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Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora

Top 7 Outdoor Recreational Activities To Do In Aurora, CO (2022)

Aurora is a municipality that is located in Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas counties, Colorado, United States. This beautiful city is packed with activity throughout the entire year.
Lakes, trekking trails, and some of the region’s greatest dining can all be found in Aurora. Winters are quite mild yet chilly, with warm, dry summers that drop off beautifully at night. Consider its top accommodations for easy accessibility to both the front-line urban area and Denver Airport Terminal because they provide slightly more affordable lodging than the country’s capital.

Top 7 Outdoor Recreational Activities To Do In Aurora, CO

For the visitors, listed here are the top outdoor recreational activities to do in Aurora.

1. Cherry Creek State Park:

Cherry Creek State Park, which is south of the city, offers year-round campsites, a sizable pond, and a range of recreational activities to do in Aurora. From April until the end of November, Cherry Creek Reservoir is accessible by watercraft, and Pelican Bay Marina rents out boats, rowboats, and kayaking. The park’s main attraction is fishing, and throughout the winter, ice fishing is possible.

Hikers have access to 12 miles of multi-use paths, and bikers and equestrian riders have access to many more. The nearby 12 Mile Stables offers horseback riding courses and horseback rental services. The park is largely dog-friendly, and dogs can even play off-leash within an enclosed, 107-acre zone. Visitors can also stay the night over there, but it is only possible with a prior booking.

Best time to visit: All year round

2. Dynamic Paintball Park:

Dynamic Paintball provides paintball and airsoft for both individuals and large groups, making it the ideal excursion for tourists looking for adventure. There are various levels of outdoor equipment options that each include safety gear. The regular game requires players to be a minimum of 10 years old and On-site purchase of paintballs is required.

Take into account that airsoft is often only offered solely on a single day each month and that the facility does not offer airsoft pistol rentals.

Consider booking one of the one, two, or three-star packages if you’re traveling in a big group; all of these packages include everything your complete group will need for a fun-filled day. A disclaimer must be signed by each player prior to participation, so you might want to print it out and do it in advance to save time.

Best time to visit: All year round, particularly during working hours

3. Aurora Reservoir:

The Aurora Reservoir, which has a surface area of more than 800 hectares, is a well-liked location for outdoor activity in Aurora. Seasonal rowing is permitted, but gas boats are not. You may hire stand-up canoe rentals and kayaking. Fishing and scuba diving at the swimming beach during the summertime are two additional famous water-based recreational activities to do in Aurora.

The 8-mile Aurora Reservoir Trek offers hiking and biking opportunities for visitors. There are picnic areas, and bathrooms, as well as an archery club on the northeastern corner of the reservoir, spread out around the park. Visit the kids’ playground or the Diving beach for even additional activities.

Best time to visit: All year round but summers have additional activities to enjoy

4. Sand Creek Regional Greenway Trail:

The Sand Creek Regional Greenway Trail, which spans approximately fourteen miles through Denver from Merchant City to Aurora, is accessible to all types of users, including cyclists, horseback enthusiasts, joggers, and walkers. Since the trail is surfaced and relatively flat, it is suitable for users of various socioeconomic levels. Seven places offer to park, although Sand Creek Park and Morrison Nature Center are the two most practical choices for Aurora.

Dogs on a leash are welcome in the parkland, which is open each day from sunrise to dusk. The Denver stretch of the path is not maintained during the wintertime, so accessibility might be challenging after a snowstorm and that is why Tourists should be aware of this fact. This is one of the top outdoor recreational activities to do in Aurora.

Best time to visit: Early mornings and preferably in the summers

5. Go Dining:

Aurora is a foodie’s dream featuring 250 ethnic eateries serving cuisine from all over the world. Try eating at an actual Yemeni establishment like Yemen Grill for a novel culinary journey or visit Addis Ababa on Havana Street for delectable Ethiopian cuisine. If you have Less daring tastes, stop into Mama Alvino’s Pizza place or Cedar Creek Pub for a cheeseburger.

Visit Bua Authentic Thai Cuisine for excellent Thai food or Sashimi from a well-known Japanese restaurant if you’re craving anything from Asian countries. Be certain to check out as numerous of Aurora’s various brunch locations, fine dining institutions, and quick-serve eateries as you can while there.

Best time to visit: Any time of the day; some restaurants are also open at midnight

6. The Pond Ice Rink at Southlands:

The Rink is an outside ice rink that offers skateboarding throughout the colder months and is situated in Southlands, a large shopping complex featuring well-known stores like H&M, Torrid, and Sephora. Skate renting is offered, and the arena is accessible from November to February each and every year.

Online ticket purchases are required and there is no upper age limit, but anyone under the age of 12 must always be escorted by a responsible adult. There aren’t any skating lessons offered, although there are a few beginner-friendly skate equipment.

Best time to visit: The arena is only open in winter months and the best time to visit is around Christmas

7. The Wreck Room Escape Game:

The Wreck Room Adventure Game gives guests the opportunity to escape out of one of the three rooms, making it the ideal diversion for gloomy days and also for the tourists who are seeking the Top outdoor recreational activities to do in Aurora. Experienced escape enthusiasts should tackle the Area 51 room, while amateurs can try their hand in The Inside Out chamber. Youngsters over the age of 12 are most prepared to complete each chamber, which is intended to take about 60 minutes.

Online appointments are necessary and need to be made in advance. Because every reservation is personal, every party will have their own trip. Make plans to arrive about ten to fifteen minutes early to check in before the start of each session.

Best time to visit: Any time of the year, particularly during visiting hours.

These are some of the famous top outdoor recreational activities to do in Aurora which the tourists may want to know. And the plus point is that most of the activities can be done all round the year.

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