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Unique and Cool Things To Do In Anaheim

8 Unique and Cool Things To Do In Anaheim (2023)

The house to the mouse, the dynamic Orange country hub, and a world-class vacation destination, the city of Anaheim knows the right tricks to draw travelers all-round the year. Anaheim is one of the famous South Californian cities that is known all across the world for being home to the wonderful and magnificent “Disneyland. However, that’s not all; this wonderful city has stored a lot more than Disney charm and beyond the hub of amusement parks.

A trip to Anaheim is never short of fun, and there are endless cool and unique things you can try and enjoy upon. From tasting the appetizing meals, rooting for the professional hockey and baseball matches, or trying a flying simulation, there’s an abundance of fun and activities that you might not expect from Anaheim, but once you are here, you can surely try them on and have a great holiday time. To explore a little more than Disneyland and to look at the city closely, do try these Unique and cool things to do in Anaheim on your next trip here. Have a look:

Unique and Cool Things To Do In Anaheim

Explore the Finest of Anaheim via Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

The Flightdeck center is a one-of-a-kind experience where you can actually rent the opportunity to fly fighter jets and a Boeing 737 flight simulator in actual cockpit simulators. Despite you have any prior experience for the same, you can surely try your hands and fulfill that adrenaline rush at the Flightdeck flight simulation center in Anaheim. The service is available for individuals above 11 years of age, along with classroom training and in-flight instruction to sit in the hot seat. The experience here is far more authentic and real than a regular computer game, and it will give you no chance to doubt if you are actually flying. For an enhanced experience, visitors can change into a real flying suit as well. A visit here will ensure you a challenging aviation-themed adventure that will remain unforgettable and immeasurable with any other for the lifetime. Only keep in mind to make a reservation prior to a week or so.

Grab Yourself Some Fine Food at the ANAHEIM PACKING DISTRICT

Every city boasts some unique food flavors, and so does Anaheim. The Anaheim Packing District, located at 440 S Blvd, is a hub for upscale food courts, bars, and local vendors selling some of the best tastes of the city. The place is served with more than two dozen food stalls offered by artisan food and beverage merchants presenting a range of distinctive tastes from Indian, Japanese, Southern U.S, Mexican, Syrian, Vietnam, and where not. Though there’s enough space to sit and eat bur during holidays and weekends, the area usually remains jam-packed. The place, though, was first an abandoned warehouse for decades, but a few years before, it got transformed into a multi-story food building where you can enjoy flavors of your choice, along with some live events and music.

Anaheim Packing District - Things to do in Anaheim

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Skate at the Rinks Anaheim ICE

Located at 300 W Lincoln Avenue, the Rinks Anaheim ICE is one magnificent experience where you can get actually numb. It is a top-notch facility, an indoor ice rink complex dedicated specifically towards the development of ice skating and ice hockey in the United States. Visitors and the local public can visit here any day and try their feet on their coolest adventure sport in Anaheim. For attending any session, visitors have to register online at the official website and then they can learn a few ice-skating lessons to brush up on the skills and perfect the craft. This ice skating and hockey complex is within easy reach of Pearson Park, about one ten minutes walk through North Lemon Street. The prices to participate and learning lessons here are affordable, plus the experience justifies supremely for the same. Not only the ice adventure but the complex building in itself is one of the major architectural feats of the city by Frank Gehry.

Mark a Shot at the Camelot Golfland

There is an abundance of outdoor fun and adventure in Anaheim, and the Camelot Golf land is one prime amongst them. It is a family-friendly place in the city with four Mini-golf courses, Fast Car Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Outdoor Laser Runner Laser Tag, Outdoor Arcade, and a little yummy pizza restaurant. Camelot is only a 15-minute drive from Disneyland right at 3200 E Carpenter Avenue, functional from 10 to 10 all throughout the week. All the four mini-golf courses are characterized in themes, including 1 traditional gold course with a windmill, 1 dinosaur themed and the other 2 in water theme. The Golf land here is functional from the late 19th century, but despite its age, the entire sight is quite well maintained, and you will be left with experience, amazement, and tiredness after trying all the adventure activities around.

Spend Some Hours at the Mission Escape Games

One of the unique and fun experiences in Anaheim, the Mission Escape Games provides you with an unusual escape from the regular Disneyland and adventure park fun of the city. It is a premier site consisting of escape rooms where you can have fun around with your friends or strangers and challenge your mind to escape the puzzles (rooms). The puzzles here are 100 % original, and the sessions are about an hour long. The ultimate goal of any participant is to beat the time and escape the room; aka solve the puzzle. It is a team-based, fun experience that will never leave you bored and fill your blood with another level of excitement. The Mission Escape Games is ideal for both kids and adults and is also noted as one of the unique things to do in Anaheim. The best amongst all the puzzles here is the Ultimate Bank Heist, something that you must not miss.

Eat and Explore At The Bustling Vietnamese Community of Little Saigon

The largest concentration of Vietnamese outside their home country, the Little Saigon in Orange County, is where you can get tangled into the shopping and dining experience. It is a suburban mix of residential and commercial buildings spread over a three-square-mile area of Garden Grove and Westminster. Little Saigon is about 10 miles from the city center of Anaheim and can be reached via CA-22 W Broadway and Brookhurst St, and CA 57S easily within a matter of 15 minutes or more. Here you can shop from several supermarkets, jewelry stores, clothes and cosmetics outlets, and for various hand-made goods around. The night hours here are supremely lively, full of fresh food, authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and a lot of means of music and entertainment with complete family vibes.

Race Some Italian Carts At K1 Speed – Indoor space

The K1 Speed at the 1000 N. Edward court offers an adrenaline-pumping experience and unforgettable memories, unlike any other go-kart track you have been at before. K1 Speed is an indoor carting center with professionally designed tracks enclosed from all-weather effects featuring some of the high-performance electric karts. The karting facility is spread over an area of 100,000 square feet, constituting 3,000 feet of racing tracks, providing enough space for several racers at a time. Being here, you can be a part of wheel-to-wheel racing in some of the finest and high-performing Italian karts for getting that adrenaline rush. Go-kart racing at K1 Speed is one genuine thrill, and you can go up to the Speed of 45mph, accelerating to the top instantly.


If you are a sucker for art and craft, then the Segerstrom center for the Arts is one of the best places to visit in Anaheim for you. It is a performing art complex, only 20 minutes from the city center, showcasing some of the finest stage performances and art shows in Southern California. It is basically a 3,000-seat opera house-style theatre where you can watch musicals, art shows, ballets, concerts, dance shows, and several other works of entertainment. The concert hall here has the famous William J. Gillespie Concert Organ, which has 4,322 pipes and 75 stops, surely one piece of magnificence. It is surely one of the majestic venues near Anaheim. You can book a guided tour of the Segerstrom center as well commentary on the history and architecture of the site and, after that, grab a meal at the Leatherby’s Café Rouge.

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