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5 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations From Vadodara

5 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations From Vadodara (2024)

Vadodara is one of the most popular cities in Gujarat. Like Surat, Vadodara is also hustling and bustling with businesses. Also, like Surat, Vadodara surrounds itself with tourist locations that cater to all kinds of tourists, from those interested in religious tourism to those who have a knack to visit places that offer natural beauty and calmness.

So, if you are in Vadodara and planning for a weekend outing, here’s a list of all the top weekend destinations from Vadodara that should make your itinerary. If you are short on time have just one day on your hands, head over to Dakor, which is about 70 km from Vadodara and is home to the Galteshwar Temple, a Shiva temple that has intricate carvings depicting religious entities. The Galteshwar temple is about 15 km away from the main Dakor area.

5 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations From Vadodara

Take a Look at Weekend Destinations From Vadodara:

1. Gandhi Nagar

Just about two hours from Vadodara is the hometown of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi Nagar. The place has a deep connection with Mahatma Gandhi, and several institutions honor his memory, like the Dandi Kutir Museum which gives you an insight into the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi.

Top Weekend Destination From Vadodara-Dandi Kutir Museum, Gandhi Nagar

By Dandi Kutir -The Gandhi Museum Image Source

For those tourists interested in religious tourism, Gandhi Nagar has the Akshardham Temple, one of the most beautiful temples with intricately carved walls, pillars, and interiors. The entire temple is built of marble and sandstone, giving it an ethereal and unique look.

But the most popular tourist location in Gandhinagar is the Indora Nature Park, which is the location for the fossilized and petrified eggs of Dinosaurs, with tourists comparing the Indora Nature Park to the fictional Jurassic Park.

Fossils from various parts of Gujarat were brought here. That’s not all, though. Indora Nature Park is also home to several other wildlife, including animals, birds, and mammals, so you get to see lions, leopards, sambar, and other animals. It is the only dinosaur museum in India, making it an unforgettable weekend destination from Vadodara.

To travel from Vadodara to Gandhi Nagar via train, you will first need to take a train to Sabarmati Junction and then take a train to Gandhi Nagar Station.

2. Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu are two islands that have a prominent place in the itinerary of any knowledgeable tourist. The islands are a unique experience that gives tourists an idea of the Portuguese architecture and the lifestyle of yore. Just about 250 km away from Vadodara, Daman and Diu have the Devka Beach and the Lighthouse Beach that offers watersports options.5 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations From Vadodara Image Source

Not just that, Daman has those long winding roads surrounded on both sides with greenery, the staple of islands, and the beach life. So, you can spend a lazy evening just driving through and taking in the scenic beauty of nature at its finest on both sides. To reach Daman by train from Vadodara, you will first need to board a train for Vapi.

From Vapi, Daman is about 12 minutes away.

3. Mount Abu

A longer ride, but one that’s certainly worth it is Mount Abu, one of the most popular hill stations in the area and an excellent weekend destination from Vadodara. Mount Abu is the perfect culmination of religious and casual tourism and has even something for those looking for the adrenaline rush of trekking. Mount Abu is about 320 km from Vadodara. Mount Abu is of specific interest to people interested in religious tourism, because of the several temples here, like the Dilwara Jain temples, the Adhar Devi temple, and the Gaumukh Temple.
Image Source

For people interested in historic tourism, Mount Abu has the Achalgarh fort. For those looking for a quiet time, Mount Abu has the Abu Lake, where you can also go boating. Another important place of tourist interest in Mount Abu is the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to several birds, animals, and other wildlife. With so many tourist locations in the vicinity, Mount Abu becomes one of the most fulfilling weekend destinations from Vadodara, even if it is a bit of a drive.

Another place of tourist interest that’s unique in Mount Abu is Vicky’s Celebrity Wax Museum, which has the wax statues of several celebrities and prominent personalities, including politicians. Apart from this, the museum has a house of horrors, quite similar to Sunil’s Wax Museum in Lonavala, with a wax museum and a house of horror in the vicinity.

Reaching Abu from Vadodara is pretty simple, as there’s a direct train from Abu to Vadodara that takes about 6 hours.

4. Palitana

Palitana is an underrated weekend destination from Vadodara in the Gujarat area, as very few tourists know about the abundance of natural beauty and historically important places that exist in Palitana. The various temples that you can visit while in Palitana are the Jambudweep temple, the Kumarpal temple, the Vimalshah temple, and the Shatrunjaya Hill temple. There are about 900 temples on the Shatrunjaya hills, a mesmerizing sight to see. The temples are of marble, adding to the sheer beauty of the place. Palitana is about 250 km away from Vadodara, and by train, it will take you nine hours to reach.
Amazing Weekend Destination From Vadodara-Jambudweep Temple, Palitana Image Source

5. Saputara

Saputara, which is in Maharashtra state, is another perfect weekend destination from Vadodara. Saputara is about 300 km away from Vadodara and is popular for its scenic beauty and tourist places of religious interest.
Sight-seeing Weekend Destination From Vadodara-Saputara Hill StationsImage Source

Saputara is one of the few hill stations around, so you will find several camping sites that offer you a complete experience, right from staying in tents to exploring the hilly area. In Saputara, you also have the option to experience go-karting and cheap rates, a rarity for those who live in the cities where go-karting ranges don’t exist or charge high prices.

Saputara Hills have several points from where you get an incredible view of the valley below. You can also visit the Rose Garden and the Saputara Adventure Park. All this makes for a jampacked weekend itinerary for those traveling from Vadodara.

To reach Saputara by train, you will first need to board travel via Surat towards Valsad and then take another mode of transport from Valsad to Saputara.

These are the various weekend destinations from Vadodara. All of these destinations are approachable via road, which makes for a memorable road trip if you are up for it.

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