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10 Best Waterparks in the USA (2024)

The USA is the best to explore for adventurous fun holidays. Waterparks in the USA are captivating attractions that delight the tourists with their refreshing splash. If you are looking forward to a family holiday at the waterpark in the USA, then it’s the best decision indeed.

The alternate of a scorching day is an awe-inspiring waterpark. Getting the assistance of a waterpark is the ultimate way to conquer America’s hot summer. Whether it’s irritating hot days or having fun with family and friends, the tubing rides, pool games, and water slides will keep you enthusiastically engaged. From majestic indoor waterfalls to gigantic outdoor waterfalls, USA’s waterpark world will keep you amused and entertained for a long. Let’s find out the ten best waterparks in the USA where you can plan to have fun next time.

1. Water World

This fantastic water park is a part of Hyland hills park and the recreation center. It’s among the older and largest waterparks in US, and since 1979, it’s given the most breath-taking water park experiences to visitors. This water theme park is spread to a wide area of 70 acres and contains 72 water slides. It remains open throughout the year. There are two wave pools in water world naming captain Jack’s Pool and Thunder Way Pool. These two pools produce artificial waves of water to give an ocean-like feel.

Major Attractions:

  • Lazy river, water slides, and two wave pools are worth your time and energy.
  • Speed of water coaster naming mile high flyer is mind-blowing.
  • Give a try to the Turbo racer competition. Hopefully, you will become the winner.

Many people choose Water world for the attraction, naming journey to the earth’s center. It’s an exciting journey that happens to the circular path in a cavern.

The newest addition to the water world is Big Top which provides fun games to kids and parents. It’s pretty engaging and entertaining for kids to enjoy water games at Big Top.

2. Splish Splash

  • Located at: Long Island, New York
  • Address: 2549 Splish Splash Dr, Calverton, NY 11933
  • Official Website: www.splishsplash.com

Choose Splish splash for the most fun-filled water park experience with your kids and family. The super exciting twists and turns will reach you at giant dinosaurs sculptures. In contrast, you have to pave your way through the water, escaping the scary sharks. Splish splash offers zillions of water games that time flies enjoying through different offerings of splish splash. All the tiring of splish splash would end up with rejuvenating pool bath.

Major Attraction:

  • You can enjoy the fountain springs, and rejuvenating tube rides in the mesmerizing lazy river.
  • Check out the spirited ride with family at dark Mammoth. It’s a Hollywood-themed ride.
  • If you are looking for the wave pool, then soak yourself in Kahuna Bay
  • Barrier Reef is worth giving a try for enthusiastic and speedy body slides

3. Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe

  • Located at: Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Address: 391 South Holden Road, Greensboro, NC 27406
  • Official Website: www.emeraldpointe.com

This waterpark is specially designed for daring enthusiasts. The rides of Wet n Wild would give you the next-level adventure of water rides and games. The owner of this water park is Pargues Reunidos and it is operated by Palace Entertainment. The newest water activity added to this water park is Bombs Away. There are five pools, fifteen slides and two kids zones in this water park. This water park is leveraged to a wide area of 40 acres.

Major Attractions:

  • The daredevil drop gives you a never-before experience of a 76 feet drop.
  • The zip-down chutes will pop you to four feet with a pressure lift and then fall into the water with a splash.
  • The five-storied Bonzai pipeline will make you shout a little louder with its 40 miles per hour speed.

4. Water Country

  • Located at: Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Address: 176 Water Country Pkwy, Williamsburg, VA 23185
  • Official Website: www.watercountryusa.com

This waterpark is the perfect amalgam of thrill in chills. Water Country is the home of unique, thrilling water slides and refreshing games. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment is the owner of the Water Country. This water park in USA constitutes 17 fantastic water rides and its operating since 1984. This water park accumulates a vast area that includes water activities, live entertainment, and eating points, as well as fine restaurants. It is famous as the largest water park in the Mid-Atlantic.

Major Attraction

  • The floaters on Hubba Hubba highway give you the experience for a lifetime.
  • A thrilling slide that gives you Goosebumps and happiness at the same time.
  • Big daddy falls there to give you long, satisfying slides with friends and family.

For the kids who love to enjoy the water Kritter Korral is designed. This section of the water park has slides and games that keep the kids entertained.

5. Schlitterbahn

  • Located at: New Braunfels, Texas.
  • Address: 400 N Liberty Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130
  • Official Website: www.schlitterbahn.com

Do you ever imagine jumping off from a significant height and cherishing that moment? Then Schlitterbahn is the right place for you to be in. This waterpark is an all-time favorite of adventure lovers. Cedar Fair is the owner of this water park. Schlitterbahn offers perfect leisure time to visitors with full-fledge facilities as it has three resorts, five outdoor water parks, and two indoor water parks. Being famous as one of the top waterparks of the USA, Schlitterbahn gives a full-fledge combination of adventure and comfort to make visitors have a refreshing time at this water park.

Major Attractions:

  • A particular extension in the water park for kids is called the Congo River Expedition.
  • Swim-up bars and heated pool to spend some leisure time in the water park.
  • Aqua Voyeur is known for its height and gives a memorable moment of adventure.
  • MASSIV water-coaster would give a fantastic ride as it is the tallest water coaster

6. Kalahari Resort

Whether it’s a fun time with family or looking for adventures in old age, Kalahari resort offers waterpark activities for everyone. Kalahari resort is named after Africa’s Kalahari desert, and the Kalahari desert highly inspires the theme of this waterpark. There are different sets of activities for people of varying age groups. There are kids zone specially designed for the children, while more thrilling water activities are also there at Kalahari for younger people. At the same time, the older people can have a perfect time chilling at the mud hut swim-up bar.

Major Attraction:

  • Leopard’s Lair, Lazy River, And Crocodile Cove are water activities specially designed for kids to enjoy.
  • Explore the second-largest water park in the USA, naming Round Rock water park.
  • Zimbabwe Zipper is designed to give an excellent waterpark experience to grown-ups.
  • Swahili Swirl and Tanzania Twister are designed to give the chill pill to teenagers.

7. Noah’s Ark

  • Located at: Wisconsin Dells
  • Address: 1410 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
  • Official Website: www.noahsarkwaterpark.com

Noah ark is the most extensive and super fun water park in America. This water park contains almost all the entertaining games and water-laden activities to give the visitors a memorable time. All the activities and games are a must to try. Something is exciting for every age group at Noah’s Ark. Once you spend time at Noah’s Ark, then you will surely visit it again and over again. If you love surfing, Noah’s Ark is not a place to miss.

Major Attractions:

  • Enjoy the most adventurous water coaster ride at Defy gravity.
  • Black Anaconda ride is the perfect combination of water slide and rollercoaster.
  • Soak yourself in a splash of water while doing a surfing safari at Noah’s ark water park.

Like surprises? A water activity named Bermuda triangle is specially designed to surprise the riders with its turns and twists.

8. Raging Waters

  • Located at: San Dimas, California
  • Address: 2333 South White Road, San Jose, CA 9
  • Official Website: www.ragingwaters.com

Raging water is for those who uniquely look for adventure. All the water activities at Ranging waters have their specialty. The owner of the Raging Waters water park is Parques Reunidos. The best part is that you can go on water-filled adventurous rides accompanied by your friends and family. Visit this place with family and fun and make some beautiful memories of water park fun. Palace Entertainment handles the operations of this water park, and it remains closed during the winter times.

Major Attraction:

  • Choose Ragin’ Racer for the most exuberant slide of your life.
  • Check out the 600-foot long ride with your friends and make a loud noise.
  • Slide with your companion in a bowl at dragon’s den and
  • Fall together in a secret tunnel.

Experience a chilling experience of entering into Bermuda triangle with the synchronized twists and turns.

The magnetic propulsion and coaster water ride of Aqua rockets give a thrilling experience to the rider.

9. Splashin Safari:

  • Located at: Santa Claus, Indiana
  • Address: 452 East Christmas, Boulevard, Santa Claus, IN 47579
  • Official Website: www.holidayworld.com

Do you want to go for a water roller coaster ride that is long, then go to Splashin Safari for such a wonderful experience? Splashin Safari is quite famous among its visitors for the water-laden roller coaster rides. Spending time in the pool will replenish you for a longer time. It’s the best place in this water park to have a fun time in the Splashin Safari with friends and family.

Major Attraction:

  • Bahari wave pool gives you leisure time soaking yourself in water at a favorable temperature.
  • A seven-story Mammoth water ride will give you an enjoyable time riding in the water.
  • The round boat is all about thrilling the riders with its amazing synchronization.

Check out the longest water coasters, and there are three wooden roller coasters to give the riders a thrilling experience.

There are separate water slides and a junior-size pool to give children personalized enjoyment for kids.

10. Typhoon Lagoon

  • Address: 1145 East Buena Vista Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32830

You would have a good time playing with sharks at Typhoon Lagoon, not the real ones. You can have a good time with aquatic animals and fish. This water park in USA gives you a perfect place to experience the joy of a lazy slide and the enthusiasm of a fast descent. This water park is the home of the world’s largest wave pool, where the riders can do body surfing. A specific Disney-themed water park gives a story like an adventure to the riders.

Major Attraction:

  • If you want to make memories of sliding through the tallest and fastest slide, then Typhoon Lagoon is just for you.

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