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8 Unique and Cool Things To Do In Sacramento (2021)

8 Unique and Cool Things To Do In Sacramento (2023)

Sacramento is one such Californian city that speaks about both history and modernity. Tourists here are drawn towards the Gold Rush heritage and museums, but this under-rated NorCal destination has much more to it. Sacramento is rich with historical and cultural monuments all around, but only lesser people know about the countless other things that impress the most about this city.

The city of Sacramento is suitable for travellers of all ages and interest. Once you are done with exploring all the obvious locations here, there’s a lot more fun you can be a part of and infuse your holiday energy at. Here’s a list of 8 Unique and Cool Things to do in Sacramento. Have a look:

8 Unique and Cool Things To Do In Sacramento

1. Visit the Bohart Museum of Entomology and encounter a variety of insects.

Bohart Museum of Entomology is located in the city named Davis, which is a city west of Sacramento. The museum was founded around 1950 and is famous for housing one of the largest insect’s collection in North America. It isn’t just a museum but also an education facility that spreads vital knowledge about all the insects and creepy crawlies in the world. You can find preserved insects from all around the world here at the display of the museum and can learn all about them through a guided tour. The museum houses about seven million specimens and offers surely one fascinating experience for both science enthusiast and nature lovers alike. Visitors who are daring enough can also hold or let crawl (on themselves) the Australian walking stick, tarantula, and several other species with permission.

2. Explore the Abandoned Sutter’s Fort

Sutter’s Fort is the place that changed the life and fate of California 360 degree and gave birth to the Gold Rush. It was before the Goldrush the native Californian community focused around the Shutter’s Fort only; however, once James W. Marshall discovered gold nearly 45 miles east of the Fort, the Fort got abundant and left as it was. The sight today is completely restored and turned into a Historical Park open for exploration. The Fort is an example of living history, and you can still find numerous artefacts here that date back to the rise of the California Goldrush. Being here feels like jumping back into the past when California and Sacramento were nothing more than this plain basic sight. For local Sacramentan’s and history lover, it is one great sight to explore. 

3. Spend your day at the Raging Waters

Raging Waters is a huge waterpark and a famous place in Sacramento amongst the locals. It is the largest family-friendly waterpark in the city and is in existence for about 35 years now. It is home to several waterslides, including Dragon’s Den, Cliffhanger, Honolulu Half Pipe, Shark Attack Slide Complex, Hurricane Bay Slide, Splashdown, and the Cal Expo Monorail. There’s also a wave pool (Breaker Beach) at sight, which is noted as California’s first. When here, you can explore the Volleyball playground and the children’s waterpark as well. The ticket prices here are quite affordable, and one can even buy snacks and lunch from the casual café’s here inside.

4. Take A Ride on The Sac Brew Bike

The Sac Brew Bike is a party and pedal biking system in Sacramento that offer you some really cool and existing fun. It is basically a 15 seats passenger cycle that hosts 2 hours of exciting drink tour in Sacramento Downtown. On your way, all you have to do is pedal along the cycle, sip in on your favourite alcohol and enjoy the onboard music system. You can also take your own playlist and ask them to play it for you. The Bike stops at 2 different bars of the city from where passengers can grab their favourite drink and then sip it on their way, pedalling down and exploring the streets of the city. You can either book a single ticket and enjoy your time with strangers or get your group a totally booked bike for personal time. Sac Brew Bike is really very different, and when in Sacramento, do not miss it.

5. Spend your time at the Dive Bar

One of the most extraordinary places in Sacramento includes the Dive Bar. Dive Bar is normally though a regular and comfy lounge but what adds the craziness is the themed tank above the bar that holds approximately 7,500 gallons of water. The tank is beautifully decorated, and you can see mermaids and mermen’s swimming around in it at frequent intervals for entertaining the guests. However, even when the mermaids and mermen are not in the tank, the Dive bar is still a great place with amazing music, efficient & friendly bartenders, great drinks, and some really tasty food choices. Also, the bar is rushed during the evening hours, thus to grab your seat, be a little early than usual.

6. Get into a fun rafting experience on the Lower American River.

If you want to transform your Sacramento trip from mild to wild, then a round of rafting on the Lower American River is surely all worth your time and money. An hour away from the greater Sacramento lies a few rafting adventure spots that offer chances of any level of rafting you ask for. Whitewater excitement and river rat are two great service providers here who offers some really fun and adventurous opportunities for the entire family. If you are a novice or are with kids, you can try out your rafting experience at places with a subtle flow and enjoy your time. However, if you have been on waters before, you can try some real adventures and professional paths. The rafting experience is really a must-try for serious adrenaline junkies visiting Sacramento.

7. Take the Sacramento History Museum’s underground tour.

You might have explored several popular museums in California, but if you haven’t opted for the Sacramento History Museum’s underground tour, then you are surely missing something great. These underground tours take you under the skin of the city and offer some interesting insight into Sacramento’s history. The tour takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour and a guide dressed in period clothes narrates some really interesting facts and fun about the city. Visitors who are with here with kids and family basically opt for the regular tours; however, there is one interesting tour for 21+ individuals as well. The “After Hour” tours are designed only for 21 and above, where the tour is mainly about mischief, madness, mayhem, murders, ghosts, spirits, mistress and more such subjects that aren’t a part of the daytime tour.

8. Have a look at the Dragon House

Dragon House in Sacramento is an eccentric home that was built in the 1980s by a local art teacher of the city. It is located in a very basic and quiet neighbourhood of Curtis Park and is known for the mini topiaries, colourful mosaics, and kinetic sculptures. Though it is a private home and not a well-known sight for tourists, whosoever knows about the Dragon House surely cross over the way to get a selfie, or a picture clicked before it. It is a fantasy world inspired sight with a sculptured front garden, lamp poles made of warriors, dragons, and fairies, and a large dramatic mosaic. The best about the house is that it was made and completed by the local art teacher, and it is all his/ her efforts to build this giant wonder.

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