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Ales Stenar- Most Popular and Intriguing Sites To Visit in Sweden

Ales Stenar- Most Intriguing Sites For Tourists in Sweden (2024)

The attraction here is also known as Ale’s stone. Ale’s stone is located 90 km east of Malmo town. The driving time between the city center of Malmo town and Ales Stenar is 1 hour 15 minutes. The place has 59 large boulders, and the estimated age of these stones is about 5,500 years.

Ales Stenar- Most Popular and Intriguing Sites To Visit in Sweden

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Ale’s stones is one of Swedens most popular and intriguing sites for tourists. It is located in the hills above Kåseberga just east of Ystad. It is not exactly known as to what do these stones depict and why were these stones placed. Few of the locals and experts think these stones to be a burial monument while few archeologists and researchers feel it could be some sort of an ancient clock because of the way the stones are positioned due to the same underlying geometry as England’s Stonehenge

The 59 boulders are placed like the formation of a ship. They are 67 metres long and 19 metres wide at the widest point.

One can get a great view of the Baltic sea standing on the hill. Gaze over the rolling landscape or watch the paragliders soaring through on wind through the steep hills.

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