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Sweden Travel Facts & Information

Sweden Travel Facts & Information (2024)

What are the Activities That Swedish People Enjoy?

Swedish people enjoy outdoor activities during summer like camping, hiking, kayaking, and sailing. Young individuals love playing football (soccer) and tennis. During winter, young and middle-aged people of Sweden like to skate, ski and drive a snowmobile. Most elderly Swedish population travel within Scandinavia or visit one of the islands around Sweden.

What Are The Ethnic Group In Sweden?

81% of people in Sweden are Swedish and German in origin. There is a small percentage of Sami origin Swedish group included in the majority group. Other ethnic groups include:

  • Syrian 1.8%,
  • Finnish 1.4%,
  • Iraqi 1.4% and
  • others 14.5%

What is the Demography of Sweden?

The demography of Sweden is as follows- 

  • Population- 10 million,
  • Global rank- 91
  • Life expectancy- Male: 81.7 years and Female: 85 years.
  • Infant Mortality- 1.7 infant deaths per 1,000 live births

How Many Airports Are There In Sweden?

Stockholm is the primary international airport in Sweden. The other two larger airports are Malmo and Gothenburg. Malmo city is on the southern border, and Gothenburg is on the west border. There are over 35 smaller domestic airport connects Stockholm to all most all part of Sweden.Sweden Travel Facts & Information - How Many Airports Are There In Sweden?

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How Long Is The Flight Time To Sweden?

The flight time from a different airport to Stockholm, Sweden is as follows-

  • London- 2 to 3 hours
  • Paris- 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Moscow- 8 to 9 hours
  • New-york- 9 to 11 hours
  • Toronto- 9 to 10 hours
  • Chicago- 10 to 11 hours
  • Atlanta- 10 to 11 hours
  • Beijing- 9 to 10 hours
  • San Francisco- 14 to 16 hours
  • Mumbai- 12 to 13 hours
  • Tokyo- 16 to 17 hours
  • Melbourne- 20 to 21 hours
  • New Zealand- 20 hours

Is Sweden An Expensive Country In Comparison To Other European Countries?

Sweden is considered a 6th wealthy country in Europe. The other countries considered wealthy in Europe are Germany, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, and Finland.

The average salary in Sweden is 38,000 euros.

The average salary of other wealthy European countries are as follows-

  • Germany- 45,000 Euros,
  • Switzerland- 42,000 Euros,
  • France- 37,000 Euros,
  • Finland- 36,000 Euros and
  • UK- 32,045 Euros.

How Expensive Is It To Travel To Sweden?

The traveling expense by air to Stockholm, Sweden, by International flight depends on the distance of travel. Return trip from most European counties costs about $ 100 to $ 425, while flights from Canada, USA, and Australia may cost over $ 800 to $ 1,100 for economy seats. The flight cost for air travel from countries in Asia and Africa ranges between $ 700 to $ 1,100 for economy seats.

European tourists can travel by train. Traveling by train is less expensive for tourists from neighboring countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, and Germany. Traveling from Poland, Germany, and Eastern Europe by train cost about $ 90 to $ 210. The rail ticket cost is higher for long-distance traveling, and the price of the train ticket may be the same as the flight cost. Thus in many cases, price bargainers from Spain, Greek and Macedonia, and other southern European countries may find air ticket costing the same as a train ticket to Stockholm.

Is It Easy To Get A Job Visa In Sweden?

The job visa is easy to get if a male or female employee has a job offer. The visa permission is not given to overstay if there is no job offer. The Visa is easier to get through a proper application through the Swedish Migration Board. 

What Jobs Are In Demand In Sweden?

The jobs are not easy to find in Sweden. But one can find a job with experience and expertise in a specific area of work. Jobs are rare, but one may be able to find a job in software programming and computer hardware management.

How Much Money Do You Need To Live In Sweden?

International students expect to spend 4 to 6 years to study graduation and post-graduation. The tuition fee ranges from $ 8,000 to $ 20,000. The cost of living per month for lodging and boarding could be $ 1,500 to $ 2,000. Similarly, individuals working in Sweden should expect to spend $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 per year depending on the quality of the apartment and food. 

What Is The Cost Of Groceries In Sweden?

The cost of groceries in Sweden is higher than in most European countries except Germany, Switzerland, and France. The list of groceries and the approximate cost is as follows-

1 Gallon Milk- $ 4, Loaf of white bread- $ 2.10, 12 Eggs- $ 3, Cheese- $ 4, 1 lbs. Chicken- $ 4.50, 1 lbs. Beef- $ 6.80, 1 lbs. Apple- $ 1.70, 1 lbs Tomato- $ 1.5, Bottle of Wine- $ 9.50 and 12 small bottle of Beer- $ 17 to 19. 

What Is The Average Rent For An Apartment In Sweden?

The average rent per month ranges from $ 1 to $1.20 per square feet. The rent for 1,000 square foot apartment is $ 1,000 to 1,100 per month. The rent is higher in a certain affluent area and may range from $ 1,500 to 2,000 for 1,000 square foot apartment. 

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