New Jersey's Best Weekend Getaway

New Jersey’s 11 Best Weekend Getaways (2022)

Whether it was the news portray in MTV’s Jersey Shore or the noxious shadow of the neighbouring State of New York, New Jersey had its high time while earning the deserved reputation. There was a time when New York eclipsed the tourism and travel scope in the Garden State; however, it isn’t the same situation anymore. In the last decade, New Jersey has seen rapid growth in world tourism, all thanks to the fantastic cities and top-rated attractions it houses.

New Jersey is home to some incredible vacation spots, from the ones near the Atlantic coast to the ones full of museums and indoor fun. New Jersey has an abundance of options when it comes to enjoying a weekend getaway. There are destinations and attractions to appeal to vacationers of every interest, and thus it won’t be wrong if we claim Jersey as one of the best Weekend Getaway States.

New Jersey’s 11 Best Weekend Getaways

Have A Look At New Jersey’s 11 Best Weekend Getaways:

1. Atlantic City

An unmissable part of New Jersey, the Atlantic City, is all apt for a fun and entertaining weekend getaway. Atlantic is a resort city famous for its wide sandy beaches, lively broad walks, world-class casinos, numerous amusement zones, delicious dining and endless notable attractions. This city was founded in the late 19th century, and since then, it is notedly known as the Las Vegas of the East Coast. You can be a beach enthusiast or a night party animal; the city will present you with every vibe and opportunity in the best way and unstoppably. Visit the Absecon Lighthouse, Lucy the Elephant, and the Atlantic City Aquarium.

2. Asbury Park

The hippest seaside resort town in New Jersey, Asbury Park is an ideal weekend getaway spot and in the news for all good reasons. It is popular amongst the musicians of the east coast, and here you can explore the site where the famous Bruce Springsteen earned their name. The city is full of indoor as well as outdoor venues where visitors can catch a live music show, catch some Jersey classics, or enjoy some comic/ comedy acts. Visit the Asbury lanes and enjoy a bowl game or sit at the Tim McLoone’s Supper Club and enjoy their ultimate dining with live band performances. Also, if you are a beach lover, a weekend at Asbury Park will earn you fun, peace and memories.

3. Cape May

Cape May, the oldest seaside resort town in the United States, is a must-visit location for every Jersian. The city has been on the maps of the United States since the 18th century and is a favourite place amongst both the local citizens and the famous personalities. Cape May’s main draws are the colourful Victorian homes, mesmerising seaside views, beautiful beaches and the busy broad walks. On a weekend getaway in the city, you can walk over the soft sand, explore the surf, rejuvenate at the amusement stops, or visit the famous points of interest. The entire town is easily walkable and thus, during weekends, you can find the roads full of explorers and wanderers visiting here from and around the State.

4. Chester

Located in the Southwestern part of the State, Chester is any day, the perfect borough for spending a rejuvenating and relaxing weekend holiday. For any nature enthusiasts, Chester opens up ways to the Black River County Park, Hacklebarney State Park, Willow wood Arboretum, and the First Congregational Church. When here, you can walk through the iconic downtown and shop/ eat at the locals. Chester is noted amongst New Jersey’s best small towns, and accurate to the claim, every single visit here is always celebrative and worth it. Before going back, make sure you try lemonade with fresh basil and strawberry and the delicious homemade soup at Maria.

5. Ocean Grove

Situated along the Jersey Shore, Ocean Grove is one lovely community ideal for a quick weekend getaway in New Jersey. It can be reached at the south of Asbury Park, and here you can explore several historical attractions as well as enjoy the quintessential beachside vibes. However, the community is much more than that. When in Ocean Grove, you can spend an ideal vacation with your partner while watching the live concerts, grooving into the nightlife and enjoying the local bars. The summer season here is more celebrative and makes for an ideal destination for couples’ getaways. Ocean Grove - New Jersey's Best Weekend GetawayImage Source:

6. Lambertville

A pretty riverside town, Lambertville is a heaven for nature and art lovers. You can choose the city for a quick day trip or spend a leisurely weekend here. The quaint Lambertville sits along the beautiful Delaware River, and the most suitable vibes can be grabbed while visiting the Delaware and Raritan Canal. From the natural views to the peaceful environment, everything here will soak you in an ideal rejuvenation away from your hustled city life. When in the city, do visit the Fulper Family Farmstead, Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum, Jim’s of Lambertville, and dine at the cosy DeAnna’s Restaurant and Bar.

7. New York City

If travelling outside the borders of New Jersey doesn’t harm your time and budget, then for an ideal weekend getaway, head towards New York City. U.S.’s most popular city and the highly famous metropolitan, New York City, has an endless array of things to do and places to visit that you will fall short of time. From the globally known Times Square to the Iconic Statue of Liberty, you can explore the top-rated attractions of the world here. Though the city is any day not suitable for a leisurely weekend as vibes here are always high in energy. Within every few minutes, the New York city will present you with some of the other blasting experiences.

8. Jersey City

Jersey City is the second-most populous city in the New Jersey State and is known for its eclectic mix of cultures and people. Even though it is a metropolis, anytime you need rejuvenation from your speedily running city life; this scenic city will become your perfect match. For a 3-day weekend pleasure, visit the Liberty state park, Empty sky memorial, or the liberty science centre. In the evening, you can walk down the historic downtown and look at the marvellous architecture presenting stories of the extensive past of Jersey. When done with that, enjoy the live performance at the White Eagle Hall or go for a quick racing session at the RPM Raceway (a go-karting facility).

9. Spring Lake

A small borough in the Monmouth County of New Jersey, Spring Lake is also referred to as the Irish Riviera, all thanks to the apt vibes here. It is a famous town for weekend getaways, and no matter whether your interests are amongst the coast, within the old-style Victorian homes or at the beautifully nestled history, Spring lake will constantly surprise and entertain you. For your quick 3 days weekend holiday, you can visit the St. Catherine’s Catholic Church and admire the gorgeous interiors, or spend an afternoon at the Spring Lake Theatre Company and enjoy the live performing art shows. Before you go back, do try the freshly ground coffee along with a sandwich or doughnuts at the Dune Doughnuts and Bagels.

10. Skylands

Skylands covers the central and northern parts of New Jersey, and if you are a nature enthusiast, you must definitely spend some days here. Skyland is a region known for its state parks, mountains and rolling hills as well as beautiful rivers and lakes. However, the highlight here is the High Point State Park, featuring the highest elevation (1,800 feet above sea level) of New Jersey State. The region is also home to the 72 miles of famous Appalachian Trail, Land of Make Believe, the Space Farms Zoo and Museum, Old West-themed Wild West City theme park, and the Tomahawk Lake Waterpark. Consider choosing falls to experience the best views and vibes of Skylands.

11. The Wildwoods

New Jersey’s resort city, Wildwoods, is a popular summer destination amongst the Jersians. The city is known for its beautiful white, sandy beaches, which boosts its dwelling tourism season from spring through late autumn. Not only for the prominent attraction, but the city is also famous for the annual festivals and events, including truck and motocross races, music events, food festivals, craft shows, weekly fireworks and parades. When in the city, you can relax on the beaches, blend with the vibes of the boardwalk, shop at the downtown farmer’s market, go for water sports. Also, consider sometimes spending in the Seaport Aquarium coming eye to eye with the vast West reptiles.

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