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Kalispell Skydiving - Amazing Skydiving Option in the USA

10 Amazing Skydiving Options in the USA (2023)

Zillion breath-taking moments and amazing drop-down points in the USA give you a lifetime memory of splendid skydiving. Whether it’s Alaskan peaks or the California coast, United states skydiving options will leave you spellbound with its magic.

If you are not too open to exciting adventures, you must be missing on making memories for a lifetime. The common thought that comes to many minds is just for once; we can skip the office chores and land ourselves in a fantastic place to enjoy real-life adventures like skydiving. Either it’s about turning your boring weekend into an ultimate thrill or realizing your adventurous dream, skydiving is indeed a good choice. So, if you are ready to explore your wild side and want to know your strengths a bit more, then we are also prepared with our list of some amazing skydiving options in the USA. Let’s check them out:

1. Kalispell Skydiving

  • Located at: Montana
  • Address: 3175 Lower Lost Prairie Road, Marion, Montana 59925

If you are going to experience skydiving for the very first time in your life, then Kalispell skydiving is the perfect place for you. Kalispell welcomes the first-timers and naïve skydivers by offering them professional help and modern equipment of skydiving. All the amenities are well-versed for beginner skydivers and license holder skydivers.

Major Attractions:

  • A channelled network of drop zones to facilitate the beginner skydivers and professional ones.
  • A facility to accompany a professional skydiver instructor if you are not sure to do skydiving alone is also there at Kalispell skydiving centre.
  • The Kalispell skydiving location is fully equipped with world-class skydiving amenities, quality aircraft, and other essential facilities to make your skydiving experience the best memory.

There is a unique facility for capturing the thrilling moments of your skydiving by making a video of it so that you can watch the video and recollect the memories of having a great time skydiving at Kalispell, Montana.

2. Sebastian Skydiving

  • Located at: Florida
  • Address: 400 Airport Dr. W, Sebastian, Florida, 32958
  • Official Website: www.skydiveseb.com

The beauty of Sebastian skydiving lies in its locality. This enchanting skydiving location is surrounded by mesmerizing views of the splendid Indian River, Sebastian Inlet, fantastic Pelican Island, National Wildlife Refuge, and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Undoubtedly, skydiving at this skydiving place would give you a panoramic scenic sight of natural beauty.

Major Attractions:

  • The aura of the dive location of this skydiving centre is so captivating that it adds value to your skydiving experience.
  • Favourable temperature, picturesque views, and rejuvenating skydiving experience is perfect combination for a relaxing weekend plan at Sebastian.
  • You can enjoy splashing beachcombing after you have had thrilling skydiving here.

Along with the scenic beauty of this skydiving location on the east coast of Florida, there are all facilities available to enjoy skydiving here.

3. Longmont Skydiving

  • Located at: Colorado
  • Address: 8700 St Vrain Road, Longmont, Colorado 80503

If you love to have a skydiving experience amid rocks and mountains, then Longmont skydiving is worth your attention. This magnificent skydiving takes you on a never before adventuring through rock terrain of the national park, lush grasslands, and majestic Rocky Mountains while skydiving. Longmont is just 35 miles away from Denver, in its northwest.

Major Attraction:

  • Longmont is known as one of the top skydiving attractions in the USA as it gives a dazzling amalgam of natural beauty and thrill of skydiving to the diving aspirants.
  • This place is quite famous for skydiving in the summers as the temperature remains cool in summers while it’s chilling in winters.
  • Longmont gives you a fair chance to soak in the beauty of the surroundings while coming down to land through a parachute.

Along with skydiving, it’s one of the best places for having fun with friends and family.

4. Molalla Skydiving

Located at: Oregon

Address: 12150, Oregon-211, Molalla, Oregon-97038

Official Website: www.skydiveoregon.com

If you choose this skydiving site in winter, you will get a chance to witness the most fantastic place of Mountains like St. Helens, Three Sisters, and Shasta embossed with majestic snow. While in summer, this mountain sight will stun you with embarking lush mountain views. But choosing mountain sight and skydiving together is tricky. It would help if you decided on the favourable weather before heading skydiving at Molalla.

Major Attractions:

  • Skydiving at this place gives you a fair chance to gaze at the mountains of three states all at once. It’s a treat for mountains and adventure lovers.
  • If you are a winter person, don’t miss the opportunity of skydiving at this site in winter. You will surely love the snowy view of mountains and the thrill of skydiving altogether.

5. San Diego Skydiving

  • Located at: California
  • Address: 13531 Otay lakes road, Jamul, California-91935
  • Official Website: www.skydivesandiego.com

San Diego skydiving is located in a very tranquil site away from the hustle-bustle of the city. This place welcomes the adventurous skydivers who look for adventure in solace. The weather at this skydiving site remains favourable throughout the year, so if you are a person with instant adventurous plans, then San Diego is worth being on your skydiving bucket list.

Major Attractions:

  • This amazing skydiving option in the USA has incredible vistas while going up and downward.
  • The place is away from the city rush but well managed to have holiday fun along with thrilling skydiving.
  • You can enjoy a mesmerizing view of San Diego, the Pacific Ocean, and Mexico on your way down through skydiving.

All the skydiving team is skilled, and the equipment is modern, which ensures that there is negligible risk of casualty.

6. Snohomish Skydiving

Snohomish skydiving site is listed among the best skydiving options in the world. This place is a popular pristine jumping site that makes the diver explore numerous wonders while paving their way downward. This skydiving site is located at 30 in the north of Seattle.

Major Attractions:

  • The skydivers have a great chance of spotting space needles while enjoying skydiving at this fantastic site.
  • This place offers panoramic mountain’s view such as Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier.
  • If you want to have an accurate top view of an Island, you must choose skydiving at Snohomish.

The enthusiasm of skydiving doubles when accompanied by breath-taking views. Imagine yourself diving in the air and getting amazed with the astonishing views of mountains and sea altogether.

7. Wasilla Skydiving

  • Located at: Alaska
  • Address: Wasilla, AK 99654

Let yourself fly like a bird in the sky of Alaska by attempting Wasilla skydiving. As the aircraft leaves the skydivers in the sky, it’s their time to experience the fantastic thrill of skydiving along with breath-taking views from the Alaska sky. A skilled team of skydivers will guide and even accompany you if you need one.

Major Attractions:

  • By opting for skydiving at Wasilla, you would get a chance to have a top view of the Reindeer Farm. You may spot some amazing pictures of Reindeer and relish them later.
  • Skydiving at Alaska offers you a little more than the other options. Scenic views of mesmerising ice-blue glaciers, snowy mountains are enough to redefine the natural beauty.
  • Wasilla skydiving also offers tandem dives for beginner’s divers.

8. Monterey Bay Skydiving

Monterey Bay is a perk to ocean lovers. Monterey Bay Skydiving is a complete package of thrill, mesmerizing views, and adventure. The incredible views of Santa Cruz, Salinas Valley, and Monterey Bay would be spellbound you start your journey through aircraft. Among all the views, the panoramic sceneries of the Pacific Ocean would last long in your memories.

Major Attractions:

  • Check this place out to witness the divine meet of sky, sea, and land.
  • Grab the spectacular views of Carmel-By-The-Sea and other coastal towns by enjoying the skydiving over the sky of California.
  • Experience a drop-down near to ocean after gazing at it from the top while falling.

This skydive gives the divers enough time to float free in the air with a jump of 18000 ft.

9. Wailua Skydiving

  • Located at: Hawaii
  • Address: 68-760 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI, United States
  • Official Address: www.skydivehawaii.com

Wailua skydiving offers you a wide spectacular view of Oahu island from a height of 13,000 feet. There is much more than skydiving in the air in Hawaii, from clear blue skies to great top views. The divers can witness the mesmerizing views of Pearl Harbour, Diamond end, and Opaeka’s falls. Capturing such beauty in eyes would add to the beautiful moments of life.

Major Attractions:

  • Get a bird’s eye view of tropical blues, sand beaches, and dense forest by skydiving at Wailua.
  • You can try the 100-second free fall and highest jump on Oahu.
  • Capture the full panoramic view from the North shore to the Pearl Harbour along with the exciting fall of skydiving.

The skydiving centres of Wailua can be trusted easily as they are equipped with modern skydiving techniques and professional skydivers.

10. Hurricane Skydiving

  • Located at: Utah
  • Address: 1 Airport Road, Hurricane, Utah- 84737
  • Official Website: www.skydivezion.com

Having a tour of Zion National park is quite amazing, but if you are ready for the thrilling dive, capturing the top view of this National park would give you some priceless experience. Yet, you can land in this national park but seeing the entire park from a height of 10,000 and 14,000 feet is quite adventurous. You can make plans about skydiving in Utah throughout the year because the weather remains favourable in all months.

Major Attractions:

  • You would get a chance to gaze at the national park, dessert, and greenery of the valley while skydiving in Utah.
  • The Hurricane skydiving centre is a perfect getaway for adventure seekers. Along with skydiving, you can check out the adventures like hiking, camping, biking, etc.
  • This skydiving option is entirely safe as not a single casualty has been reported since its opening.

Skydiving is an adventurous experience that one must have at least once in life. The above-mentioned amazing skydiving options in the USA are so tempting that it’s hard to say no to any of them. So, make a plan with your friends and family to make the most from skydiving in the USA.

FAQs on Skydiving in USA:

Which Skydiving Centre is Considered Most Preferable in the USA?

All the skydiving centre in the USA has their own set of specialty. You can consider any of the above that suits your time, budget, and location. But if you want to go with stats, then Wailua skydiving is getting much hype in recent times.

What Are The Minimum And Maximum Age Limits For Skydivers in the USA?

A person must be a minimum of 18 years old to try their hands on skydiving. At the same time, there is no maximum age limit defined to try skydiving in the USA.

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