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Check Out The Parade Of Light, A Boat Show - Fun Things To Do In San Diego In The Winters

8 Fun Things To Do In San Diego In The Winters (2024)

The beautiful city of San Diego is a year-round tourism destination, and no matter whichever month you are travelling here, your experience will always be divine and unforgettable. However, if San Diego’s winters are on your list, then it has stored a lot of unusual United States things for you. From November to March, when most of the American States are filled with knee-high snow and freezing temperature, it the city of San Diego that experiences one of the most pleasant climates.

Unlike most of America, San Diego boasts cool mornings, slightly warm afternoons and plenty of sunshine all around the winters. The temperature here stays about 60-to-70-degree Fahrenheit, making it the best atmosphere to explore the outdoors of the city pleasantly all day. Even though the wintery climate tends to make the days shorter, but it also thins down the crowd, boost certain activities, introduce the winter delicacies and brings the happy days of Christmas closer and more personal.

Fun Things To Do In San Diego In The Winters

In case you are looking for something different this summer then snowing, ice skating and skiing, then consider options from our list of “Fun things to do in San Diego in the Winters”.

1. Be a Part of the Balboa Park December Nights Festival.

A quick 5 minutes drive from the centre of San Diego towards the historical Balboa Park opens up endless fun and adventure every time. However, especially in the winters, during the first or second week of December, the San Diego community organizes the annual December night festival here. December nights at Balboa Park has been functioning for the last 40 years in the form of a three-day event over the drive-thru setting within Balboa Park’s Inspiration Point parking lot. The festival starts sharp at 11 am and goes all thorough 10 pm showcasing music, entertainment, multicultural experience and specifically food and a lot of food. Here one can taste a number of dishes, cuisines and popular menu from food trucks and food vendors. Not only this, but the event also includes more than 100 exhibitions, live science shows, Tesla coil demonstrations, photo opportunities, and endless shopping hubs.

2. View the Gaslamp Pet Parade

If you are a pet enthusiast and those little furballs attract you, then do consider viewing the Gaslamp Pet Parade at the MLK Promenade Park, San Diego. The Pet parade starts from the Gaslamp Archway towards the fifth avenue going up to E street, then to the fourth avenue and finally ending at the MLK Promenade Park. It organizes from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm and is free for the general public to be a part of the viewer. One can also register their pets to dress up and walk in the parade with other four-leg creatures. More than one can imagine, there are uncountable pet dressed up in fancy costumes, festive wears and other cute dresses. From cutest furry ones to giant dangerous ones, there are all and every kind of pets being a part of this unusual parade. Viewers, here get a chance to enjoy the special pet presentations and live music presentations. Also, if you are a part of the first 350 Pet Paraders, you can register yourself to receive complimentary gifts and goody bags that would include discount offers from Gaslamp Quarter businesses and pet-related products. The Gaslamp Pet Parade is indeed one of the most fun experiences in San Diego.

3. Check Out The Parade Of Light, A Boat Show.

The Parade of Light is one of another magnificence going on from the last 40 years. Consider on the best things to do in winters in San Diego, this light shows must be on everyone’s list. Every year during December’s two consecutive Sundays, the Port of San Diego organizes a light parade that includes about 80 small and big boats decorated beautifully up in festive theme, twinkling lights and beautiful colours. The parade generally takes place during the second and third Sunday of December from 5 pm and goes up to 1 and a half hour. It begins from Shelter Island and goes through a single route covering Harbor Island, then the Embarcadero, towards the Seaport Village and then finally reaching the Ferry Landing in Coronado. The beautiful parade welcomes about 1 lakh viewers every year who stop and wait at various free places along the route to view the gorgeous light show. Some of the most famous places from where you can view the light parade in San Diego include the Ferry Landing at Coronado and the Maritime Museum at Embarcadero. Check Out The Parade Of Light, A Boat Show - Fun Things To Do In San Diego In The WintersImage Source

4. Catching the Stunning Winter Sunsets

Sunsets, even though they are not dependent on seasons for their beauty but the winter sunsets in San Diego are one of the main loved attraction for travellers, locals, and visitors. Regardless of how beautiful the evening is all year round, but the sunsets during winters splash warm colours all over the skies, making it look no less than a drama or right out of a spectacular painting. Also, considering the weather effect, when the light passes through several layers of air, it creates bending in light. Along with that, when warm air gets trapped within the cooler air, it at a time creates a miraging effect where it sometimes shows the green flashes right before the sun completely disappears. One can also book a sunset sail if wish to view the phenomena while sitting over the water level. Some of the best winter sunset points in San Diego include Sunset Cliffs near Point Loma and in the Ocean Beach, George’s at the Cove in La Jolla and some noted spots at Torrey Pines State Park, Balboa Park and the Mount Soledad.

5. Take a ride on the Hop-on Hop-off Trolley.

Even though San Diego’s Hop-on Hop-off Trolley is functional all throughout the year, but it is the pleasant winter weather that provides the best chance to enjoy its ride. You can ride on the Hop-on Hop-off Trolley and buy either of the days passes, including silver, gold, and platinum (considering the places you want to visit). On your selective options, the Hop-on Hop-off Trolley will take you and stop at any 12 stops of the city, including museums, famous sightseeing destinations, bus stops, galleries, outdoor tourism spots, Cruise Ship Terminal and many more. You can create your own itinerary of famous places to visit in San Diego you want to visit and then take the trolley for one of the finest and most affordable travelling experiences within the city. It is also one of the great ways to sit, travel and overview the city around.

6. Explore the Julian Daffodil Show

If you get the chance to visit or stay in San Diego till late winters, near the end of February or during March, then consider exploring the prettiest show ever, the Julian Daffodil Show. The Julian Daffodil Show gets organizes at 2129 Main St. Julian, San Diego Country, which is nearly an hours drive from the city. You can either take a tram or taxi from the city centre which will eventually lead you towards the annual flower show. You must not miss a visit here as it brings you close to about 3 million daffodils blooming within the downside along the roads and meadows. The entire Julian magnificently transforms into a parade of vibrant Daffodil blossoms infusing a rich scent of musky, flowery, and strong fragrances all around. Even though the Julian Daffodil Show is organizing every year in the month of March, but you can view these pretty flowering beds all throughout from the second week of February towards the end of March.

7. Catch Your Show At The Holiday Bowl Parade

During the end of the year, near Christmas festivities, the San Diego Downtown witness the humungous Holiday Bowl Parade. The parade and event welcome over a lakh of guests every year to watch and be a part of the largest balloon parade in the United States of America. All of what you can view here includes world-class marching bands, enormous balloons floating in the sky, entertaining drill teams, brilliant floats, and many other watch worthy wonders while grabbing your grandstand seat at the best routes of the parade. The holiday bowl parade begins the show from the County Administration Building at the Harbour Drive and goes all way along, covering the long route until the south to Seaport Village. Regardless of how lucky you are to grab a seat, the enormous balloons flying high in the sky are visible from several points of the city, and one would not miss any chance to witness the magnificence. Considering its proximity, the parade is also live telecasted all around the United States.

8. Watch the Whales

Regardless of how many whales you watched during your lifetime, do not miss the chance to do the same if you are visiting San Diego during winters. From December until the month of March, the city of San Diego transforms into a hub of whale watching for which visitors come from far away cities and states. San Diego welcomes over 20,000 migrant grey whales every year from Alaska into the warm waters of Baja, California, covering the longest migrant route for any mammal. Though Baja is a little far away from San Diego, the whale season boosts equally gorgeous here in the city as well. You can view these whales over the 70 miles of long coastline in San Diego from several beaches. However, if you consider having experience from the best locations only, then head towards Cabrillo National Monument, Birch Aquarium, or you can also book a whale watching tour.

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