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Shri Veni Madhav Mandir - Top Spiritual Destination in Prayagraj

Top 12 Spiritual Destinations in Prayagraj (2024)

The temples and spiritual destinations of the Uttar Pradesh province, especially Prayagraj are significant to its undebased beauty among all its other tourist hubs.

Most of these temples and their constructions date back to centuries. They’re preserved and maintained in its pure form even now.

They are undoubtedly a paragon of classic Mughal and royal Rajasthani flair, even with a touch of the medieval European style. The numerous Ghats, adjacent to the temples, is another sight that you can only find here.

Now we are off to visit one of UP’s most prosperous cities, Allahabad, well known as Prayagraj. Prayagraj doesn’t need a prologue, as apparently, the city is famous for the Triveni Sangam and the Kumbh Mela, which is a duodecennial occasion, a highly regarded one as per the Hindu Mythology.

The prominence and traces of Popular Temples to visit in Prayagraj are not limited to the Triveni Sangam. Let’s have a look at some of the popular spiritual destinations to visit in Prayagraj.

Top 12 Spiritual Destinations in Prayagraj

#1 Shankar Viman Mandapam

Shankar Viman Mandapam, located on the outskirts of Prayagraj city, is a vast temple, dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva.

You can see the 130 ft high tower of the temple from kilometers away, which resembles the Dravidian style of temple architecture, having giant towers as the temple entrances.

The temple, constructed on four floors, has deities of Goddess Kamakshi, Swami Shankara Acharya, a famous Hindu saint, a philosopher, and 108 deities of Lord Vishnu.

For transit, there’s public bus transport available. The nearest railway central in Allahabad is around 6.7 km away from the temple.  Spiritual Destination in Prayagraj - Shankar Viman Mandapam

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#2 Sankatmochan Hanuman Temple

Sankatmochan Hanuman temple of Prayagraj, located on the banks of river Ganga worships its prime deity, Lord Anjaneya, in his reclining form.

The famous Hindu saint and philosopher, Saint Samarth Guru Ramdas, was the founder of this temple, which shares its temple complex with other major Hindu deities of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Sitaram, Madhav, goddess Durga, Ganesh and the idols of Navgrah.

This spiritual destination in Prayagraj is in the suburbs of Daraganj, a beautiful landscape adjacent to the banks of river Ganga.

The Allahabad Railway station is close, just 1.3 km away.  sankatmochan-hanuman-temple - Top Spiritual Destination in Prayagraj

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#3 Shri Veni Madhav Mandir

The belief is that Lord Vishnu, as the idol of Madhav, is protecting the land of Prayagraj by taking 12 different forms, and hence there are 12 temples dedicated to the worship of Lord Madhav.  Best Spiritual Destination in Prayagraj - Shri Veni Madhav Mandir


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Amongst the 12 temples, Shri Veni Madhav Mandir is considered the prosperous one, where Lord Vishnu is residing in his original form.

The idol here in Shri Veni Madhav Mandir, made of Shaligram stone, is a fossilized shell resembling the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

This spritual destination in Prayagraj witnesses a massive influx of devotees during festivities, and Bhajans here are very popular.

Allahabad Railway central is nearly 7 km away from the temple.

#4 Takshakeshwar Nath Temple

Takshak, according to Hindu Mythology, is a royal serpent, portrayed as a powerful and an esteemed serpent. This temple, dedicated to Takshak, where he is worshipped along with Lord Shiva, resembling the sacred snake he wears around his neck.

As per Hindu scriptures, Takshak was driven away by Lord Krishna, when he visited the abode of cow keepers in Vrindavan. Takshak rested here, on the banks of river Yamuna after the incident.

Takshakeshwar Nath Temple is just 3.4 km away from the nearest Allahabad central junction. 

#5 Dashashwamedh Temple

The Yajna of Ashwamedh is a sacred ritual performed to establish dominance and peace over different territories of the province. According to Hindu Scriptures, the creator, Lord Brahma, performed the Yajna, for building peace and prosperity.

The Dashashwamedh Temple’s construction was on this land where the Ashwamedha Yagna was performed and worshiped Lord Shiva, its prime deity.

There are also idols of Nandi Deva, Shesha Naga, and the Trident of Lord Shiva worshipped here.

Another major attraction of the pilgrims are the footprints of the great Hindu philosopher, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu; it’s impression formed into a slab.

Dashashwamedh Temple, situated 7 km away from the nearest railway central of Prayagraj. 

#6 Shri Akhileshwar Mahadev Temple Complex

The temple complex, is dedicated to the deity of Lord Shiva in the form of Akhileshwar Mahadev. The society behind the establishment of Shri Akhileshwar Mahadev temple Complex is actively involved in the community services and has designed a peaceful, pious atmosphere for the devotees.

The complex also houses the Satsang Bhavan, where the devotees worship Lord Akhileshwar Mahadev, a substantial foundation area.

There is also a Dhyan Mandapam, a place for meditation inside the temple complex, one of the most pleasant points of the temple complex.

Shri Akhileshwar Mahadev Temple Complex is situated 7 km away from the prime railway central in Allahabad.  Shri Akhileshwar Mahadev Temple Complex - Popular Spiritual Destination in Prayagraj

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#7 Bharadwaj Ashram

The sacred abode of Saint Bhardwaj has a prominent place in the Hindu epic, Ramayana. The belief that Lord Rama, along with Sita and Lakshmana, during their exile, visited the Ashram of Saint Bharadwaj, known as Chitrakoot.

Bharadwaj Ashram, is a place where saint Bharadwaj taught his disciples, a form of primary education. Currently, Bharadwaj Ashram is a famous temple to visit in Prayagraj, which witnesses a massive influx of devotees during festivities.

Lord Mahadev, Saint Bharadwaj, and Goddess Kali are the prime deities worshipped here. There’s also a beautiful park nearby, belonging to the Ashram.

The nearest railway central is Allahabad, which is 8 km away from the Bharadwaj Ashram. 

#8 Bargad Ghat

One of the most renowned Lord Anjaneya temples of Prayagraj is situated alongside the Bargad Ghat, adjacent to the river Yamuna.

The Hanuman temple’s establishment traces back to centuries, with a giant entrance and the whole building made of mostly red sandstone.

The large entrance is the temple’s biggest attraction, which has impressions of mantras according to the Hindu scriptures all over its body.

Moreover, the picturesque location of the temple, prospered by its scenic beauty, peaceful ambiance, and the divine atmosphere that provides an entirely different vibe.

There are also many temples nearby Bargad Ghat, which is also filled with local shops, street food, and stalls, offering a perfect hub for shopping.

It is preferable to use a private mode of transport from the Allahabad central junction, which is just 3.7 km away. 

#9 Shri Mankameshwar Mandir

When you take the list of the oldest temples of the world, Shri Mankameshwar Mandir of Prayagraj, is found among the top ranks.

Shri Mankameshwar temple, located in such beautiful surroundings, is a sign of dedication to the worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This is one of the most crowded temples of Prayagraj and shares its authentic tradition and legend to the world.

The architectural works of the temple, in its structure, catches our attention in no time. The pillars, walls, towers of the temple have illustrations depicting the stories of Hindu Mythology and the beautiful carvings stating the Vedas, and Shiv Purana etc.

Monday is a special day for worshipping the deities as many eatables, including milk and garlands, are offered by the worshippers. It will be a great experience for sure, considering the proximity to the central location and the temple complex’s ambiance.

Shri Mankameshwar Mandir is just 5.5 km away from the Allahabad junction railway station. 

#10 Nag Vasuki Mandir

According to the Hindu scriptures, Vasuki is a royal serpent, renowned as the king of the snakes and the strongest of them. Some of the folklore and some parts of Hindu scriptures also suggest that Vasuki is the serpent Lord Shiva is wearing around his neck.

Even though the stories contradict, it is evident that Lord Vasuki has a prominent role in Hindu Mythology and appears in many of the Puranas.

The Nag Vasuki Mandir, dedicated to the worship of Vasuki, is situated on the banks of river Ganga at a prime location in Prayagraj.

The Nag Panchami is an auspicious occasion where the temple witnesses a massive influx of devotees. The belief that worshipping Nag Vasuki will relieve the devotees from the curse of serpents.

The beautiful temple complex, with carvings of different royal serpents, is a must-have experience for tourists visiting Prayagraj.

Nag Vasuki Mandir, located on the outskirts of Allahabad, is 7.7 km away from the Allahabad central railway station. 

#11 Akshayavat

Akshayavat is a sacred fig tree worshipped by the Hindus, which is closely associated with the Vishnu Puran. In the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Narasimha, his devotee, Sage Markandeya, asks him to show his power to the world. A flood originates, which destroys everything except the Akshayavat tree.

Since then, the tree is considered a sign of strength and devotion towards Lord Vishnu and is currently residing inside the Allahabad Fort.

During the duodecennial occasion of the Kumbh Mela of Prayag, the Akshayavat tree is also a significant worship hub amongst Hindu devotees. There are some restrictions on the visitors’ timing and permits to visit the Akshayavat tree in the Allahabad Fort.

For transit, the Allahabad Fort, located 7.2 km away from the Allahabad central railway junction. 

#12 All Saints Cathedral

Prayagraj is not just a prime pilgrim destination for the followers of the Hindu religion. The beautiful church, which is locally known as Patthar Girja, is a lovely building in Prayagraj, which approves of the fact as mentioned above.

The beautiful surroundings are a significant attraction apart from the building itself, which is simply an eye-catcher. It won’t be an exaggeration to state it as one of India’s best artworks in the classic British style of architecture.

The carvings in the Gothic style, which was very much in popularity during the 13th-century European countries, add to the All Saints Cathedral’s mesmerizing looks in Prayagraj.

It is also one of the most famous religious places of worship for the Anglo Indian community in North India. The All Saints Cathedral is also a beautiful place to hang out, with vibrant and serene surroundings. 

A Final Word

We took a fulfilling journey through some of the most popular temples and other important places of worship to visit in Prayagraj. Each of the temples we saw is unique with its own background story, and it’s a serene connection to the Hindu Mythology.

Like said, most of these temples were established centuries ago and strike a sharp take on the maintenance and preservation of the ancient scriptures and architectures.

If you plan for a pilgrim trip to the sacred land of Prayagraj, visit all these religious places of worship, when it’s safe to travel again.

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