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Mulholland Dam - Enjoy the View of the Hollywood Sign From These 10 Best Locations

Enjoy the View of the Hollywood Sign From These 10 Best Locations (2024)

Los Angeles or the City of Angels has a lot of iconic locations. However, no other location is as symbolic of the city, as the Hollywood sign. Tourists from near and far visit Hollywood sign regularly, just to catch a glimpse of this one-of-a-kind landmark. Los Angeles’s identity is composed of this sign.

But with every passing day, the number of people wanting to marvel at Hollywood sign is increasing. Hence, the crowds are getting too big. If you are looking for other locations from where you can enjoy the Hollywood sign views, then this article is just the one for you!

Enjoy the View of the Hollywood Sign From These 10 Best Locations

Read on to find out the 10 best places to view the Hollywood sign.

1. From Mulholland Dam

The Mulholland Dam happens to be one of the best places to view the Hollywood Sign. It is located 1.3 miles away from the sign and mostly offers a clear and proper view of the sign. To reach Mulholland Dam, you will have to put your hiking shoes on. Then, follow the path around the Hollywood Reservoir to reach this place. Mulholland Dam - Enjoy the View of the Hollywood Sign From These 10 Best Locations

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You will be able to get a lovely view of the Hollywood sign along with the surrounding greenery and landscape from this vantage point. Apart from that, the hiking will also be a nice change of pace for you.

From the Mulholland Dam, you can also take clear selfies with the Hollywood sign. The sign appears pretty distinctly and the whole scenery looks alluring, to say the least. Please note that the trail is only accessible during daylight hours. Hence, you should plan your trip accordingly.

2. From Lake Hollywood Park

If you are planning to have a full day-out and viewing the sign is just one part of that plan, then visiting Lake Hollywood Park is surely the best destination for you! To reach this place, you can drive or take a cab till Hollywood Reservoir, and then hike the rest of the way. However, once you reach the Lake Hollywood Park, your hard work will be worth it. This park is located at a distance of 0.6 miles away from the sign and offers a very clear view of the place.

And not just that, you can easily arrange for a picnic in this park, as the area is very peaceful and usually does not have huge crowds. In fact, if you visit this park early in the morning on any weekday, you will be able to almost have the park all to yourself!

As a bonus, you can even bring your dog here as long as they are on a leash.

3. From Tyrolean Tank

The Tyrolean Tank offers the closest Hollywood sign view. The Tank is located a mere 1,388 feet away from the sign and you will be able to capture some really high-quality selfies and pictures with the sign from here.

To reach this place, once again, hiking is your best option as no cars can take you there. But if you choose to hike on a weekday, you will be able to enjoy the place without any big crowd, or any crowd at all.

This route is especially good for those who are looking to hike as well. If you are not confident about your hiking skills, it would be best if you stayed away from this location. As this place requires a lot of intense hiking to reach.

4. From the End of Mulholland

This location is placed right at the residential area of Hollywoodland, in its northernmost section. Right between private properties on both sides, this view of the Hollywood Sign sits comfortably. Located at a distance of 1,100 feet, you will be able to catch an excellent and clear sight of the Hollywood Sign.

However, there is no way to access this location by automobile. You have to depend entirely on hiking to reach this place. But hiking here is quite easy and does not require a lot of prior experience. But make sure you are very quiet and well-behaved on your hike, as this is a residential area.

If you do take your car along with you, then the nearest parking spot would be Lake Hollywood Park. You can park here and then walk all the way to the precise location in Mulholland, from where you will be able to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood Sign.

5. From Mount Lee

A view of the Hollywood Sign from Mount Lee is particularly popular amongst those who are seeking thrill and adventure. However, you do need to keep in mind that this trail will end up with you behind the sign and not front of it! To be precise, you will only be 150 feet behind the sign. Several trailheads lead to Mount Lee.

Apart from the sign, you will also be able to catch a very beautiful glimpse of the entire city. If you are a novice, take the route from Brush Canyon and if you are an experienced hiker, then choose Cahuenga and Burbank Peaks as your starting point.

The best time to visit this place would be early in the morning, when you can be at one with nature and also get to experience this place with the least amount of crowd.

6. From West Observatory Trail

This viewpoint is located right at the mid-point between Trails Cafe and the Griffith Observatory. This place tends to be empty, mostly, as the hike is pretty steep and the distance it covers is a lot. This place is ideal for those who have been hiking for a long time and have sufficient experience.

Once you reach the end of the trail, you will be able to get an amazing view of the city. The distance between this place and the sign is 1.5 miles. Even though the distance sounds like a lot, the view is still pretty good.

Additionally, there is hardly any crowd here, so if you are planning to take a solo hike, then this could be the perfect place.

7. From Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory can be considered as the “official” viewpoint of the Hollywood sign. This place has a lot of other attractions, apart from the sign, that you can explore as well. This observatory has some really interesting exhibits and pieces. You will also be able to get truly spectacular views of the city from here.

However, you must get ready to be met with heavy crowds if you come here. This is a very famous tourist spot, and nearly every day of the week has a lot of people visiting this place. But since, the place is such an iconic location, even with all the crowds, Griffith Observatory deserves a visit.

To reach this location, you can hike or you can even drive. However, parking will be difficult to find. So, it is better to take a shuttle ride for convenience.

8. From Hollyridge Trail

This trail ends with not just a view of the Hollywood sign from a mere 0.5 mile away, but it also offers a very good view of the Sunset Ranch. This also happens to be one of the easier hikes and is very beginner-friendly.

You will be able to get a very beautiful view of the sign. It can be even more enhanced if you can catch a sight of the sunrise or sunset from here as well. Apart from getting amazing selfies and pictures, you will also be able to get a lot of peace of mind, as there is hardly any unnecessary noise here.

To reach Hollyridge trail, you can either walk from Griffith park, or you can also opt for a horse ride from Sunset Ranch. The latter will be a unique experience, for sure!

9. From Bronson Cave

Bronson Caves are not just ideal for viewing the Sign, but also is good for arranging a picnic or other activities. To reach Bronson Cave, you have to take a short hike from the end of Canyon Drive. There are a fair number of parking spots in Canyon Drive, so, if you brought your car along with you, you can easily park there.

The distance between Bronson Cave and this region is a little less than a mile. And the area is not even crowded much, so you can easily have a nice picnic with your loved ones.

But keep in mind, this hiking trail does get pretty hot as the day progresses. So make sure to carry tons of water, a pair of sunglasses, and a hat.

10. From Berlin Forest

To reach the Berlin Forest, you will need to take a short walk from the Griffith Observatory Parking lot. The view from here is not exactly ideal, but it still offers quite a nice viewpoint in the city. Additionally, the crowds are pretty less and almost nil on the weekdays, so you can easily manage to have some peaceful time.

If your goal is to capture the perfect view of the sign, then this place may not be ideal for you. But if you are looking for a good place to view the Hollywood sign, then this should surely be on your list.

Hence, there are the top 10 locations from where you can view the Hollywood Sign. Make sure to explore these places and enhance your life experiences, and also get amazing pictures for your Instagram feed!

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