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Children's Park - Top Place To Visit In Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar Travel Guide: Top 8 Places To Visit In Gandhinagar (2024)

Gandhinagar has historical, political, and cultural importance for Gujarat. It is the capital of the state of Gujarat and is, therefore, one of the most active cities in the country. Gandhinagar has political and historic importance because it is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, who many consider being the Father of the Indian freedoms struggle. So, there are several places here that played an important part in Mahatma Gandhi’s life and therefore the Indian freedom struggle. You would need a couple of days to visit all the places in Gandhinagar, and a weekend outing is the best outing for those planning to explore Gujarat. Here are some of the interesting places to visit in Gandhinagar:

Gandhinagar Travel Guide: Top 8 Places To Visit In Gandhinagar

1. Children’s Park

As the name suggests, the Children’s Park is one of the few places that are exclusively planned for children and adults can visit to rest for a while. The Children’s Park in Gandhi Nagar has a toy train and a boating facility. Along with that, it has several low-key rides and activity areas for kids. Gandhi Nagar Park is also known as Fun Land. Like every place that’s specifically planned for children, adults might find it a bit underwhelming. Some stalls serve snacks and beverages, and this is at most an afternoon to evening affair for anyone who wishes to visit. The Children’s Park is in Sector 28 of Gandhinagar. 

Children's Park - Top Place To Visit In Gandhinagar

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2. Indroda National Park

The Indroda National Park holds a special interest to children and adults alike. Not only does it have a veritable feast for the eyes in terms of flowers, trees, and plants, it is also home to the only dinosaur park in India. The Indroda National Park has a zoo, a museum, an amphitheater, and actual displays of dinosaurs. Also, it has a botanical garden. The Indroda National Park has something for everyone. The good part about the Indroda National Park doesn’t have most of the wild animals in an enclosure, so you can experience their activities and style of living right there. There’s a minimal entry fee for the park. You will also see the fossils of the dinosaurs. The entire place is spread about 400 acres.

Another unique aspect is the open deer park, where you will see deer prancing about in the open.

The exact address of the Indroda National Park is J Road Geer Foundation, Deer Park, Indroda Village, Gandhinagar.

3. Akshardham Temple

The Akshardham Temple is another famous landmark and place of religious and tourist interest in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The temple is one of the biggest in India and it took a total of thirteen years to build it. The temple is proof of the architectural marvel that Indian structures can be. With more than two hundred sculptures and intricate designs, domes, pillars all around, the Akshardham temple is truly a tourist and architectural student’s delight. The center of the temple is home to the seven-foot-tall sculpture of Swaminarayan.

There are several aspects here that would interest tourists and students of history. For example, the water show talks about an important chapter from Indian culture, the story of Nachiketa.

Other than that, the Akshardham temple is also host to several cultural programs, events, and programs that talk about science, spirituality, and culture. The Akshardham temple isn’t just a tourist destination, it has something for nature lovers as well. Spread over 15 acres, you have the Sahajanand Van, which has all the greenery like trees, plants, and flowers that a nature lover would love to spend their time in. The Sahajanad Van also is home to seven spots, the seven sculptures that show various incidents from Hindu mythology. Even the Sahajanand Van, which has a seating capacity of about 9000 people sometimes works as an open-air auditorium.

You can spend an entire afternoon and evening in the Akshardham temple and its vicinity. Some pro-tips though, photography and videography are not allowed in the premises. Also, you cannot take food and beverages inside the premises. One word of caution, this is a temple premises and one of the most important ones at that, so you should dress appropriately so that you don’t look out of place.

The exact address of Akshardham temple is Sector 20, J Road, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

4. Sarita Udyan

Another location that you can visit in Gandhinagar is Sarita Udyan. This garden does not have much to offer, but you can still walk through all the greenery. Adjacent to this park is the Deer Park, which, as the name suggests, has some beautiful deer that you can view. The exact address of Sarita Udyan is Sector 9, Indroda Village.

5. Puneet Van

You also have the Puneet Van, home to more than 3000 trees and plants. The Van translates into the forest. The Puneet Van is unique because it is one of the few human-made forests that has its plants and flowers bifurcated and demarcated according to the plant or tree’s importance in Hindu mythology. Puneet Van is a nature enthusiast’s paradise as well as a great place for someone who is into nature photography. It is a beautiful place to walk through, but until early 2020, the park had several places where the plants had not come to full bloom as yet. So, there are chances that you might see some bald patches while you are walking through. Other than that, have fun. The exact address of Puneet Van is 4B, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Amazing Place To Visit In Gandhinagar-Puneet Van

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6. Dandi Kutir

You also have the Dandi Kutir, a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. The Dandi Kutir also shows a forty-five-minute-long video about Mahatma Gandhi.

7. Fun Land

And if you are looking for a place that’s equal amounts of fun and chill, head over to Fun Land. This is an amusement park and a rare one for those who know Vadodara and Gujarat well. Places like Mumbai have their Esselworld and Imagica and Vadodara has Fun Land, a themed children’s park that has enough rides to keep children and adults amused for an hour or two.

These are some of the places that you can visit in Gandhinagar. Most of these places are on the common itinerary that travel agents offer for day-long and weekend-long outings in Gandhinagar. Apart from these, you can visit the Sabarmati Ashram, the Sabarmati river, and several other places related to Mahatma Gandhi.

8. Craftsman Village

Another interesting place to visit in Gandhinagar is the Craftsman village, an entire area that’s dedicated to artisans and their products. A visit to this village introduces to the exquisite art and handicrafts that the artisans of India create. Craftsman Village is a great place to find out more about the concept of Indian handlooms and the important role that they play in Indian culture.

To view all these places, you will need at least a weekend. So, you might want to look for accommodation options in Gandhinagar. Gandhinagar is a tourist hotspot, so you will see that several hotels offer accommodation. The price range for these rooms is from 1000 rupees to about 4000 rupees. For example, you have the Hotel Vivan, the Hotel Belen, Hotel Vlee International, and others. There are a lot of hotels, so you will need to check which one fits your budget and requirements.

The best way to visit all of these places in Gandhinagar in a simple, hassle-free, and economic manner is to book any of the tours available.

These tours offer you almost everything, right from breakfast to the cab charges under one flat fee.

Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat, and therefore one of the most well-connected places. The place connects via road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is in Hansol, the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport. Gandhinagar railway station is an important one as well, as Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat and you see several rail routes cover this station. You will also see several buses that ply on this route. Also, you will see state transport buses that go on this route, so reaching Gandhinagar should not be an issue.

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