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Sturtevant Falls - Popular Waterfall in Los Angeles

7 Popular Waterfalls in Los Angeles (2024)

When summers reach the peak and attractions in the city become challenging to explore, there’s nothing best than hiking towards a waterfall in Los Angeles. The “City of Angels” is home to some beautiful waterfalls that are worth exploring all and every seasons with a unique charm and experience every time. Not just the pleasure of enjoying at a waterfall, the hike towards your destination here goes through lush green beautiful forests, parks, canyons, rivers, and whatnot.

Sweating all your way and reaching a magnificent waterfall in Los Angeles is one of the best things to do in California. Some are blessed with rainstorms, others are sourced with natural springs, and if something is left, it is all snowed and frozen. Out of several waterfalls in the City of Angels.

7 Popular Waterfalls in Los Angeles

Here are the 7 famous Waterfalls in Los Angeles that you should definitely add to your list of explorable. Have a look:

1. Eaton Canyon Falls

One of the most popular falls in Los Angeles, the Eaton Canyon Falls, is known for its year-round characteristics. It has 35 feet to 40 feet drop with rich water flow that can be heard from far before you see it in real. Eaton Canyon’s trail is relatively tough and would take a lot of sweat during the harsh summer days. However, the way towards the fall is never empty, and one can find travelers with pets heading forward for the great view and tranquillity of Eaton. The area around is usually crowded with waterfall seekers, also as it is one of the only falls in Los Angeles that never stops flowing even in the dry years and when there is drought around everywhere.

Along with the unending year-round flow, the springs at Eaton Canyon blooms beauty and colors to the trail and around the waterfall with phacelia, chia, fern leaf, and several other beautiful flowers. Eaton Canyon flows, breaking a huge rock further dropping into a small and safe pond where one can swim, dip, or just play around.

However, it is advisable to make a round trip up to the waterfall only, as the hike above it is quite dangerous and might harm your way as well. Adjacent to nature’s center there is free and easy parking. You can also opt for guided tours up to the waterfall that would include periodic Moonlight Walks.

2. Santa Ynez Falls

When you are trying to escape from the crazy and fast life of Los Angeles, Santa Ynez Falls is where you must head towards. The fall sits in the Topanga State Park located in the Santa Monica Mountains, and hike towards it begins from an old limestone quarry site. Walking through its beautiful and tranquil trail, which is lined with big and lush green trees with shaded pathways and the breezy temperature that feels quite calming. Santa Ynez Falls is about 15 feet to 20 feet high and is at its best form during monsoon, winters, and springs. However, it is mainly diminutive during the dry season, but the way leading towards it is quite majestic. The view of Santa Ynez Fall is unique then other waterfalls in Los Angeles, as even when you are standing in front of it, the falls seem hidden in the hold of two giant rocks. A day at Santa Ynez Falls is more of a visually exploring one as you won’t find a lot of water deposit to swim here. However, flora and fauna with the sound and sight around the trail will leave your senses open and amazed. On your way to Santa Ynez Falls, you can find butterflies, hummingbirds, black and yellow striped snakes, big lizards, 7 to 8 feet tall wild fennels, and the beauty of nature all around.

3. Fish Canyon Falls

Located in the San Gabriel Mountains near Azusa, the Fish Canyon Falls is a 3 tier dynamic waterfall in Los Angeles. It has a total drop of about 80 feet divided into all three tiers with a rich water flow. Fish Canyon Falls is at its best form during the spring season, specifically during the early springs when the water flow is lush, and it drops upon the beautifully green canyon. Waterfall seekers states that hiking up to the Fish Canyon falls during the snow melting season near the springs is one of the finest times as, despite the desert-like heat during the daytime, the water here will still stay chilling cold yet admirable. All three tiers of the fall are easily reachable and provide one unique view every time you head upwards. Swimming, waterfall jumping, dipping, or just playing around the pool below is one of the hearts felt experiences one can get here.

Even though the Fish Canyon falls trail is quite lengthy and difficult, it still is classified as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Southern California. The entire way towards the fall and the end result in itself provides the feel of more like a forest of Hawaii.

4. Monrovia Falls

If you are not a fan of hiking long trails, Monrovia Falls is one of the easiest waterfalls to reach in Los Angeles. It is nearly a 2-mile round trip that takes you towards the 30 feet splendid Monrovia Falls and one of the most mesmerizing waterfall views in Los Angeles. Monrovia is a family-friendly waterfall that flows year-round; however, the water flows off, and there’s barely any pond or collection underneath. Monrovia Falls’ trail constitutes of charming scenery, lush and tall trees that provide a well-shaded pathway, and huge rocks all along the way where one can sit and relax. Even though Monrovia is a year-round waterfall, the best time to be here is during and after the winter wet season or monsoons, when the flow is in its full charm. The natural setting in and around Monrovia is ideal for day picnics and camping, ideally to get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The only unpleasant experience about Monrovia Falls is limited and slightly expensive parking in the Monrovia Canyon Park.

5. Sturtevant Falls

The Sturtevant Falls is noted as one of the most popular waterfalls in Los Angeles, thanks to its divine view and a picturesque trail that is rare to be found in other waterfall pathways of the city. Also, it is sitting in the Big Santa Anita Canyon in the foothills of the Angeles National Forest adds to the popularity of Sturtevant Falls. The trail towards Sturtevant begins from Chantry Flats following a pristine creek past resort era cabins surrounded by ivy-covered oaks and bays, ending up to the falls in a 3.3 miles hike. The hike is much of pavements, mostly shaded with tall and lush trees, and you would also find a small wooden bridge in your pathway. Reaching up to the Sturtevant Falls finally provides an alluring view describing how tall and beautiful it is. The fall has nearly 60 to 70 feet drop with a big pond underneath. However, due to its popularity all around Southern California, you would always find 20 to 30 people enjoying or just lying in the water beneath the fall. Not crowded, but Sturtevant Falls is populated all around the year. The best time to head here is around or after the Monsoons and during the spring season.Sturtevant Falls - Popular Waterfall in Los Angeles Image Source

6. Cooper Canyon Falls

Another Fall is the Angeles National Forest’s lap; the Cooper Canyon Falls is where a delightful waterfall meets a prepossessing scenery. It is about a 40 to 50 feet waterfall and is in its best form during mid to late springs and throughout the monsoon seasons. During winters, the charm has its own wind, as you can find snow accumulated in a fair amount at the Cooper Canyon Falls. Underneath the fall is a huge pool to wade in and some considerable rocks to lie down and relax with a waterfall view right in front of you. The pool below is generally filled with knee to lower thigh-high water and is good enough to play or drip. Even though Cooper Canyon Falls’ grandeur drop is not classified as the best, but with the serenity and tranquillity around, it can be classified as one of the best waterfalls in Los Angeles. The hike towards Cooper Canyon is 3.2 miles round trip with campgrounds, picnic tables, and an entire route to spend and relax your day out.

7. Escondido Falls

Within the Topanga State Park, a 40 minutes’ drive from Los Angeles, takes you towards Escondido Falls. No doubt, it is noted as one of the famous waterfalls in Los Angeles and Southern California. It is also classified as the tallest waterfalls in Santa Monica Mountains with 40 feet to 50 feet lower drop and a minimum of 150 feet upper drop with a hidden middle tier between the two drops that altogether makes it more than 200 feet high. It can be reached through a 3.4 miles round trail ideal for hikers who are seasoned for difficult levels and are interested in exploring adventure trails. Escondido Falls flows very strongly throughout the year, and thus reaching here and spending a day around is indeed one of the finest experiences you will get on your trip to Los Angeles. Hikers who are well versed in rough and challenging paths try to climb up to the small landing behind the fall as the view from here is priceless and a treat to go for. However, the stone moss can prove dangerous and land you harshly down into the pond.

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