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Malmo & Skåne County: Skane is a southernmost county of Sweden.

Malmo & Skåne County: Skane is a southernmost county of Sweden. (2024)

Skane is a southernmost county of Sweden. The Malmo is the capital town of Skane county. The popular Öresund Bridge is a part of Skane county. The bridge connects Sweden to Denmark. People of Skane county like to display their local flags instead of the Swedish banner. Both the flag looks the same except the Swedish fag has a blue background, and the Skane flag has a red background. Skane county consists of several cities, towns, and islands.

There are several attractions for tourists in Skane county close to Malmo city in Sweden. Most tourists stay at Malmo for 3 to 5 days and take a day trip to some of these attractions. Malmo town has reasonable hotels and restaurants. International tourists take a domestic flight from Stockholm to Malmo. Few visitors take a train or drive from neighboring European countries to Malmo town.

Several daily guided tours take visitors to some of the best attractions. Most tours bundle 3 to 5 attractions in a day tour. Most tourists prefer to stay at Malmo town and see several attractions around the city as well as within Skane county. The attractions around Malmo city are Malmo Castle and Kungsparken. There several other attractions in Skane county like Turning Torso, Ales Stenar, Sofiero Palace, Kullaberg, Soderasen National Park, Island of Ven, and Lund cathedral. These attractions are located outside Malmo town and within Skane county. Some of these attractions can be seen as a day trip by taking tour buses or driving own car or rented car.

The Attractions Within The City Of Malmo City And Skane County-

  1. Malmo Castle & Kungsparken Park – The castle was built in year 1434 by King Eric of Pomerania. The castle was damaged during the early 15th century and rebuilt by King Christian of Denmark. The Castle was under Denmark for several years. Next to Castle is Kungsparken Park. Tourists spend anywhere from 1 to 3 hours in the park. The park area belongs to the fortress of Malmojus. The cast-iron fountain located in the center of the park was built in year 1,882. Tourists can relax and enjoy coffee or lunch at one of the park restaurants.Malmo & Skåne County: Skane is a southernmost county of Sweden.Image Source
  2. Turning Torso- The twisted residential building is over 180 meters in height. The building is the tallest residential building in the entire Scandinavia. The building is considered a first twisted residential building constructed in Europe.

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