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Allen Street - Best Shopping Place In Tombstone

10 Best Shopping Places In Tombstone (2024)

Are you looking for some amazing shopping places in Tombstone? If yes then you are at the right place. The iconically popular town of Tombstone is home to a number of very amazing, historically significant and famous attractions. Also, it’s full of amazing cafes and restaurants. And apart from that, there are also a few best shopping places in Tombstone. Although, they are very low in number but very high in the domain of quality. These best shopping places of Tombstone range from antique stores to modern line fashion, which basically means that there’s nothing that the town doesn’t sell to its lovely visitors.

10 Best Shopping Places In Tombstone

So, let’s know about some of these best shopping places in Tombstone to do shopping:

  1. Allen Street: No other place in the entire Tombstone deserves to open our rundown than the iconic Allen Street. Integral to the mainstream culture encompassing the gunfight is the notable picture of the Holliday and the three Earps, clad in long back coats, stepping deliberately down the Allen Street towards the corral. It isn’t hard to envision that scene along the present-day Allen Street, which is lined by wood-board walkways and vintage retail facades. A stroll down the paved path makes for a cool photograph opportunity just like that of a professional photographer. Allen Street is likewise the top pick for Tombstone’s choice of rural eateries, rambunctious cantinas, and Western shops for shopping upto your heart’s desire. For an engaging evening, consider bouncing from shop to bistro to cantina to a shopping stall, all while taking in the Wild West environment underneath the blue Arizona sky which makes it one of the best shopping places in Tombstone. Allen Street - Best Shopping Place In TombstoneImage Source:
  2. Miss Kitty’s: Miss Kitty’s is a beautiful little dress up and souvenir shop. You will absolutely cherish your involvement with Miss Kitty as she is very friendly and helpful. You will also discover huge loads of fun alternatives and will enjoy a fabulous time all while Miss Kitty offering you her master guidance and help to get you all prepared for the remainder of your Tombstone visit. It is a highly recommended store by most of its visitors as it is one of the most incredible shopping places in Tombstone! You can also discover some antique period dresses resembling the 1800s to 1900s, including corsets, chokers, miniskirts, an assortment of earrings and a lot more at Miss Kitty’s.
  3. Tombstone Sarsaparilla of Johnny One Dog: If you are a sarsaparilla or root brew fan, then you have to stop at Johnny’s to buy and try his drinks. John One Dog is the “Genuine Artist” who has really turned into a legend by his own doings! At the point when one says that his sarsaparilla is fabulous, you need to add that it is “The Best in the West!” The soft drink will be cold and is astutely bundled in a trinket bottle which is a decent token. Johnny will draw in you in discussion and his stand is enriched with fascinating memorabilia. Also, there are few seats to sit on and make the most of your beverage in the event that you need to take a break from strolling the roads of Tombstone. The soft drink is accessible at a couple of different shops around also but they are nowhere near Johnny’s. So, whenever you are strolling through Tombstone, make certain to stop at Johnny One Dog’s, edge up to his serving counter and appreciate a visit and words with the “Genuine Artist”- a legend really taking shape!
  4. Arlene’s SouthWest Silver and Gold: There are two Arlene’s shops in Tombstone and they are likely the greatest shopping places in Tombstone. There are a great deal of expressions and specialties available at Arlene’s and some of it is extremely great craftsmanship while other items are good too. You will presumably find something for everybody here. Accommodating sales reps that can address every one of your inquiries in regards to the craftsmen, you will cherish all the excellent adornments available to be purchased at Arlene’s. Extraordinary costs and no pressing factor deals. Lovely, isn’t it? The staff women at Arlene’s are brilliant to manage and entirely learned and accommodating. You will most probably discover the most pleasant and best quality items at Arlene’s in Tombstone! It is literally one of the best shopping places in Tombstone!
  5. Tombstone Oil and Vinegar Co.: The Tombstone Oil and Vinegar Co take extreme pride in making their items utilizing the best nature of craftsman vinegar(balsamic) imported from Italy which is then restored with new peppers and flavors from around the world, adding an extraordinary flavor! Their products are all natural with no added additives. They deal in a brilliant choice of various vinegars and oils. They also have mini samples to test which helps the guests to decide according to their preference else nobody would have the foggiest idea how to pick one.
  6. Red Buffalo Trading: In the event that you are searching for some Old West costume, then the Red Buffalo Trading is the best shopping place in Tombstone for you. They deal in clothing of both women and men, and the most amicable staff to make sure it fits you! If you want to delve deep into the soul of then, this spot will never disappoint you! There’s such a great amount of stuff to see and at amazingly reasonable cost. There’s a great collection of keepsakes and merchandise that are very aptly showcased at this store which further makes it an amazing shopping place in Tombstone to shop. They deal in all things Old Western! And they are a tremendous spot to investigate and discover a wide range of unforeseen things! What’s more, truly great staff – accommodating however not at all prominent or pushy!
  7. The Shady Lady’s Closet: You can do an extraordinary time shopping in the Shady Lady’s Closet. They offer loads of fun styles, and the costs aren’t really awful. Also, their staff is very amicable and accommodating. The deal in present day, cool and unforeseen things, and the costs of which are moderate. Their incredible salesman has an extraordinary taste who understands what suits you and so forth. She knows the entire assortments and addresses it very well. The assortments changes regularly and the deal rack hold treasures, as well. So, look carefully! The environment is incredible as the whole shop is elegantly designed. Any time worth a visit, Ladies!
  8. Bronco Trading: Your all inclusive resource store in Historic Tombstone! They have a full line of 1880’s period wear by Wah Maker, Frontier Classics and Scully apart from western Wear items from Ruddock, Wrangler and Panhandle Slim. On the off chance that you are searching for boots, you’ll track down no better choice in Southern Arizona than this. They comprise of styles from Abilene, Lucchese, Tony Lama, Corral and Boulet. Need a cap? They deal in both exemplary Cowboy caps and period pieces by Rodeo King, Stetson, Milano and Atwood. You’ll probably not discover better costs nearby for Wrangler pants. They are literally the best shopping place in Tombstone for antique stuff. They additionally have a fine choice of leather wallets and purses by American West, including their conceal convey line. Enter and they will dress you head to toe and make you walk the streets in style.
  9. Outlaw T’s Books and More: If you are a book lover then you must visit Outlaw T’s Books and More when in Tombstone. They have a wide choice of books identifying with the town, encompassing territory, and history. It is a beautiful and clean shop where you can buy amazing books at very reasonable prices. Ranging from history to coming of the age, they have all sorts of books to sell at this tiny little store. Also, the owner of this bookstore is really very friendly who never hesitates in assisting his customers. It is another must-visit shopping place of Tombstone especially if you love books.
  10. Tombstone Mercantile: No lies but the Tombstone Mercantile store has got everything that you need and desire. From valid western wear, belts and holsters, western film banners to classical furnishings, there’s nothing that this store doesn’t offers. It is a clean coordinated store, especially prepared for your delight. This store is like an Aladdins cavern of everything from collectibles, weapons, garments, books, gems furniture and so on. And on the off chance that they haven’t got it then they will try their best to get it for you. This store is one of the most amazing shopping places in Tombstone, and is a must visit place if you are in or nearby the city.

FAQs For Tourists Looking For Amazing Shopping Places In The Iconic Tombstone:

Q1. What Are Some Of The Cafes On The Allen Street Of Tombstone?

Ans: Longhorn Restaurant and Crystal Palace Saloon and Restaurant are some of the cafes on the Allen Street of Tombstone.

Q2. What Are Some Of The Inns Near The Allen Street Of Tombstone?

Ans: Trail Rider’s Inn and The Tombstone Grand Hotel are some of the inns near the Allen Street of Tombstone.

Q3. Can Thrift Shopping Be Done At Bronco Trading Of Tombstone?

Ans: Yes, thrift shopping can be done at Bronco Trading of Tombstone.

Q4. Is Parking Facility Available At Allen Street?

Ans: Yes, parking facility is available at Allen Street.

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