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Lund Cathedral: Sweden’s Most Visited Church

Lund Cathedral: Sweden’s Most Visited Church (2024)

Lund Cathedral is located in a town called Lund. The city Lund is about 20 km from Malmo town, and one can reach by driving from Malmo town in 30 minutes.

The Lund Cathedral is a Lutheran Church of Sweden. Every year 700,000 individual locals and international tourists visit the church. The Normandy architectural cathedral was constructed in Normandy in 1398. Most tourists come to see the pillar embraced by the Giant Finn which according to legend, this church was built by him and he was angry for not being paid his dues and wanted to destroy it. He was supposedly tricked, shrunk and turned to stone, and it is believed to this day he stands embracing his column. Other interpretations are that the stone figure could be representing Samson destroying the Jerusalem temple.

Lund Cathedral: Sweden’s Most Visited Church

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The Cathedral also displays the phenomenal astronomical clock that was built in the year 1425. The clock shows the signs of the zodiac and the phases of the moon.

The cathedral’s towers are 55 meters high. Lund Cathedral is distinctively dark with only small windows to allow sunlight inside the cathedral.

Lund Cathedral is in the centre of the city, with lot of restaurants and cafés nearby. There are no entrance fees or additional costs to enter the Cathedral. Brochures or a guided tour is available at a cost.

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