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Awesome Art Galleries and Museums in Anaheim

8 Awesome Art Galleries and Museums in Anaheim (2023)

Orange County and the South of California boosts in Art, culture, and best of history, and some of the finest collection of them lies in Anaheim. The city of Anaheim is home to a few of the cultural venues and art organizations in the form of galleries and museums. Within these stops, one can learn a lot about Anaheim’s history, culture, art & performances, a glimpse of Disneyland, and the growth of artists right from the past till the present.

Anaheim is noted as one of the most beautiful and fun cities in California, and the tourism fun here is at the next level. Travelers who are on their spree to explore the popular and hidden tourism sports in Anaheim do consider covering those wonderful museums and art galleries as well. Hence if you too are visiting Disney city, then consider our list of 8 awesome art galleries and museums in Anaheim and then build your itinerary. Have a look:

8 Awesome Art Galleries and Museums in Anaheim

1. The Disney Gallery

A merchandise location with several permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Disney Gallery is one of the must-visit art Gallery in Anaheim. It is currently located at the main street U.S.A., at Disneyland but being a changing exhibition; the Disney Gallery is known to shift the location in between. Earlier it was located right over the Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square of Disneyland. The Gallery and its exhibition mainly focus upon the artwork from Walt Disney Imagineering, and most of the display pieces here are available for sale as well. It comprises several rooms and antechambers with several sets of artworks. It is one of the best places where you can learn about the history of Disneyland park through some of the rare, limited edition, and collector grade exhibits that originally belongs to Walt Disney or related to Disney. The Gallery is one great escape from the hustle and bustle of Disneyland, and sparing an hour or two with kids here is surely one great deal.

2. Heritage Museum of Orange County

About 8.5 miles away from Anaheim’s city center, the Heritage Museum of Orange County is a place well-known for its historical value all around SoCal. It is a natural history, and cultural center in the form of a residential building turned museum covered with extensive floral gardens and lush citrus groves. The museum and its gardens are spread over nearly 12 acres of land, which is dedicatedly used for preserving, promoting and restoring the past of Orange County through educational programs, seminars, and events. The museum is a Victorian-style building filled with exhibits from the 18th century. The layout featuring old buildings, blacksmith shop, Civil War day, John A. Maag Farmhouse, Kellogg House will easily take you back in time, providing you with interesting 1 or 2 hours of exploration and learning.

Awesome Museum in Anaheim-Heritage Museum of Orange County

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3. Anaheim Museum of Art and Cultural Centre

The Museum of Art and cultural center or the Carnegie Library is a popular museum in Anaheim that belongs back to the beginning of the 19th century. The museum is designed in Neoclassical architecture and used to serve as a public library and personnel office in Anaheim before it finally turned into a museum for promoting locals, Art, history and culture. The museum houses a huge exhibition of photographs from Alkaid Ramirez, AESD YAMAHACARES UPCYCLED GUITARS, more than 30 works of acrylic on canvas, calligraphy in Korean and Chines brushwork by Tae Sun Hwang, and several other temporary and permanent exhibitions. The art display here is known as one of the most innovative and thought-provoking ones, and if you are an art lover, then this place is definitely your deal. Not only exhibitions but the Museum of Art and cultural center in Anaheim also organizes several events and educational programmers all year round.

Best Museum in Anaheim-Anaheim Museum of Art and Cultural Centre

Image Source Photo Courtesy Muzeo From Facebook

4. Long Beach Museum of Art

About half an hour drive from Anaheim, the Long Beach Museum of Art is magnificence for art lovers and museum seekers. The museum exhibits a huge collection of more than 3000 drawings, sculptures, decorative objects, paintings, and innovative work on paper. Some of the major includes are from early 20th-century European Art, California’s contemporary artwork & modernism, and American decorative arts objects. The museum is operational from Thursdays to Sundays every week and organizes several artmaking workshops and exhibitions of Art on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Another appreciable factor about the Long Beach Museum of Art is its waterfront location and beautiful outdoor seating that draws the visitors here the most.

Top Museum in Anaheim-Long Beach Museum of Art

Image Source Photo Courtesy Long Beach Museum of Art From Facebook

5. Crystal Arts, Main Street U.S.A

Crystal Arts is a gallery cum store located at the Main Street U.S.A., Disneyland, dedicated to some beautiful art pieces, merchandise, collectables, souvenirs, and whatnot. Visitors can buy everything and anything from the display at the Crystal Arts or can even watch the master craftsmen creating crystal art, and beautiful glass pieces live. Not only from the display but if you want, you can also shop for customized collectibles and get them made right in front of you. All the art pieces here are moderately affordable, ranging from $50 to $150. However, if you aren’t interested in shopping, you can simply have around here and appreciate the work of display here at the Crystal Arts gallery.

6. Fine Art of Angels

The Fine Art of Angels is one of the living museums in 720 S Webster Avenue in Anaheim. It displays the artwork of Lawrence Brunmerier through one of the most peaceful and eye-soothing collection. All the paintings and artwork here are inspired by Lord, depicting angels in scenes of love, hope and guidance. Lawrence Brunmerier created all of his artwork with a motive of connecting people with god and spirituality, making them realize the beauty of the Lord in life and beyond. Some of the famous painting here include the Three Steps to Faith, created to worship, His Eye Is on the Sparrow, Restore Our Hearts, A Whisper from Within, and the Running Wild in Love. The Fine Art of Angels museum is not very popular or well-known but definitely one of the hidden treasures in Anaheim that you need to explore.

7. Franky Castle Art Haus

Another unpopular but must-visit art gallery in Anaheim, the Franky Castle Art Haus, is home to several art pieces created by locals’ artists, of which some are the most unique and magnificent you can encounter here when in the city. All the piece of Art here are coloured bold, funky, and dark, which looks something like a mosaic, but if you pay close attention, they are truly one marvel. Unlike the regular art galleries and museums in any city, the Franky Castle Art Haus isn’t dedicated to the past artwork but a place where the present and future of Art and creativity get their share of display and appreciation. Moreover, if you find any painting grabbing your attention the most, you can also buy it and take it back home at a reasonable price.

8. Donut life Museum

About 20 minutes drive from Anaheim, the next explorable art place is the Donut life Museum, where you can experience donuts in an entirely different way. It is more like an interactive and illustrative exhibition that would take the heart away of any donut lover. The museum houses a bunch of donut themed art installations/rooms where you can admire the work, get clicked and spend time. It is a great place for social media enthusiasts and photography lovers who are in search of unique and lively spots. Also, if you are in Anaheim with kids, then do consider taking them here at least once for a cute and fun experience. The Donut life Museum isn’t about anything grand but surely a unique and mesmerizing place to be at. Also, you get some free donuts at the end.

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