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Sursagar Lake

Visit Sursagar Lake: The Lake With a Infamous History of Being a Suicide Destination in Gujarat (2024)

Sursagar Lake also known as Chand Talao is one of the more popular tourist locations in Vadodara, Gujarat. The lake connects to the Vishwamitra River. There are some structures of religious interest within the Sursagar Lake area as well. Read this article to know what to expect if you plan to visit Sursagar Lake.

The Sursagar Lake Experience

Though Sursagar Lake is within Vadodara city, it is pretty secluded and therefore makes an excellent destination for anyone looking to experience calm and serenity within Vadodara city. In the middle of the Sursagar lake, there’s a large Lord Shiva statue. The statue itself is unique, because it shows Lord Shiva in an almost jovial mood, unlike the other statues that we see. Also, unlike the other lakes and waterfalls in Gujarat, you will not be able to take a dip in the pool, as most of it is cordoned off. However, you will see several people at the periphery all through the day.

The Sursagar Lake Experience
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Sursagar Lake is infamous as a suicide spot in Vadodara, and that is because it was pretty secluded and easily accessible. However, the entire lake is cordoned off now and you will see police protection all about the place. You can spend a couple of hours, the lake on one side and the hustle and bustle of the Vadodara city on the other side.

You will be able to spend around half an hour at the Lake, taking in the calmness, surrounded by everything else that Vadodara city has to offer. The periphery of the Sursagar Lake has several temples, including the Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Mandir and the Hanuman Mandir, which has the area abuzz with tourists from all over the place.

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One pro-tip about the Sursagar Lake, you don’t need to set aside an entire day to visit the Sursagar Lake. You can set your itinerary so that you spend the morning or the afternoon at the Lake and then proceed to visit any of the other places in Vadodara. Also, the Sursagar Lake is famous among tourists for the boating experience that it offers. Sursagar Lake is bang in the middle of the Vadodara city, so you do not have to worry about the food aspect as you can head over for lunch at any of the hotels in the vicinity. Make sure that you have sunglasses and a cap to counter the infamous Gujarat heat, and make the most of the photographic background that you have in the Sursagar Lake.

Though, there are other places in Vadodara that you can visit and make your visit to Gujarat more interesting.

Places Near Sursagar Lake

Vadodara is about 2000 years old and has an important place in India’s history and culture. It has several places of religious and historic interest, like the Vishwamitir River, the UNESCO sites of Pavagadh, Champaner, and others. Another place that you can visit in Vadodara is the Laxmi Vilas Palace, one of the few Royal places that exist in India today and have survived time. The Palace is the official residence of Vadodara’s royal family. The other place that you can visit is the Sayani Baug and the Aurobindo Ashram. All of these places are in Vadodara, so you can visit them within a weekend. Vadodara is famous for its shopping options and culinary options as well. So, you can spend a quiet evening trying out the various dishes and fashion options that are available on the streets of Vadodara.

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Stay Options Near Sursagar Lake

There are several hotels in Vadodara that offer you accommodation at low prices. You will get a hotel room for as low as 1000 rupees per day. Vadodara is a busy business and tourist spot, so you search right, you will get rooms for as low as 300 and 500 rupees per night as well. Some famous hotels are the Hotel Crystal, Hotel Alpha, Hotel Rahi Inn, which are within a kilometer of Vadodara Junction. Another popular option is the dormitory system, which offers you a cot and a place to store your belongings for a nominal amount. The downside of staying at a dormitory is that you won’t have a lot of privacy and you will share washroom facilities with others. However, dormitories are safe options for those on a budget and large group that are looking to stay for a few days in Vadodara.

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How to Reach Sursagar Lake?

It is pretty simple to reach Vadodara, as the place connects well via air, train, and bus. Vadodara is just six hours away from the airport, so it is more accessible than many other tourist locations in Gujarat.

How to Reach Sursagar Lake?
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Vadodara has a busy railway station as well, and the routes run from all the other destinations in India, including Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. You can also travel to Vadodara via road. There are state transport buses as well as private buses that ply on this route from places like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and other such places.

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