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El Matador State Beach - Prettiest Beach Of Los Angeles

10 Prettiest Beaches Of Los Angeles (2024)

Los Angeles happens to be the most populous city in the state of California and is also known as the “City of Angels.” Los Angeles is located in the southern end of the country, and this geographic position has led to several beautiful works of nature in and around the city. From mountains to beaches, there isn’t a dearth of anything in Los Angeles.

Apart from the iconic Hollywood sign, buildings, and studios, Los Angeles is also known for its beaches.

10 Prettiest Beaches Of Los Angeles

Here is a compilation of the best beaches in Los Angeles that will surely take your breath away.

1. El Matador State Beach

El Matador State Beach happens to be one of the three beaches within the Robert H. Meyer State Beach boundaries. This beach has immense beauty and is very popular among tourists as well as locals of the region.

Apart from spending quality time in the ocean and sunbathing, you can also opt for a picnic on this beach. Picnic tables are available for rent. This beach is also a very trendy choice for photoshoots as well as destination weddings. The lovely display of rocks and the bright blue ocean is quite a perfect combination for any special day.

El Matador State Beach - Prettiest Beach Of Los Angeles

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If you can reach the top of the cliff on this beach, you will also be able to get a wonderful view of the surroundings and get to capture the endless ocean in front of you. If you are lucky enough, you might also get to see the migrating whales.

2. Zuma Beach County Park and Westward Beach

Zuma Beach County is located to the west of Point Dume. This beach stretches to a distance of 3 miles, and the southern part of this beach is known as the Westward Beach. The beach is also located very close to the Pacific Coast Highway, which makes it pretty accessible.

However, this beach happens to be one of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles. Hence, if you do not like crowds, this beach might not be the one for you. But if you are okay with the crowd, you can spend a very good day on this beach coupled with several activities like volleyball and surfing.

Apart from all this, the beach has a snack bar and restaurant where you can enjoy the best brunch. You will also be able to catch a glimpse of whales, dolphins, seals, etc., while you are on this beach.

3. El Pescador State Beach

Just like El Matador Beach, El Pescador State Beach is the second within the Robert H. Meyer state boundary. This is the westernmost beach in this region. The main beach is located just a little distance away from this one.

As this beach is not at the center, you can expect El Pescador to be relatively quieter. This is the best option for those looking to get away from the crowd and the city’s hustle and bustle.

Apart from spending a great time on the lovely beach, you can also engage in bird-watching. Some of the most popular and unique birds around here are brown pelicans, sandpipers, gulls, and double-crested cormorants.

4. Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Malibu Lagoon Beach is a famous converging point for ornithologists, history-buffs, and surfing enthusiasts. This beach has something to offer for all of them. Malibu Lagoon Beach is located at the point where Malibu Creek and the Pacific Ocean. The beach also has a picnic spot to its west and the Malibu Pier to its east.

There is a prominent wetland that offers bird-watchers a chance to view over 200 species of birds. The dirt pathways are also frequented by birders and hikers as well.
If you want to learn about the history of the place, you can do that as well with the help of a guided tour. This tour also equips visitors to learn about flora and fauna of this place. You can also visit the Adamson House, which was built in the year 1929 on the beach. A part of that house now functions as the Malibu Lagoon Museum.

5. Paradise Cove Beach

Paradise Cove Beach is famous for being shown in films in Charlie’s Angels and American Pie 2. However, the cafe located on this beach by the same name and started by mystery novelist Bob Morris is perhaps the most well-known fact about the beach. This cafe itself attracts tons of people to the beach. From solo travelers to couples on a honeymoon, Paradise Cove Beach is a dream destination for everyone.

The beach has plenty of lounge chairs and beach beds available, which is great for relaxing on the beach. There are also big umbrellas provided that can give shade. For those who are traveling in a large group, it is possible to rent a whole terrace for yourselves. A terrace like this can hold up to 30 people.
Visit the beach during sunset and take a walk along the ocean to feel the enchantment of the place.

6. Will Rogers State Beach

Will Rogers State Beach is located between Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Coast Highway. The strategic position of this beach makes it a tourist hotspot. It also happens to be one of the most alluring beaches in Los Angeles.

Whether you are planning to swim, dive, surf, or just sunbathe, this beach is the ideal location for you. It is also extremely safe as it is guarded throughout the day and night by several beach patrols. Other activities which can be done on the beach are kitesurfing, windsurfing, and fishing.

Some of the facilities which are offered by this beach are a huge parking area, a fully-functional restaurant, and even a volleyball court. You will also find proper restrooms on the beach.

7. Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the most well-known and popular beaches in the city. It attracts thousands of tourists every day and throughout the year. Around the beach, there is a 2.5-mile long promenade, which was built just for the pedestrians. You can take a walk here while sipping on a cold glass of juice or iced tea and shop from the various local stores.

Venice Beach also offers bike rides to nearby Santa Monica. You can expect these bike rides to be very refreshing and exciting.

Right next to the beach, there is an area designated for skating. It also has a gymnasium, with all the necessary equipment.

8. Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is 2-miles long and is one of the poshest beaches in the city. The beach has a lovely ambiance that makes it perfect for a day out or even a picnic.

This beach also has a variety of activity options for its visitors. Apart from running, swimming, and surfing, tourists and locals love to engage in volleyball matches. You can also take a bike ride along the long coastline. This is perfect, especially during sunset.

The Manhattan Beach Pier is also very famous for fishing and viewing the sunset. It has been declared as a historical landmark by the state. The Roadhouse Marine Studies Aquarium and Lab is located right at the end of this Pier.

9. Santa Monica State Beach

This beach happens to have a life of its own in Los Angeles. The Santa Monica State Beach is not only an aesthetic location by the ocean, but it also has a long list of recreational activities that visitors can engage in. This beach also has a pier, known as the Santa Monica Pier, which is a landmark for the beach and a must-visit.

You will also be able to ride the famous Ferris wheel on the beach and catch a glimpse of the endless sand and blue ocean once you reach the top. There is also a roller coaster on the beach for those who want to feel some thrill!

The 3-miles long shoreline of this beach is perfect for walking, running, and even biking. You can also participate in paddle-boarding while visiting this beach.

10. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is located in the Southern California region, in a place called South Bay. This beach also offers several fun activities and is super safe as well. You will be able to find restrooms, patrols, rental shops, lessons for various activities, and even wheelchair facilities on this beach.

The beach also has a daily Farmer’s Market, which has gained quite a popularity. A famous jazz club by the name of Lighthouse Cafe also has its presence on the beach and offers lovely food to go with its music.

However, if you do visit this beach, you have to take part in a beach volleyball match or any water excursion, for the ultimate thrill!

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