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Lapland: One of the Popular Places to Visit in Sweden

Lapland: One of the Popular Places to Visit in Sweden (2024)

Lapland is the northernmost province of Sweden. The area is widespread and covers several hundreds of miles. The mode of traveling to Lapland in Sweden is only by road. Traveling can be difficult for the elderly. But, a group of young visitors can decide to drive around Lapland by car and enjoy the beautiful views of wilderness and wildlife.
Most small towns in Lapland are close to nature, wildlife, and snow. These towns have several reasonably priced small hotels and several restaurants. The small group, family, and couple visiting Sweden often prefer to stay in one of these small towns. The inexpensive accommodation and excellent food are attractions for young travelers.

The Lapland in Sweden is a popular place to see the Northern light during winter. Lapland is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lapland has several designated National Park such as Abisko, Biornlandet Vadevetjakka, Sarek and Padjelanta. The population of Lapland is about 91,000.

Lapland: One of the Popular Places to Visit in Sweden

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The visitors to Lapland in Sweden can stay at one of the largest towns like Gallivare and Kiruna. Gallivare is 1,331 km (827 miles) from Stockholm and, the driving time is 14 hours. One can take a flight during summertime to Gallivare from Stockholm. The places to visit in Lapland are Swedish Lapland Adventure and Lights Over Lapland. Most visitors spend 3 to 5 days in Lapland during winter to see Northern Light, snow, and the widespread beauty of nature.

1. Stockholm

2. Åre

3. Birka

4. Sigtuna

5. Uppsala

6. Dalhalla

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