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Visit 15 These Gorgeous Postcard Places In Colorado

Visit 15 These Gorgeous Postcard Places In Colorado (2024)

Colorado is the eighth largest state in the United States, covering over 100,000 square miles and boasting spectacular natural scenery, Rocky Mountain views, and laid-back vibes. Yeah, we have medical marijuana as well as a slew of craft breweries. With all of this, plus an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s no wonder that Colorado is one of the fastest-growing states in the world. There’s a lot to see and do in Colorado as the state begins to reopen, with live music and indoor dining returning throughout the state.

Visit 15 These Gorgeous Postcard Places In Colorado

Here is a list of some postcard places in Colorado to visit:

1. Maroon Lake

The Maroon Bells, two purple-and-white-striped hills, are perfectly reflected in this alpine lake. The picturesque scene attracts photographers with tripods looking for new perspectives, fly fishermen arcing their lines across the calm waters, and hikers awestruck by the view. The nearby towns are Aspen and Snowmass. You can have a visit there as well.

Both the towns are breathtaking and lovely. 

2. Dallas Divide

There’s nowhere else in Colorado where you can see ranch country, spruce, and fir trees, and jagged peaks that look like they were carved yesterday. A rainbow of blue sky, plum-coloured mountains, orange and gold trees, and outstretched green meadows greet visitors in the fall. The Ridgeway and Telluride towns surround this area.

3. Medano Creek, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

A big, shallow, and gently flowing river that comes up from the noteworthy Sangre de Cristo Mountains right behind the Great Sand Dunes National Park every spring. This creek forms an oasis for those waiting to create sandcastles and relax in its insanely cold waters. The creek then vanishes for another year in late August.

4. Pikes Peak

The 14,110-foot-high summit of America’s Mountain, which inspired the words to “America the Beautiful,” is busier than any tallest peak of the state. It bustles with visitors who come for the expansive skies and purple-mountain majesties, either by winding path or a strenuous hike. One can also witness the beauty of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs here. This is one of the most recommended postcard places in Colorado.

5. City Park, Denver

When we look west from the park’s lake, it provides a glimpse into what makes Denver so special. The adjacent green space gives way to the skyscrapers of downtown. Beyond those greens, the Front Range Mountains — a particular kind of skyscraper — pierce the horizon, reminding residents of the playground that awaits them as they leave the workplace.

If you are in Denver, do not miss out on this. Come here and relish the cool weather and great ambience.

6. Pawnee Buttes

Green shortgrass sways as far as the eye can see in the breeze. Two 300-foot-high mesas, visible from miles away, are the only break in the endless flat horizon. The only friends of the remote area are pronghorns, kit foxes, coyotes, hawks and falcons. They are the “two sentinels of the plains,” as author James Michener dubbed them. One must visit this place when in Colorado.

7. Hanging Lake

The ultra- supernaturally green Hanging Lake in Colorado, which appears to stick to the edge of a mountainside, is covered by moss-covered rocks and a meandering track. Water wisps softly cascade down a cliff into the still waters of the lake, contributing to the already surreal feeling. The Glenwood Springs are very close to this lake. You can take a tour and visit the springs as well.

8. The Flatirons

Five reddish-grey monuments jut out from the grassy foothills to guard the city of Boulder below, named by explorers for their form. Thousands of outdoor thrillists and enthusiasts make their way to their famous flat faces each year and they serve as a kind of finish line for them. This is one of the most recommended >postcard places in Colorado.

9. Kebler Pass

There are few better opportunities to see Colorado’s fall colour splendour than in September and October. The pass is entirely covered in quaking trees and has the state’s largest aspen stand. Before winter approaches the city, the winding trail promises one last celebration — a parade of colour. This pass is a must-visit for those who love travelling and sightseeing. It should be on your list of famous postcard places of Colorado.

10. Chimney Rock National Monument

The Ancestral Puebloans were the land’s first inhabitants. They respected these two skyward-reaching pinnacles and constructed ceremonial structures that surrounded the monument. When the winter solstice moonrise hits its northernmost point in every 18 years, a crowd gathers to capture the full moon rising perfectly between the monument’s rocks.

11. Fish Creek Falls

The falls are breathtaking at any time of year. But they look their best in the spring. Water whooshes over Fish Creek’s cliff as the temperatures increase. Along with this the snowmelt approaches its height and winds it route down the hill while emitting a lightning sound and a gentle spray of water that acts as a cool incentive to the people who have trekked in to see the water works.

12. Grand Lake

Each summer, the state’s largest natural lake epitomises a relaxing, bucolic day. Shore dwellers will pass an afternoon watching white, red, and yellow sails capture the mountain wind and roam across the sapphire-hued water with Rocky Mountain National Park in the background.

13. Garden of the Gods

Those who walk the paths that stretch through and through the Garden of the Gods’ outstanding and worldly red-rock figures look for geologic structures in the forms of praying hands, kissing camels, cathedral spires, and sleeping giants — as well as a few that seem to be teetering in gravity’s grasp.

14. Bridal Veil Falls

Telluride is said to be a Victorian-era town. The town is well preserved and nestled at the foot of a box canyon. It is a captivating sight all on its own. The white spray of the state’s tallest waterfall, however, plummets to the canyon’s depths from 365 feet above, completing a charming scene.

15. Picketwire Canyon

In the centre of a barren, arid plain, the canyon looks like a lush green crack. One can find 150-million-year-old brontosauruses footprints there. These footprints are situated in the bedrock and now have been filled with water due to the summer-evening rainstorm. However, when the rain stops, the prints turn into miniature reservoirs, reflecting the gloomy sky above. Definitely a must-visit place in Colorado.

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