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Carmel-by-the Sea - Most Popular Romantic Getaway in California

7 Most Popular Romantic Getaways in California (2024)

Life in metropolitan cities and under social media’s influence takes away that romantic essence from a love relationship today. Either you are married or dating, the essence of romance is what keeps your relationship going, and you cannot deny this factful truth. Out of the hustle and bustle of life, where at times it becomes difficult balancing between your work and personal relationship, it is an ideal time for planning a romantic getaway in California.

California is a dreamy romantic State that, with its beautiful and exotic location, has always brought partners closer than ever before. Whatever you and your partner are fond of, there’s essence and abundance of everything in California. From beautifully stretching coastline, the colorful backdrop of the world’s best shimmering sunsets, alluring hills, luxurious resorts, boutiques, fine dining options, and whatnot, there are endless places that infuse romance in the quintessentially California way.

7 Most Popular Romantic Getaways in California

Whether planning your honeymoon or a quick romantic getaway with your partner, consider these “Most Popular Romantic Getaways in California.” 

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1. Carmel-by-the Sea

The tiny towns in California hold some of the most exotic and marvelous beauty, and the Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of them. It is located in Monterey county and filled with aesthetic art buildings all around. Also known as Carmel, the town was once a historic Spanish mission and today is well known for its enchanting village ambiance, little storybook cottages, hidden passages, scenic sandy beach, lovely Victorian buildings that all together infuse a surreal feeling, as it is somewhere out of the world. Carmel’s beauty, peace, calmness, and cozy affairs make it one of the most beautiful romantic getaways in California.

Carmel-by-the Sea - Most Popular Romantic Getaway in California

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What attracts the romantic hearts to this tiny town are those Fairy-tale cottages, precisely the assortment of whimsical cottages that can melt even the healthy hearts. Hansel cottage and Gretel cottage are some of the colorful flower-bedecked cottages and are worth all efforts reaching them. One can further explore Carmel Beach and Ocean Avenue, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Carmel Mission, and a 17-mile scenic coastal drive from Carmel-by-the-Sea to Lover’s Point Park. Be careful with some unusual laws here, like “Wearing heals without a special permit is prohibited within Carmel.”

2. Mendocino County

The bright natural beauty of Mendocino County gives a boost to tourism and makes it one of the prettiest vacation spots in Northern California. Mendocino is one dream destination in California where you can try some of the best local beer and wine, walk around the lush green forests, relax at the charming seaside buildings, and spend the best time with your partner near a fireplace while enjoying the divine ocean view. Mendocino County has an abundance of rivers, state parks, ecological reserves, and beaches. Though, one of the unique locations here is the MacKerricher State Park, which is vividly famous for the glass beach. The glass beach in Fort Bragg is covered in smooth, colorful glass and surrounded by a lot of marines and land wildlife.
Most Popular Romantic Getaway in California-Mendocino CountyImage Source

Another beautiful experiences in Mendocino are the boarding of the historic train. This historic train (the Skunk) takes you for a magical ride through the old-grown redwoods, pristine views that are still unchanged from centuries, crossing the highest points, a tunnel, and finally reaching into a beautiful canyon. On your romantic holiday, the historic skunk ride is one of the most popular things to do in Mendocino.

3. Victorian Village of Ferndale

For getting closer to the older Americana, the Victorian Village of Ferndale is where visitors often head. This magical town is covered at one side with lush green redwood forests and the other with Humboldt Bay. Ferndale is very popular for its stunning coastal scenery and the beautifully preserved Victorian-era architecture. More than you could ever see in pictures, Ferndale is a location to fall in love with. Walking down the main street of this quintessential town feels literally like going back into older fairy times where you are walking on the lanes of your favorite kids’ storybook. Ferndale is also home to the prosperous dairy industry that gave birth to the splendidly ornate buildings, which are commonly known as Butterfat Palaces.
Popular Romantic Getaway in California-Victorian Village of FerndaleImage Source

When here, you can try horse riding, hiking in redwood groves, have a bonfire right at the beach, try beachcombing, view exotic birds and wildlife, or picnic at the spectacular natural sights. A scenic drive along the Lost cost takes you near one of the rawest, pleasureful yet soothing nature’s rides with your partner. After you are done with your sweet couple of times, make sure you visit the historic cemetery, historic bridge, the Church of assumptions, and the fern cottages to complete your visit.

4. Paso Robles

Have you ever dreamt of driving the backroads of wine country, strolling through nature with your partner’s hand in hand, or having a candlelight dinner in some lip-smacking restaurant, if yes, the Paso Robles is then the ideal city for you? A wine lover’s paradise, Paso Robles is in San Luis Obispo County, 30 minutes from the coast halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and is known as the best-kept secret destination in California. Apart from the 300 executive wineries, the local art scenes, hot springs, charming downtown, authentic cuisines altogether contribute to this city’s charm. The hot spring bath and mud bath for which one can soak themselves in the mineral-rich springs at the River Oaks Hot Springs.
Famous Romantic Getaway in California-Paso RoblesImage Source

Another nighttime beauty that you won’t find anywhere else in the world is the Field of Light by Bruce Munro. It basically is the 58,000 stemmed spheres lightened by fiber optics that create a stary light effect on land while rolling the 15-acre landscape of Sensorio. When the pictures of this view seem so surreal, imagine what will make you feel in actuality.

5. Big Sur

One sight that you cannot miss on any of your California trips is the Big Sur. Whatever words have penned down, there’s never any justice to the pristine scenery and natural features of Big Sur. Located on the Central Coast of California between San Simeon and Carmel Highlands, right where the Santa Lucia Mountains rise from the Pacific, Big Sur is a rugged and mountainous section. Big Sur is home to redwood forests, hiking trails, recreational sports, beaches, and one of the most beautiful coastlines thus is noted amongst the one of the top tourist destinations worldwide. The ocean views and landscapes here are genuinely divine making it a refreshing site to get lost from the world.
Top Romantic Getaway in California-Big SurImage Source

Big Sur is accessible by the dramatic cliff-clinging portion of Highway 1 and is cut from almost maximum of the civilization counts, including mobile phones and internet networks. However, despite the remotes, one can find luxurious hotels, top-class amenities, fancy restaurants, and spas to explore here. Couples in the United States often choose it as a location to get pampered and rejuvenate from the hustle of city life.

6. Napa Valley

A glass of wine with your partner after a hectic day takes much of the stress away. Now imagine exploring uncountable wineries with your partner alongside, indeed one fantastic experience, right? For the same, the authentic location of Napa Valley wins for all time. Several vineyards, vast olive fields, layered fields of tomatoes, mustard, and cheese together forming a visually vibrant art scene is what the valley offers to its visitors. Apart from that, a relaxing experience of a mud bath and spa sessions in Napa Valley is the do try one even if you are visiting with your partner or are on a family vacation.
Best Romantic Getaway in California-Napa ValleyImage Source

If you are done with traditional wineries and want to explore something unique in the Napa Valley, consider visiting Castello di Amorosa, di Rosa, and the Napa Valley wine train. Castello di Amorosa is a 13th-century time-warped mystified Tuscan castle that seems like a real heavenly location with an abundance of beautiful scenery and castle architecture all around. On the other hand, di Rosa is one of those vineyards that genuinely look like an outdoor sculpture garden. Lastly, the Napa Valley train ride takes the visitors exploring 36 miles of scenic vineyard-lined terrain while serving gourmet meals within.

7. Ventana Big Sur and the Calistoga Ranch, Auberge Resorts Collection

Not the city or town treasurer, Ventana Big Sur and the Calistoga Ranch, Auberge Resorts Collection are the exotic resort treasures of California, ideal for a romantic weekend getaway. Both sites speak royalty, leisure, luxury, and pleasure, and it’s nothing wrong if we term them one of the best romantic resorts in California.
Ventana Big Sur and the Calistoga Ranch, Auberge Resorts CollectionImage Source

The Ventana Big Sur is a picturesque oceanfront land nestled in woods and is open for adults only (18+), surely where couples must head to. With interiors of quality woods, rich leather, and poppy colors, it provides a soothing and relaxing retreat, however indeed, after paying a hefty amount (all worthwhile).

Whereas the Calistoga Ranch, Auberge Resorts Collection is a 157-acre private park-like property that completes several hiking trails and every taste of royalty. For minimizing the construction and transportation impact on the surrounding forest, all of the modules for the lodges were flown in by helicopter. If you have got a chance to visit the Napa Valley, consider adding the Calistoga Ranch stay to your list.

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