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Aurora History Museum - Things To Do In Summer In Aurora, CO

Top 8 Things To Do In Summer In Aurora, CO (2022)

Are you seeking fantastic locations to take your loved ones, friends, or children on an unforgettable vacation? If you are, head to Aurora where you will be able to take part in a variety of things to keep yourself engaged and discover a number of sights. Aurora in Colorado welcomes visitors with a variety of interesting sights and fun things to do because it is one of the country’s most energetic cities. There are numerous tourist sites here, including upscale retail areas, majestic theatres, and cutting-edge museums. During summer, experience a day at a picturesque farm, engage with wildlife at a zoo or go touring as you explore the area’s many unique locations for an enjoyable day.

Top 8 Things To Do in Summer in Aurora, CO

Check out the list of the top things to do in summer in Aurora below.

1. Aurora Reservoir:

There are three creeks which are Lone Tree, Senac, and Marina—in the 31,000-acre Aurora Reservoir. The lake and its environs serve as a recreation place and beautiful green space as well as providing Aurora with drinking water. You can go running, trekking, cycling, boating, fishing, and many other activities there. Fishermen frequently go there to capture catfish, steelhead, or walleye. Visiting this breathtakingly beautiful reservoir with your children is one of the top things to do in summer in Aurora that allows you to experience a wonderful time together. The modest seasonal swimming beach is open to visitors, and the authorized diving area is open to anyone who would like to do scuba diving. A boat port and a hut where you can rent equipment are additional features and services.

Best Time to Visit: Mornings and Early Afternoons.

2. Cherry Creek State Park:

The layout of Cherry Creek State Park centers around a reservoir that has a surface area of much more than 880 hectares. This park also referred to as “Denver’s Spacious Backyard Park,” is the ideal location to take in the clean air and the natural surroundings. There is a lot for tourists to see and appreciate because the parkland is spread out across such a big territory. The atmosphere around here is always upbeat in the summertime and serene and tranquil in the autumn. When you visit the above park, make sure to take advantage of the many activities available, including camping, horseback riding, trekking, picnics, flying model airplanes, and target practice at a range. Furthermore, Cherry Creek State Park offers other amenities like a designated picnic recreation area, a boat dock, unpaved walking routes, and well-kept campground areas.

Best Time To Visit: In the afternoon.

3. Vintage Theater:

The history of Vintage Theater’s establishment in Aurora is really nothing less than extraordinary. In the year 2002, a group of buddies who were passionate art enthusiasts had this dream. Despite their dedication, it only took them a few years to transform their vision of Vintage Theatre into an actuality. And now it became a heritage site and is among the top things to do in summer in Aurora. Three distinct performance areas with soundproof borders, adjustable temperatures, and sitting arrangements of 145, 67, and 60 each were constructed into the theatre. It kept expanding because it served as a sanctuary for the artistic community and those who loved traditional theatre. They offer theatrical readings, conferences, lectures, and other activities. In addition, Vintage Theater has also bar facilities in each of its performance areas.

Best Time To Visit: In the evenings; check the schedule beforehand to enjoy the most awaited performances.

4. Colorado Freedom Memorial:

The Colorado Freedom Memorial seems to be a 12-foot tall and 95-foot-wide building built completely of glass and limestone. 6,000 persons are thought to have died or disappeared during numerous wars and government operations and to honor and acknowledge the sacrifices made by all of those people, this memorial was constructed. The Colorado Freedom Tribute was the first monument established in the United States of America in honor of combat fighters and their sacrifices, which is another amazing fact to know about this place. All 6,000 identities are written on the tombstone and are arranged according to their contributions. However, there is no alphabetical order within which the identities are listed, which symbolizes the turmoil and uncertainty that war inevitably brings to everyone’s lives.

Best Time To Visit: Any time of the day until working hours.

5. Aurora History Museum:

The Aurora History Museum opened its doors in 1979 as a branch of Colorado’s Department of Education and Cultural Studies. It moved to a brand-new location in 1990 and then reopened the following year. The museum features a sizable collection of records and artefacts that provide a historical account of Aurora as well as Colorado. It also illustrates the development of Aurora’s population and culture over time. The museum also has a number of changing exhibits that highlight the various neighborhoods in the city. Among the shifting installations, entitled Drink Local, for instance, highlights Aurora’s history of making beer. The finest thing about the institution is that in addition to illustrating the cultural past of the city, it also extends an invitation to new businesses and open sponsorships to get involved in Aurora’s commercial endeavors.

Best Time To Visit: In the very warm afternoon; so that you can stay indoors in the AC.

6. Quincy Reservoir:

A water reservoir covering more than 160 acres is called Quincy Reservoir. It is well known for being a fantastic summertime destination for having fun with family or friends. Although you’ll frequently see people going here for fishing, you should be aware that just the reservoir’s man-made sections are permitted for catching fish. Additionally, Quincy Reservoir has certain dedicated areas close to the shoreline just for picnicking and family outings. There is a wildlife trail as well, which is a wonderful area to go for a hike in the great outdoors. A fishing pier and a boat rental service are also located at the lake.

Best Time To Visit: In summertime so that one can enjoy the exotic and fresh air at the reservoir.

7. Plains Conservation Center:

The Plains Conservation Organization in Aurora, which opened its doors in 1949, exudes a sense of the outdoors. The state government recognized this location as outdoor recreation. Anyone who is concerned about environmental conservation must go there. The park was established with the intention of offering a location where visitors may study all the initiatives made to preserve Colorado’s ecological legacy. The West Bijou Area and the Aurora Site are the facility’s two main locations. The Aurora Site features a camp, a classroom, blacksmith shops, and a historical farmhouse. While this was happening, the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event happened at the West Bijou Site. Along with the two locations, visitors may take in Colorado’s beautiful landscapes and learn further about the environment and environmental sustainability.

Best Time To Visit: In the afternoons in order to look closely at the history of ecology.

8. Bally’s Arapahoe Park:

From the month of May to August, Bally’s Arapahoe Park serves as one of Aurora’s busiest locations. If you’re looking for top things to do in summer in Aurora, travel to Bally’s Arapahoe Park and be ready to be surprised by a magnificent live performance. The park holds a variety of horse racing events throughout the summertime, including races for quarter horses, paint horses, and Arabian horses. The racecourses in this park host renowned horse races including the Mile High Derby. For those who want a rush of adrenaline to keep them entertained and engaged, this place is perfect. Mostly on the third and fourth levels of Bally’s Arapahoe Park, there are additional free parking spots, bars, restaurants, and other facilities and spending time there with family members and friends is an amazing choice.

Best Time To Visit: In the summertime and particularly in the early afternoons as most of the races start at that time.

Finally, the above list will help you to create your best trip and also to find the top things to do in summer in Aurora. So do visit Aurora and discover these beautiful attractions and have a great time with your loved ones.

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