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7 Famous Historical Sites and Landmarks in Sacramento

7 Famous Historical Sites and Landmarks in Sacramento (2023)

Sacramento city might be uncommon for being a tourist destination, but if you are a history seeker, there are many opportunities for you here. Being the capital city of California, it is packed with history that proved fruitful and developing in all ways. Today, Sacramento is the epicentre for most of the government and official activities. Similarly, in the past days, it was the birthplace of the Gold Rush and the dramatic transformation of the region.

When in Sacramento, one can find an abundance of Historical Sites and Regional landmarks that are proudly standing for both tourism and education seekers. Despite you are here in the city for your work or vacation purpose, you can still spare some free hours and explore several places within closer proximity to the downtown and city centre. Thus, next time you visit the capital city, visit these list of Famous Historical Sites and Landmarks in Sacramento.

7 Famous Historical Sites and Landmarks in Sacramento

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1. Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park

The Governor’s Mansion located in Sacramento serves as an official residence for Californian Governors and is known for housing 14 governors from the day of its existence. However, the mansion was unoccupied by the governors from 1967 to 2015 and then again in 2019 till the present. It is a Napoleon III style thirty-room, three-story Italian Victorian mention known for its amazing architecture and magnificent look at interiors and exteriors.

Today the Governor’s Mansion is famous amongst visitor for the exquisitely designed interiors, including gold-framed mirrors imported from France, marble fireplaces imported from Italy and the marvelous handcrafted hinges and doorknobs inspired by Victorian and Gallatin styles. Also, the exteriors of the mention are flourished with flowers, shrubs, herbs, plantation, and trees, of which some dates back to 1877. Exploring the site is really a time walkthrough experience, and when in Sacramento, do not miss any chance to be here.

2. Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park

The Leland Stanford Mansion serves as an official working place for Californian Governors. In the past, it has served as residence to Amasa Leland Stanford, 8th Governor and founder of Stanford University. Even though it is a simple and small Victorian restored mansion, a tour inside feels fulfilling and mesmerizing. The Stanford mansion historical park is open for visitors every day from 10 am to 5 pm for both self-learned and guided tours.

Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park is considered one popular landmark in Sacramento and a sight that hosts lakhs of visitors every year. The furniture layout here inside is amazingly beautiful, and you can actually find a $300K table, bathroom furnishings from the 1800s and other pieces that aren’t the ones you generally see at other sites. Leland Stanford Mansion has been way more than the establishment of California and once you are in the city, defiantly plan a visit here.

3. Old Sacramento State Historic Park

The Old Sacramento State Historic Park isn’t just a historic park but a small neighbourhood on its own. This Historic park constitutes of several Historical buildings in itself like the Lady Adam Building, Big Four House, B. F. Hastings Building, Eagle Theatre, Schoolhouse Museum, Sacramento’s oldest remaining firehouse, Morse Building, Booth’s residence (Mansion for the first US governors in California) and a few more.

Today’s Old Sacramento State Historical Park is a totally restored and reconstructed site that boost significant tourism all throughout the year and is a top-rated historical sight in Sacramento. This neighbourhood is also famous for horse-drawn carriages, historic riverboats, cruise, sternwheel riverboat and the historic train ride. One can also explore the Pony Express Statue and the Theodore Judah monument, the two main memorials at sight.

4. The Eagle Theatre

The Eagle Theatre is California’s first permanent theatre built in the Goldrush era. It was built in the year 1849 but was soon destroyed by a flood the next year, 1850. It is also one of the earliest structures in Sacramento and a sight that holds high importance amongst locals. The theatre today, though, is reconstructed and registered as the National Historic Landmark. Visitors often come here to enjoy the computerized slide shows that cover the early history of Sacramento as well as the melodramas and musical events organized during the summers.

A lesser-known thing known about the Eagle Theatre is the paranormal activities and experiences that happened with the staff and a few visitors. Not proven but said time after time that this old theatre building is haunted and the staff here have experienced relocation of belongings in seconds, some extremely pathetic voices and other irregular stuff. For both history and adventure lover, it is a must-visit landmark and historical place in Sacramento.

5. Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum

Going back in time is easier in California as there is an abundance of historical landmarks. However, if you want to learn and feel how schools would look back in the 19th century, then do visit the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum. It is a living example of traditional one-room schoolhouses that were the very first education centre in America. The Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum is one of the very few one-room schoolhouses left in the United States and thus holds great historical and sentimental importance.

It is a small museum open for the general public all throughout the week. Only during specific weekends when there are some appointments for school trips, the museum remains close for other visitors so that kids can get a real close and personal experience. There are custom schoolmasters as guides who tell interesting stories about how schools and the education system used to be in the 19th century. The Schoolhouse Museum might not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is surely one unique experience in Sacramento.

6. Old City Cemetery

The Old City cemetery or the Historic city cemetery is the oldest existing cemetery in Sacramento and is quite popular as well. It isn’t a regular tourist sight, but you might love your experience here if you are keen on exploring cemeteries. The cemetery was established in the mid of 1800s and is situated at 1000 Broadway, 10th Street. It is a burial place for notable Californian’s and is known for its rich history, haunted stories, and the beauty and serenity around.

The Old City Cemetery is famous for the obvious and also for housing a rose garden with California’s finest roses. While walking down the lane, one can find some totally antique and beautiful roses that are nowhere other to be found. Especially during the Springs, a walk for the roses is a memory to behold. Considering special interests, the authorities here offer different guided tours like the rose tour, the history tour, the Halloween tour and the haunted tour.

7. Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is a holy place with both spiritual and historical importance. It is basically a luxurious and music-filled church where you can opt for guided tours, shop for antiques and spend your time praying and for spiritual practices. The Church is noted as one of the most significant historic building in Sacramento, and thus you would always find visitors and peace seekers roaming here. It is also an example of magnificent Sacramento Architecture, and the Victorian style on the interior and the Italian Renaissance on the exterior alone speaks for it all.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is settled on 11th Street in the heart of downtown, just a few blocks away from the Capitol building. The Cathedral’s dome is iconic from the outside and reminds of the St. Peter’s Church in Rome from inside. It holds high importance amongst locals and if you want to grab some peace, consider being here a little early from prayers and masses to avoid the crowd and explore peacefully.

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