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Kullaberg Nature Reserve: most visited nature reserve in Sweden

Kullaberg Nature Reserve: Most Visited Nature Reserve In Sweden (2024)

Kullenberg is 37 km north of Sofiero Palace. Most visitors come from Malmo city that is 120 km away. Tourists first visit Sofiero Palace and then drive to nature reserve Kullaberg. The most tourist hope to see wild birds and wild animals at Kollunberg nature reserve.

Kullaberg Natures Reserve offers some very beautiful slopes and expansive views over Öresund and Kattegatt. It is a peninsula and is designated as an Important Birds Area. The highest elevation is Mount Hakull at 188 Mts. This place is the most visited nature reserve in Sweden.

Kullaberg Nature Reserve: most visited nature reserve in Sweden

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A great marine life of sea urchins, snails, mussels, crustaceans and various other fish can be found in the clear sea waters.

The Kullen lighthouse, designed by architect Magnus Dahlander in 1898, which is considered to be the brightest lighthouse in Sweden, is also located in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve.

Kullaberg Nature Reserve offers extensive hiking paths to access many of the beach coves nestled at the bottom of the cliff formations.

The Swedish family of Kullenberg is believed to have taken its name from Kullaberg, where the first known member of the family lived in the 16th century.

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