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Crystal Palace Saloon - Best Restaurant in Tombstone

10 Best Restaurants in Tombstone (2022)

Looking for the best restaurants in Tombstone to eat at? Well, you’ve come at the right place! The name Tombstone itself infers pictures of the untamed Old West, the O.K. Corral gunfights, epic fights between the Mclaurys and the Earps and the Clantons, Gold Rush fever and the guarantee of silver and gold. The legacy of the American West is as yet alive here today, where notable cantinas, mail depots and the acclaimed Boot Hill graveyard stand reestablished and meticulously safeguarded. However, finding some best restaurants in Tombstone can be a little troubling. But the food here is mind-blowing, from barbeque ribs to exotic steaks, and to stuffed burgers, all presented with an enormous aiding of Western history. So, to help you find the top restaurants in Tombstone, we’ve created this rundown of the best restaurants in Tombstone where you can go and enjoy tasty delicacies.

10 Best Restaurants in Tombstone

  1. Crystal Palace Saloon: No other restaurant deserves to open this rundown other than the iconic Crystal Palace Saloon. In contrast to a considerable lot of the structures located on the noteworthy Allen St., the Crystal Palace’s ground floor is totally nineteenth century, despite the fact that it has gone through broad remodeling. In addition, when liquor, betting, and prostitution were prohibited, this structure experienced numerous reincarnations, including a stockroom, theater, and a transport stop. However, the first structure at this area was two stories high and did incorporate some workplace offices, including the Virgil Earp’s Marshall Office. Also, the first Golden Eagle Brewery was situated in its back. Today, the saloon and the back bar are a 1960’s reproduction of the 1880’s first original structures that were lost to artifact. At the Crystal Palace you can get an exotic steak (their rib eye is the best), an extremely tasty burger, and surprisingly a decent serving of mixed greens which makes it one of the best restaurants in Tombstone.
  2. The Longhorn Restaurant: Do you love non-vegetarian food? Then, you should definitely try The Longhorn Restaurant of Tombstone.The BBQ pork and hamburger ribs at the Longhorn are maybe the awesomest in the town. The pork ribs will in general be somewhat more delicate than the meat. The stunt here is to stand by until the evening with the goal that the ribs will get the right standing time to get moderately cooked and will take on a rich smoky flavor which makes it one of the top restaurants in Tombstone. The Longhorn is situated on an exceptionally iconic and noteworthy property. In the year 1881 on 28th December, some professional killers discharged shotguns at the popular Marshall Virgil Earp from, what was at that point, the new structure on this Allen Street parcel. Marshall Earp was severely injured, yet endured the attack. The main structure here also housed the Meyer’s Bros. Apparel Co and afterwards, it turned into the Bucket of Blood Saloon and after that in the year 1909, it was redesigned and turned into the Owl Cafe’ and Tourist Hotel. The present-day building was raised in the 1950’s and turned into the Longhorn Restaurant during the ’70’s.
  3. Big Nose Kate’s Saloon: This noteworthy Saloon is valid Old West history; however this foundation had little to do with Kate. Mary Katherine H. Cummings, was at some point a prostitute, at some point a madam, and for long-term at some point the partner of Doc Holliday. During the 1880s, the structure that is currently this amazing Saloon was the Hotel Grand. The facts confirm that Kate and Doc frequently remained, ate, bet, and drank at the Grand Hotel. Other renowned characters likewise frequented the Grand during its flourishing years. This was the very place where Tom McLaury, Clanton and Frank and remained the night prior to THE Gunfight. The Grand Hotel opened on 9th of September, 1880 with a luxurious, invitation only ball. And just like the major portion of Tombstone along Allen Street, it was annihilated in the fire of May 1882. The bar, be that as it may, endured in the fire because of the fact that it was situated in the storm cellar. Today, that equivalent pub which earlier served the city’s most well known occupants is on the fundamental floor along with a gift shop and a passage to a mining tunnel that is on the ground floor. Big Nose Kate’s serves exotic bar grub with a fully stocked bar and a great choice of cold brews. On the ends of the week and on special occasions, they frequently have local diversions, normally an esteemed gentleman singin’ and strummin’. Kate’s is a great restaurant in Tombstone, even without the betting, tipsy shootouts, and ruined birds of days gone by.
  4. Family Fun Restaurant: Are you looking for a family oriented restaurant in Tombstone? Then the Family Fun Restaurant might be the best restaurant in Tombstone for you. During the day, the Family Fun Restaurant is absolutely fitting for youngsters and families. They can absorb the Old West history while getting a charge out of a sandwich joined by a cold “sassparilla”. Also, the ambience of this restaurant is really lively and classy and their food is without any doubt, drool worthy. The staff is also extremely amicable and friendly. It’s an amazing restaurant in Tombstone to go with your family and kids.
  5. The Depot: If you’ll ask any native the question of where to eat in Tombstone, the only answer that you will get is The Depot. A favorite of the natives, The Depot is past the historically significant area. They serve amazing food and beverages within a fun and cozy environment of the café which makes it one of the best restaurants in Tombstone for having a good time.
  6. Cafe Margarita: Originally constructed as the Russ House, an eatery and lodging claimed and worked by N. Cashman, now and again known as the Angel of Tombstone. Presently Cafe Margarita, serving Mexican and a “Bit of Italian”, is a charming place to enjoy lunch or supper on the Courtyard deck, assuming the rainclouds doesn’t shower. They serve both Mexican and Italian dishes here. Their Mexican dishes are amazingly tasty and their Italian dishes have no match in the entire Tombstone which is why they are an incredible restaurant in Tombstone that you must visit. Some of the dishes that they serve include kicked up rita, chile relleno burrito, tacos, cheddar fresh, three cheddar lasagne, enchilada plate and chiles relleno plate. They likewise serve mexican sunday, burrito plate, sharp cream, unique rita, mother’s penne with meat sauce, salsita and italian extra chips. They stay open each day of the week aside from Monday to Wednesday.
  7. Café OK: Unique name + Unique food= Café OK. The OK Cafe’ isn’t just OK, it’s excellent. A fundamental coffee shop serving essential American dishes, Café OK is a treat in itself. A family-accommodating restaurant in Tombstone, especially in case you’re on a limited budget plan and a top pick of numerous local people.


  8. Chuckwagon Eatery: The latest Tombstone restaurants is the Chuckwagon Eatery that opened in April of 2014. Great food, great staff and also Family-accommodating, this eatery is one of the best restaurants in Tombstone. Loads of local people eat here at this point. Chuckwagon is found just outside one of the best and the most extraordinary breweries in the province of Arizona. The food here is tasty and mouthwatering. You will never have a terrible supper here. You can arrange your food and beverages to go or you can visit the Brewing Company’s pub and request to create a cold one. They additionally offer cool, concealed tables to hang out. The proprietor of JD’s will carry your food to you. Canines and children are allowed as well.
  9. Puny John’s BBQ: If you are visiting Tombstone for the afternoon then the Puny John’s BBQ might be your best bet. They have great grill facilities and serve some amazingly tasty grilled food. Their staff is speedy and helpful, and the clean environmental factor is taken care of very precautiosly. They also have huge open air deck with tables. They serve amazing pulled pork sandwich which is delectable and loaded up with a side of potato plate of mixed greens. Located one square off the central avenue of shops and cantinas, it is a must visit restaurant in Tombstone.
  10. Mario’s Bakey Café: Located on the notable Allen Street of Tombstone, Mario’s Bakery Café is a heaven for the dessert lovers visiting Tombstone. They serve very delicious American food and they are vegetarian friendly too. And their super cheesy grilled sandwich prepared using home-made bread is popular all around the town. They also serve the best iced tea in the entire Tombstone as per their customers. It is a family oriented must visit restaurant in Tombstone.

FAQs For Tourists Looking For Some Best Restaurants In Tombstone:

Q1. What Are Some of the Tips Before Visiting These Cafes of Tombstone?

Ans: Some of the tips are:

  • Book in advance.
  • Take a look at their online menu beforehand.

Q2. What Are Some of the Dessert Serving Cafes of Tombstone?

Ans: You Scream for Ice Cream and Grandma’s Frontier Fudge Factory are some of the dessert serving cafes of Tombstone.

Q3. What Are Some of the Family Friendly Restaurants of Tombstone?

Ans: Café O.K., Big Nose Kate’s Saloon and Longhorn Restaurant are some of the family friendly restaurants of Tombstone.

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