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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Sacramento

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Sacramento (2024)

In the North-central part of California, Sacramento holds its pride for being the Capital of the State. However, the city of Sacramento is not only known for being California’s Capital but also for the historic buildings, array of museums, funky streets with trendy boutiques and dining places, and sights that are simply to enjoy and relax. Although it is incomparable in terms of tourism with other NorCal and SoCal cities, but once you visit here, the attractions will thrill you in the best possible ways.

From April to June and September until the beginning of December, Sacramento is in the full boom of great weather and multiple annual events. These months are considered the best time to be here in the city. Hence if you are here during the time, add these 10 Top-rated tourist attractions in Sacramento into your itinerary Have a look:

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Sacramento

Sacramento State Capitol

The most popular place to visit in Sacramento is any day, hands-down the State Capitol. It is where the past, present, and future of the state interact and work together for profound development every single day. The State Capitol is home to working seat of government (assembly, legislature & senate), a museum and an extensive park. Built-in the mid of 1800s, flourishing the Neoclassical architecture, the Capitol building is marked as one of the most beautiful Capitol building in the United States. Tall palm trees, well-manicured gardens, colourful flower beds, and the sunset/ night time glory brightens up it beauty to another level. One can spare a good 3 to 4 hours walking around the area and learn about both sentiments and history of the sight.

Old Sacramento

Despite no beaches in Sacramento, one can still visit the waterfront city, also known as Old Sacramento and enjoy an abundance of fun and activities. Old Sacramento is one of the most tranquil neighbourhood in California, spread over 28 acres, constituting several restored and original historic buildings, museums, shopping, dining, and entertainment spots. The neighbourhood is famous for the oldest Californian buildings, view by the river, historic train ride along the river, underground tours, riverboat excursion, and horse-drawn carriage. A weekend here in this neighbourhood can never disappoint you as there is always an abundance of activities to try upon. There are also some great bars with outdoor seating where you can enjoy your peaceful evening sipping on some local beer. 

Top Tourist Attraction in Sacramento-Old Sacramento

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Fairy tale Town

A small 3.5 acres neighbourhood in Sacramento, the Fairy tale Town is one beautiful place where you can visit with your kids. It is basically an outdoor children’s play park along with a museum and unique setting that basically brings all your fairy tale fantasies to life. The town is adorned by colourful playsets, lush grounds, tiny homes, swings, small tree houses and tiny versions of almost everything that your kid can imagine. While exploring the sight, you will come across a group of miniature and rare breed animals enjoying their time. During weekends, you can witness puppet shows or can even organize a paid birthday party at one of the miniature castles here in the town. It is a great place for kids under 10, and the food here is also quite inexpensive but still of good quality.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is a Roman Catholic Church and an extremely divine place located in the downtown of the city. It is both a religious sight and a civic landmark in Sacramento and holds its history back to the 1800s. Its exquisite Neoclassical & Victorian interiors with Italian Renaissance-inspired exteriors gives it an overall stylish look making it one of the prominent architectural landmarks in California. The decorative details, domed ceilings, multi-coloured stained-glass windows and the 13-foot crucifix along with a 14-foot (diameter) crown overhead adds appeal and uniqueness to the sight. The figure entirely weights around 2000lbs and thus is held with aircraft cables. For visitors with religious beliefs and sentimental values, it is one of the must-visit places in Sacramento.

California State Indian Museum State Historic Park

The California State Indian Museum State Historic Park is not just a regular museum or park location but a place where one can learn about California’s original inhabitants, the Native Americans. It can be reached at the downtown of the city right at 26th and K Streets. The museum setting and its surroundings are quite different from what you would generally view in the city around. Small village-style buildings, maintained muddy roads, and tiny trees around makes both your experience and the sight unique. However, despite its size and limited collection of artefacts, the California State Indian Museum authorities present most of the ecosystems, cultures, tribes and history of the Native Americans in one distinctive way.

Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo is one small zoo spread over 14.3 acres, housing approximately 500 habitats. The zoo was opened in the early 1900s with only 40 animals and even smaller space; however, it experienced growth and multiple other animal entries with time. Sacramento Zoo is famous amongst locals and what you can see here includes native American to exotic Lions, tigers, jaguars, Red panda (s), aardvarks, penguins, and Giraffe. The Giraffe exhibits exists visitors the most as one can go up a ramp to eye level the giraffes and can further pet and feed them. Sacramento Zoo is also home to okapi (s), which are a unique breed of zebra giraffe and are difficult to be found easily in California. There’s also a great variety of birds, insects and reptiles, and one can easily spend 2 hours exploring and enjoying here.


Midtown is a small neighbourhood sprawling between 16th and 29th Streets and is known for its vibrant and bustling vibes. It is one of the ideal Sacramento locations for upscale shopping and gourmet dining from local to global contemporary cuisines. Some prominent attractions and events of Midtown include the Sutter’s Fort State Historical Park, Art galleries Farmers Market, dance and music performances at the local theatres, comedy shows and the craft vendor stalls. An evening or night walk here on the streets of Midtown is mainly filled with a unique kind of peaceful yet celebrative vibes. Midtown is one of the most loved places in Sacramento, and make sure you do not miss a chance to visit here.

Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail

The Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, also known as the American River bike trail, winds from Folsom to Old Sacramento, covering over 32 miles. It is one of the major recreational destinations of the city, and is also noted as the Country’s one of the longest paved purpose-built bike trails. It runs throughout several untouched areas and parks, and while passing by, one might have an encounter with deer, woodpeckers, and rattlesnakes quite often. All throughout the trail lies various trailside maps, telephones, restrooms, water fountains, mile markers and plenty of places to stop, rest, eat and enjoy the landscapes around. On the way, there lies two appealing bridges, the Fair Oaks Bridge and the Guy West Bridge, which are surely not worth a miss.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is a 150 feet vertical lift bridge lying over and across the Sacramento River. It is registered as the historic landmark of the city and is famous amongst the locals here. The bridge has been in existence since 1935 and has been connecting Yolo County and Sacramento since then. Earlier it was painted in the silver aluminium shade, but then in 2002, it again was repainted in Yellowish Golden shade which looks quite divine during the sunset hours. Even though it looks like a regular small bridge over any river during the day hours, but the lighting effects during the night’s hours, along with the shade over the water underneath, provides it with a mesmerizing view.

McKinley Park & Rose Garden

The McKinley Park & Rose Garden is Sacramento’s largest rose garden, housing about 1200 rose bushes in multiple colours. It is 1.5 acres well-manicured and maintained garden open for daily visiting, events, and wedding functions. Considering there are roses everywhere around, you would smell a soothingly divine fragrance every minute of your time here. There’s also a small pond nearby where one can witness Canadian geese and Mallards enjoying their time. The McKinley Park has quite a lot of benches and sitting areas where you would find visitors enjoying their mini picnic scenes while admiring the beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings.

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