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Corona Heights Park - Beautiful Hidden Place Near San Francisco

10 Beautiful Hidden Places Near San Francisco Only A Few People Know About (2024)

San Francisco is a city full of startling surprises. Even after living there for a long time, people fail to explore it fully. There are always some places in San Francisco that remain unknown even to the locals. These may include hidden forests, a waterfall, an ancient cemetery, or even populated localities. These hidden gems provide an even larger view of this bustling city of the United States. When explored, these places can reveal a lot about ancient and medieval America’s traditions, culture, and lifestyle. Here are ten of the hidden places near San Francisco which are sure to blow your minds away:

10 Beautiful Hidden Places Near San Francisco Only A Few People Know About

  1. The Unexplored Beaches: These include places like Marshall’s beach and the China beach. They both provide a view of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Sunsets are stunning views while walking through the sands to the bridge. There are little cove formations on these tiny beaches, and during the tides, you can find various kinds of starfish, jellyfish, and mussels. The Chinese beach got its name from the Chinese fishermen who regularly visited the cove and camped in full glory.
  2. Corona Heights Park: Though the name is not entirely welcome during this pandemic, yet the excellent panoramic views that this place witnesses are indeed a thing to observe if you visit here. Not many people know about this, but this park has some exciting formations of red rock. It was also named the Red Rock hill owing to this feature. The Beaver street wall, Twin Peaks, and the East Bay are the common sites to visit here. Corona Heights Park - Beautiful Hidden Place Near San FranciscoImage Source
  3. Mount Davidson: More than 900 feet tall, this is the highest point of San Francisco. It is often overshadowed by another mountain called the Twin Peaks. Though the Twin Peaks provide fantastic panoramic views, the gush of great eucalyptus forests and the 103 feet summit of Mount Davidson mark its charm in an altogether different way. Tourists and locals often overlook it, which makes it one of the hidden places near San Francisco that surely needs more human attention.
  4. Urbano Sundial: The massive sundial measures about 28 feet tall and 26 feet in height. Some historians suggest that it was built as a cosmic calendar built on a power spot. The most likely reason for its existence is a decorative piece in the center, previously known as Ingleside Racetrack. Even the locals do not know about it, and this makes it a hidden gem.
  5. Fort Point: San Francisco is a city full of fascinating historic sites, and many of them have remained hidden for an extended period. One such site is Fort Point. It is situated south of the Golden Gate Bridge. The fort is famous for its strength and rigidity, but it is one of the unexplored places. Many people cannot realize that it is located in such a prime spot, and they often overlook it. The great walls, cravings, and ammunition sites are worth watching here.
  6. Balmy Alley: Located in the Mission District, this alley is also less popular as many tourists only visit the Clarion Alley and do not bother to step any further. Located between 25th and 26th streets, this alley consists of most murals in San Francisco. It also depicts political and social issues through various styles and designs.
  7. Camera Obscura: This place was built in the 1940s and is located near Lands End. It features the installation and museum of a working camera obscura. It is unique in its sense and very hard to find in the whole world. It is present in the National Register of Historic Places, which saves it from destruction.
  8. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps: This place is tucked in a residential area and is often not explored, and it remains one of the hidden places near San Francisco. The steps are painted and decorated by collaborators and people residing in the area. If you look closely, you can even find the names of people who have contributed to this project. It is a lovely view, a picture-friendly spot, and one of the best places to visit in the city.
    16th Avenue Tiled Steps - Beautiful Hidden Place Near San Francisco

    Image Source: Flickr (zoxcleb)

  9. Ina Coolbrith Park: This place has one of the best views of the city’s bay and skyline. You have to make your way to this place through the town’s steep streets, so this place remains one of the hidden places near San Francisco. You can get a view of the downtown skyscrapers, Bay Bridge, and almost all the towers. This place is serene and peaceful, with some fantastic picture-friendly spots that will surely make your trip extra special.
  10. Bernal Heights Park: While Bernal Heights Park is a favorite spot for many locals, many visitors do not know it exists. You can view the whole city from here, and the Golden Gate Bridge looks even more beautiful from above. While the famous mountains get special attention, this spot remains a secret because it is located a bit inside, and many tourists ignore it. However, this is one of the most excellent sites to explore with its endless scenic beauty and natural aura.

Bottom line

Referring to the most important city to the west of the California, it is surprising how some of these beautiful spots have never been explored in the city. The hidden places near San Francisco hold an aura of magic, and as they get unfolded, the mystery comes out.

One can never get tired of watching the beautiful sunsets, the birds continuously chirping, the trees full of lush green leaves and colorful fruits, the mystic charm of architecture, slopes landing too dangerous slides, and so much more. The charm of the city seems somewhat missing without these places. They are also filled with natural beauty as they are mostly unexplored by humans.

If you wish to know the real San Francisco and discover it, then a trip to these hidden places is a must to complete your experience and fulfill your desires of exploring a city so diverse and majestic in its absolute sense.

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