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Visit Little Italy - Popular and Unique Thing To Do When In San Diego

7 Popular and Unique Things To Do When In San Diego (2023)

San Diego is a city of explorable wonders, and a trip here will never leave you bored or disheartened. Every day spent in this Californian city is always full of adventures, fun, learning, and lifelong memories. The scope of tourism in San Diego is a mix of everything from beaches to art galleries, zoos, gardens, museums, annual events, and parks.

Along with that, the ever warm and golden climate here makes it easier to explore than several freezing U.S. cities throughout the year.

The city of San Diego is known as the birthplace of California due to the first permanent Spanish settlement here during the 17th century, and from then, the city is boosting and flourishing at its best. Regardless of how quick or laid-back trip you plan here to this city of San Diego, there are several popular and unique things you can try, have fun, and treasure for life with you. From numerous indoor to endless outdoor, the stops for tourists and travelers have range and diversity on their own.

7 Popular and Unique Things To Do When In San Diego

Out of whatever this city can offer, here are some of the Popular and Unique things to do when in San Diego. Have a look:

1. Visit Little Italy

A charming neighborhood in San Diego, Little Italy, is one of those vibrant business and residential communities that you cannot miss. The neighborhood is filled with restaurants, brewpubs, trendy cocktail bars, an abundance of dining zones with patio seating, up-class boutique and shops, and everything that you might look out for in an urban city. However, Little Italy is quite unpretentious, and that’s where all the charm and vibes come from. Even the air and atmosphere here are so pure that it will make you feel like in some weather-appropriate hill stations. Also, the buzzing vibe and choiced experiences make it one of the most romantic and honeymoon appropriate destinations in San Diego. When here, consider trying the popular and quintessential places, including the Piazza Basilone, Waterfront Bar and Grill, Our Lady of the Rosary Church (also known as Little Italy’s jewel), Sunday Farmer’s market, and Davanti Enoteca for lip-smacking food. 

Visit Little Italy - Popular and Unique Thing To Do When In San Diego

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2. Pay A Visit To The Legend Of The Munchkin Homes In La Jolla

A unique and hidden place in San Diego, the Legend of the Munchkin Homes in La Jolla is one of those sites that brings a distinctive experience out of the authentic Californian feeling. Not every resident of San Diego would know about these Munchkin homes all of which seems unusual and right out of any storybook. Originally a creation of famed architect Cliff May, there used to be 4 munchkin homes with smallish features mostly underlined by optical illusion, which seems quite the opposite from those rich and urban buildings in the city. Also, the steep pathway passing in front of them makes the homes look even smaller than they actually used to be. Today out of the four munchkin homes, only one is left in its original condition, and the other three have been renovated into mansions. Even today, the aged locals nearby tell stories of real munchkins once residing here in these tiny homes until quite a few years in the 19th century. With kids along, it surely is one of the unique places to explore in San Diego.

3. Cross The Footbridges Of Banker’s Hill And Hillcrest

Beloved by the locals of the city, the footbridges of banker’s hill and hillcrest is another hidden gem and one of the unique things to do in San Diego. Though beloved, still not all the San Diegans know about it. The bridge is exactly located at Spruce Street in the Bankers Hill neighborhood and is quite an old creation. What makes it unique to visit here is its impressive 70 feet height above the canyon and the 375 feet length. Not much of the San Diego city is served by pedestrian crossings, especially bridges, and it is one of the few you can find here. The footbridge is a canyon full of eucalyptus trees, some of which are even 100 feet high where some other tall once are proudly standing under the bridge itself. The bridge swings a little bit when you walk it off and is a fun spot for cool adventures and social media-worthy pictures. Though due to the secluded on un-lighted location, it is advised to not visit or cross the bridge after dawn.

4. Taste The Mix Of Spanish And Mexican Food When In San Diego

Not just the taste of America, the delicacies in San Diego boasts the flavors of Spanish and Mexican food world in one of the best possible ways. Its proximity to Mexico and Spanish history gave birth to several European-inspired cafes, restaurants, and roadside eateries presenting the finest taste from various European and American states. Your taste buds here will be flavored with locally grown eggplant, tomatoes, fruits, and avocados, whereas you can try the authentic California Burrito that was originated in San Diego itself along with some carne asada and French fries. A huge variety of local San Diegan cuisine at the Liberty Public Market featured under one roof over several independent stalls will satisfy your taste buds in the best possible way. When done with food, the beer scenes of San Diego are also worth a try.

5. Explore One Of The Most Haunted Houses In America, The Whaley House

If you are interested in true ghost and paranormal experiences, then the Whaley house is one of the most popular places to visit in San Diego for you. It is a Greek Revival-style house located in the old town of the city and now serves as one of the famous San Diego Museums. The house, which was once built over a graveyard, originally belonged to Thomas Whaley and his family and is very popular for its history and unusual experience the staff and visitors undergo from time to time. The Whaley House museum consists of two floors and several rooms, which are still preserved in a very homely environment constituting all the original things that belonged to the owning family. During the last few days of every month, a team from the paranormal department visits the house with required instruments to make a check about several stories that went throughout the month. You can have a tour inside the haunted house is $10; however, for a dark night tour, the charges may increase considerably. The Whaley House museum is not only claimed but also recognized for being a haunted site by U.S. Commerce Department.

6. Get Up Close And Personal With San Diego’s Friendship Park

Located in the San Diego–Tijuana region, along with the United States-Mexico border, lies a half-acre binational park where both Mexican and United State citizens can meet in person. It is kind of a lonely and isolated place where people come driving hours only to meet their relatives and close ones residing on the other side. The meeting hours are operational from Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. after I.D. checks by the U.S. patrolling force. Earlier in the time, people could touch, hug, and share gifts with their loved ones across the border, but today, with a huge fencing and a solid steel mesh blocker, they are only allowed to talk and listen but no physical affection or gift exchange are allowed. However, on all Sundays, you can find pastors here who organize a short prayer providing a rare opportunity to people across the border. Though, one would get only 10 minutes to spend here at the border, and no videos and photo opportunities are permitted in San Diego’s region. Visiting here is one restricted opportunity limited till the residence of the United States and travelers from other countries might not even get a chance.

7. Ride Up And Explore The Longest-Serving Aircraft Carrier In The World At San Diego

The USS Midway Museum situated in the downtown of San Diego is actually a real-time ship museum that is transformed right out of the longest-serving aircraft carrier in the world. Exploring this historic aircraft carrier is a lifetime kind of opportunity, and when in San Diego, do not miss this chance. The USS Midway Museum is also known as the largest aircraft carrier and naval aviation museum in the world, where you can view more than 30 restored aircraft and flight simulators. The guided tours here are multilingual, making it easier for diverse visitors to feel personal and homely while exploring the site. It is also a moment of pride and prestige to walk in the same footsteps where about 225,000 young U.S. personals once served in Operation Desert Storm and the Vietnam War. Even though if you have only a slight interest in aviation and history, this real-time ship museum will bring you close to a unique experience like never before. The original sitting of a ship and massive aircraft inside will blow your mind and leave you amazed at the same time.

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