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4 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations from Satna (2024)

Satna is a city in Madhya Pradesh and Satna District. The city has a prominent place in Indian mythology and history and finds reference in the Mahabharata.

Satna has several places of religious tourism and general tourism interest. Several locations nearby Satna are the perfect itinerary for anyone looking to spend a weekend amidst history, culture, and nature.

4 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations from Satna

Here’s a quick list of the top weekend getaways from Satna:

1. Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is possibly the most revered of places in Indian history. Historians and experts say that Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita had stayed at the Chitrakoot gardens during their banishment years. Not just them, other learned saints have spent some time here too, including the Sages Dattatreya and Valmiki. The Garden is so famous that you will find other gardens and even buildings sharing the name Chitrakoot. Chitrakoot is about 130 km away from Satna and one of the best weekend destinations from Satna for anyone interested in the mythology and history of India.
Top-Rated Weekend Destination from Satna-Ramghat, ChitrakootImage Source

In and around Chitrakoot, you will find other places of historical importance, like Ramghat, the place where the divine trio took their baths. The actual forested area that makes up Chitrakoot is also a popular tourist location and is one of the few places where you see Lord Rama revered as Kamadnathji. Then, there’s also the place where Lord Rama and Lakshmana met Prince Bharat, the Bharat Milap area. You will also see several other destinations with relevance to the life and times of Lord Rama, like Janki Kund, Sati Anasuya Ashrama, Hanumana Dhara, Bharat Koop, so on and so forth. You can easily spend a whole day in Chitrakoot, passing through all these places.

If you are looking for accommodation in Chitrakoot, you have some choices, as the rooms here are available for 1000 rupees or less. The prices are less because Chitrakoot is more of a divine and religious tourism. The various hotels here are Sangeeta Sadan, Hotel Chitrakoot Darshan, Ashirward Guest House, The River Front Hotel. Some of the hotels offer accommodation for prices between 2000 rupees to 5000 rupees, depending on the amenities and comfort they offer. Chitrakoot connects to Satna via road and rail. There are about five trains that stop between Chitrakoot and Satna. The train ride covers a distance of about 130 km.

2. Varanasi

Varanasi is another revered and well-known tourist location in India and the perfect weekend destination from Satna. Varanasi has several temples, ancient structures, and rich mythology and heritage that invites every tourist for a visit. The several places that you can visit in Varanasi are the Assi Ghat, which is the heart of all Varanasi tourism.
Top Weekend Destination from Satna-VaranasiImage Source

Spending some time at the Assi Ghat gives you a calmness and soothing that few other tourist locations will. Near Assi Ghat, you have the Tulsi Manasa temple, one of the few that are in dedication to Lord Rama. Historians think that Saint Tulsidas wrote the Shri Ramcharitmanas here. In Varanasi, you have the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and the Durga Temple, which will complete your itinerary of visiting Varanasi.

Varanasi is a place of religious interest, so you will find several hotels that offer you accommodation at relatively cheap prices than the other mainstream tourist locations. For example, the India Benaras hotel offers accommodation at about 2000 rupees. But there are others, like Chandra Inn, that offer accommodation at under 1000 rupees. Varanasi is about 250 km away from Satna. You will find a whopping 30 trains that stop between Varanasi and Satna, and the total train journey will last for about 6 hours.

3. Allahabad (Prayagraj)

Allahabad is one of the most prominent places in Indian tourism and is about 250 km away from Satna. Allahabad is home to several temples and religious structures. Some of the most popular tourist locations in India are in Allahabad, like the Ashoka Pillar. The Ashoka Pillar is one of the most photographed structures in India. Emperor Asoka built this after the Kalinga war. Allahabad is also the Triveni Sangam, where the three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna, and the superficial river Saraswati meet. Other places of tourist interest here are the Allahabad Fort, the Allahabad Planetarium, and the Anand Bhavan.
Amazing Weekend Destination from Satna-Ashoka Pillar, Allahabad (Prayagraj)Image Source

The Allahabad fort is one of the few that Emporer Akbar built back in the 1800s. Historians concede that Allahabad got its name from this fort, which meant Illhabas (Blessed by God). The Anand Bhawan and the Allahabad Planetarium are nearby. Allahabad Planetarium is also popular as Jawahar Planetarium. Anand Bhavan was once the residence of the Nehru-Gandhi family and was earlier known as Swaraj Bhawan. Prayagraj connects well via train to Satna. There are around 25 trains that ply between Satna and Prayagraj. The total time taken to travel to this popular tourist location from Satna is around 3 hours.

4. Fatehpur

Fatehpur in Rajashtan is around 230 KM away from Satna and one of the most vibrant and colorful destinations in India. Fatehpur and Rajasthan are few places having some of the most beautiful royal palaces and temples, making it a must-visit weekend destination from Satna. The two temples here are the Balaji Dham and the Dwarkadhish Temple. The other must-visit places in Fatehpur are the Fatehpur Sikri fort, the Buland Darwaza, Jodhabai’s Palace, the Diwan-i-Khas, and other such structures. All of these places have beautiful architecture and make for great photography locations. These places also give you an idea of royal life. For example, Jodhabai’s palace was the official residence of Emperor Akbar’s wives. There are only two trains that connect Fatehpur to Satna. The time taken to travel from Fatehpur to Satna is about 3 hours.
Best Weekend Destination from Satna-Dwarkadhish Temple, FatehpurImage Source

These are the top weekend destinations from Satna. Because most of these destinations are easily accessible by train, the weekend escapes from Satna become quite economical for the discerning tourist.

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